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The media’s glaring failure to report pro-abortion violence

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violence, abuse


Violence against pro-life groups and individuals has been underreported by mainstream media outlets even though it occurs on a fairly regular basis and has for decades. While pro-life activists and organizations have received their share of threats (phone calls, mail, personal threats, online, etc.), more serious attacks of vandalism and even violent assault take place against pro-lifers with little mention in the press.

The false painting of pro-life groups as hateful and violent even led to a deranged gunman seeking to shoot staff at the pro-life Family Research Council. In 2009, Harlan Drake shot and murdered pro-life activist James Pouillon, while Pouillon displayed images of babies outside a Michigan school. Recently a man was indicted on federal charges after threatening to kill or rape members of Operation Rescue. Other threats to pro-lifers involving guns — including one by an abortionist — have thus far ended peacefully.


Live Action News previously documented an act of arson committed against Janet Folger Porter, who wrote about the incident in her book, True to Life, where she published this image of her car which was burned:


The abortion lobby, with the help of complicit pro-abortion media has portrayed pro-lifers as “violent” with regularity. The effort is led by the National Abortion Federation (NAF), which collects alleged “violence and disruption” claims from abortion providers and publishes them annually. While there are serious incidents listed, the report lacks evidence that every alleged act is being committed by pro-life advocates and not a disgruntled employee, angry family member, or random criminal. In addition, NAF pads the numbers by including incidents of non-violent civil disobedience and protest.

NAF Violence and Disruption report categories


READ: Shocking video shows frequent violence against Canadian pro-lifers

Unfortunately, while pro-life groups focus on rescuing babies and helping their mothers, to my knowledge, there is not currently a national system to report pro-abortion violence. However violence has been documented by Live Action News and other groups.

Brian Clowes at Human Life International collected data on pro-choice violence for many years. According to a report from Life News, Clowes published 1,200 pages of descriptions and documentation. The research, no longer published online, tracked violence committed by abortion providers (some in prison for murder), by pro-choice men who assaulted or murdered girlfriends for refusing to submit to abortion, and by pro-choice supporters who attacked pro-life sidewalk counselors.

“If people truly understood how backwards the media narrative is regarding the supposed intolerance and violence of pro-lifers, compared to that of ‘pro-choicers,’ we would be having a very different conversation about abortion in our nation today,” Clowes once told the Susan B. Anthony List.

Image: Threatening letter sent to pro-life group Operation Rescue

Threatening letter sent to pro-life group Operation Rescue

The pro-life group Life Dynamics recently issued a report that shows abortion providers have been sexually assaulting and raping their clients for years. “In my 1996 book, Lime 5, I referenced more than 30 documented criminal cases in which abortion clinic doctors had been charged with raping or sexually assaulting their patients. In just these few cases, several hundred women were known to have been victimized,” president Mark Crutcher noted. There are also many other reported cases.

Life Dynamics also tracked incidents of forced abortion, and when the pro-life group created a tool called a “force form” to help protect women and thwart coercion, they claimed abortion advocates condemned it. Life Dynamics wrote:

Of course, the abortion industry has known for years that forced abortions are a problem – there have even been discussions about it at National Abortion Federation conferences. The discussions at these meetings reveal that the same people who advocate for “choice” to the media, politicians, and the country – [have] a stance of “convenient indifference” when it comes to women being forced to get abortions. They acknowledge its existence and talk about it in disapproving tones, while making it clear that they feel no obligation to let it influence the way they deal with these women.

In the interest of full disclosure, I conducted research for Life Dynamics’ “Under the Radar” report documenting how women who refuse to submit to abortion are attacked or assaulted. As the report details, the media is quite silent about this form of abortion-related violence:

[W]hen we were able to obtain copies of police reports, indictments, court records or other similar documentation for these cases, they would almost universally show that when a perpetrator is confronted by an unwanted pregnancy, his first response is not violence but a demand that his partner have an abortion. When violence ensues, it is inevitably a reaction to her refusal to comply.

However, the media’s coverage of these incidents often contains no mention of abortion. Instead, they either portray women who are attacked for refusing to have abortions as women who are attacked for getting pregnant, or they characterize the incident as one of simple “domestic violence” in which the victim’s pregnancy is basically inconsequential.

While the media touts pro-abortion violence statistics, consistently left out is the fact that women are injured and even killed by the abortion industry — Laura Hope Smith, and like Planned Parenthood patients Cree-Erwin and Tonya Reaves. I attended the funeral of Carolina Gutierrez and previously detailed how her agonizing death following her legal abortion took weeks. The infection was so horrific, she developed gangrene, enduring amputations prior to her death.

Carolina Gutierrez woman killed from legal abortion (Image credit Carole Novielli with permission of the family at the time)

As we move closer to fully abolishing abortion in the United States, violence against pro-lifers is expected to intensify. But, despite the dangers, every pro-life activist and organization understands that the act of abortion itself is the most heinous form of violence on innocent preborn babies.

    • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Abolish Human Abortion sided with abortion advocates against pro-life measure

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Against THe World COnf AHA

During Abolish Human Abortion’s (AHA) Against the World For the World Conference in Memphis, TN., pro-choice students at the University of Memphis, protested against Tennessee’s Amendment 1, a pro-life measure that passed only days later.

T Russell Hunter Univ Memphis AHA 2014

Abolitionist and leader of AHA, T. Russell Hunter says he tried to tell the Vote-NO pro-choice group that they were also meeting to oppose Amendment 1 a pro-life measure he calls a compromising amendment.

Abortion advocates ardently opposed Amendment 1 even calling pro-lifers the Tennessee Taliban:

TN Taliban 300bd9af7

The Amendment which passed days after Hunter’s protest read:

“Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion. The people retain the right through their elected state representatives and state senators to enact, amend, or repeal statutes regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest or when necessary to save the life of the mother.”

16 abortion facilities in Tennessee and across the country contributed a total of $3.5 million in efforts to defeat the pro-life amendment.

T Russell Hunter said he thought it was interesting that the abolitionists were on campus “trying to fight abortion” and made the false claim that because pro-lifers were not there at the exact same time it was because they were not against abortion. So….so….wrong.

Hunter knows pro-lifers oppose abortion and this is just another example of the accusatory attitude so many have experienced from AHA.

The abolitionists are not here to support Amendment 1,” Hunter says, “The pro-lifers want you to support Amendment 1. And, the pro-lifers are not here fighting abortion.”

To clarify, pro-lifers in Tennessee fight abortion regularly and Hunter and the majority of his band of abolitionists have since returned home and are no longer in Tennessee “fighting abortion” either.

Hunter continues, “Why?” Hunter asks as he answers the question himself, “Because they [pro-lifers] don’t think abortion’s murder. Because if they thought it was murder, they wouldn’t be just trying to regulate it,” he states in the video below.

Pro-choice woman who attacked pro-life group must pay restitution

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The case against the the pro-choice woman who attacked pro-lifers in Columbus, Ohio has been closed.
Proabort 2

According to Mark Harrington, founder of Created Equal, whose group held abortion victim signs which enraged the pro-choicer, she has been ordered to pay restitution.

Watch the video: Warning- very graphic language !!

Harrington and the member of his group who was attacked, Seth Drayer, had previously stated that they were willing to drop the charges if the pro-choice woman who attacked them would sit down and speak with them:
Fox and Friends Created Equal

We’re willing to drop the charges,” Harrington told Fox News, “In fact, I’ve asked for a meeting with her – if she’s willing to apologize. Seth and I are both Christians, we believe in forgiveness, we’ve already forgiven her. But, if she’s not remorseful she needs to own up to what she’s done.

Apparently- this pro-choicer decided to face a judge instead.

This follows the sentencing of a pro-choice professor in California who attacked pro-life teens.

Miller Young

Mireille Miller-Young, a professor of porn and black studies at the University of California Santa Barbara, was sentenced to three years probation, 108 hours of community service, and 10 hours of anger-management classes, following her attack on a 16-year-old pro-life activist. She was also ordered to pay nearly $500 in restitution to the girl’s family.

In March of 2014 – The Santa Barbara District Attorney filed charges of grand theft, battery, and vandalism against Professor Mireille Miller-Young for violence she committed against young pro-life activists who held a peaceful outreach on the UC Santa Barbara campus on March 4th.

USCB Professor

Pro-choice woman attacks pro-lifer for holding abortion victim images

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Violence is the true sense of pro-choice ideology attacking innocent defenseless babies in the womb.

So it is no shock when pro-choice people go on the attack of teens exposing abortion on the street.

Such was the case today when the pro-life group hits the streets of Ohio.

Screenshot 1

According to the pro-life group, Created Equal, Seth Drayer, Created Equal’s Director of Training, was physically attacked while leading their interns in outreach in downtown Columbus, OH.


At first the angry pro-choice woman began encroaching into the private space of the pro-life teen:


Proabort 2

Proabort 3


She then kicks the sign the pro-life teen was displaying:

Proabort 4

Next she turns her vicious anger against the camera person – attacking him:

Proabort 5 camera

Proabort 6 attacks cameraman

And in a true cowardly fashion- she runs off vandalizing more signs as she goes :

Proabort 7 runs off

Proabort 8 more vandalism

When warned that police have been called she responds with a ton of expletives and assaults the pro-lifer again:

proabort 9

She tells him, “No uterus – no right to talk about it. Understand me mother-fu****?”

She then boards a city bus and before it can leave- the police arrest her:

proabort arrested

Watch the video: Warning- very graphic language !!

Created Equal’s Executive Director Mark Harrington responded, “Violent attacks on pro-lifers are becoming more common. Pro-lifers need to be winsome and be willing to take verbal and physical abuse if necessary in order to remain faithful to our pledge to be non-violent. We also should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of these attacks, be prepared to film them and prosecute the perpetrators (if necessary) to the fullest extent of the law. We understand the risk we take each time we go into the marketplace of ideas with a message as counter-cultural as showing the victims of abortion. However, despite the threat we will not shrink back from representing the victims…Please pray for the perpetrator of the attack. She is likely post-abortive and needs to come to repentance for the attack.”

Pro-choicer uses vehicle as weapon against pro-lifers in ABQ

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Pro-life protesters in Albuquerque say that a truck jumped the curb and ran over their pro-life signs.


According to a facebook and twitter post from Bud Shaver of Protest ABQ and Project Defending Life, “PRO LIFE DISPLAY DESTROYED AS TRUCK JUMPS CURB AND RUNS OVER DISPLAY AND SPED OFF…Silver SUV with New Mexico Plate: 689 RTB…APD contacted and in route!




According to Shaver, he was at the University of New Mexico’s free standing abortion clinic – UNM Center for Reproductive Health. The UNMCRH does abortions up to 22 weeks and they train UNM residents to do abortions there!

Read more about this abortion haven here!

Shaver later posted, “Police report filed, APD is going to pay the driver a visit, and our signs are back up! My brand new signs are now officially broken in. Welcome to the ProLife Movement…Baptism by fire!”


Shaver told Saynsumthn that, “We recently launched a public awareness campaign Protest ABQ to exposé and hold accountable those that are keeping abortion in our state”.

According to their website, Protest ABQ is a campaign designed to “end “Preborn” Child Killing in ABQ and in NM.”

No one was hurt in the attack !

Police protect abortion patient after she attacks pro-lifers

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In a recently uploaded video that looks like it takes place in the early morning outside the Orlando Women’s Center (not absolute about the location), police appear to protect an aggressive abortion patient after she attacks the pro-lifers.

The video shows pro-lifers pleading for the woman to not kill her baby. She tells the protesters to “Shut the FU** up.”

You can hear a pro-lifer say, “Let us come alongside you and help you.” and the abortion patients yells “NO.”

She then asks, “Did I come up your vagina, your vagina or your vagina,” pointing to the protesters and then yells, “get me off that…don’t put me on that camera.”

The reply by a pro-life women operating the camera is, “As long as you are attacking us ma’am, I have the right to videotape.”

She then aggressively moves toward the pro-lifers and in what appears to be a protective move, a pro-life man with his hands in his pockets calmly walks between the aggressive abortion patient and a pro-life woman who is videotaping.

Get me off that camera

The patient then moves in on the pro-life woman with the video tape and begins assaulting her.

She yells “Get out of my face, I’m not playing with you,” as she moves into the pro-life woman.

attacking plattacking pl 2

At that point a friend of the abortion patient comes up and walks her across the street, and the police arrive on scene.

When the police officer arrives the protesters tell her over and over that the abortion patient hit them, but the officer shakes her head as if she does not believe them and they say they have video, still she escorts the patient away.

Capture4police escort

Watch Video here: