NY Republican Dede Scozzafava admits she sat on racist founded board : UPDATE Scozzafava Withdraws from Congressional Race

UPDATE 11-2-2009

Statement from Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York on the Suspension of Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava’s Campaign for the 23rd Congressional District

Planned Parenthood Advocates of New York (PPANY) is saddened by the withdrawal of Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava from the race for the 23rd Congressional District.

Scozzafava was endorsed by PPANY as a result of her long-standing commitment to women’s health and reproductive rights and is the only 100% pro-choice candidate in the race.

PPANY President and CEO Tracey Brooks states, “Dede has consistently and courageously stood up for the health and rights of women and their families. It is extremely unfortunate that the people of the 23rd Congressional District will not have the opportunity to be represented by a leader who has a proven track record of putting the needs of her community above all else.”


In the video below, New York Assemblymember Dede Scozzafava admits that she sat on the board of Planned Parenthood. that organization’s founder was Margaret Sanger and she and many of her board members were racists who were also members of the American Eugenics Society.

Read Sanger’s Autobiography, Sanger herself admitted to speaking at a Klan rally.

Margaret Sanger also admitted that she received dozens of invites from the KKK to speak.

From Margaret Sanger’s Autobiography ( PAGE 366) “…I accepted an invitation talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan at Silver Lake, New Jersey, one of the weirdest experiences I had In lecturing…

Here: Assemblymember Dede Scozzafava accepts the Margaret Sanger Award at Family Planning Advocates of New York States’ 31st Annual Conference March 10th, 2008 at the Empire State Plaza in Albany, NY. Her opening line: “Quite a few years, when I was first on the Planned Parenthood board, when I returned to the north country”

Recently a pro-life organization, Life Dynamics, released a 2 hour documentary which ties slavery, eugenics, and Black Genocide to abortion and mostly to the nation’s top abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. The documentary is called: Maafa21 and it clearly and flawlessly shows viewers documents, video, audio, books, and quotes of the connections between Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, her friends, and her board members to Eugenics organizations. Maafa21 also shows how racist motives are what drives abortions with the Planned Parenthood organization. Backing this claim up is actual video of former Planned Parenthood President, Faye Wattleton admitting that Planned Parenthood receives racist donations. Also backing this claim up are quotes from racist Sanger board members, and a quote from Alan Guttmacher, former Planned Parenthood President and Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society. Guttmacher is also known for founding the Alan Guttmacher Institute, known as the research arm of Planned Parenthood.

You can get Maafa21 here ( View a preview below)

In a recent New York Times interview , Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Emily Bazelon that,


“…I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

The “Populations” Ginsburg referred to in that interview is clearly defined in, Maafa21.

Perhaps Scozzafava shares the views of another Republican on abortion:

Nixon 3a53306r

Newly released Nixon tapes document a conversation between Nixon and an aide recorded on January 23, 1973, discussing that day’s Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

I know that there are times when abortions are necessary. I know that,” Nixon tells an aide, then adding, “When you have a black and a white.”

The aide interrupts, “or for rape,” to which Nixon quickly responds, “or rape.”

Recently, a new documentary: Maafa21, was released which exposed high level plans within the US to use abortion as Black Genocide. The well documented film, ( a must see) exposed the early and extremely racist roots of the national largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood and a host of eugenic connections they partnered with to reduce the Black Population.

To Listen to Nixon – Go to 3:25 minutes on below


NIXON Tape #697-29

Nixon: “A majority of people in Colorado voted for abortion, I think a majority of people in Michigan are for abortion, I think in both cases, well, certainly in Michigan they will vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.


Nixon: ” … as I told you and we talked about it earlier, that a hell of a lot of people want to control all the Negro bastards.”

Unidentified Staff: “Yeah

Nixon: “Isn’t that really true?

Nixon: “You know what we are talking about – Population Control?

Unidentified Staff: “Sure

Nixon: “We’re talking really – and what John Rockefeller really realizes – look, the people in what we call the “our class” control their populations. Sometimes they’ll have a family of six, or seven, or eight, or nine, but it’s an exception.”

Unidentified Staff: Sure.

Nixon: “People who don’t control their families are people in- the people who shouldn’t have kids.”

President Nixon formed the Population Commission which was headed by eugenics members.

Maafa 21 will shock you. To see documentation showing the racism used in the abortion business and philosophy is hard to believe. To discover how one African American reporter was fired by Newsweek because he was going to expose the government’s role in Black Genocide was horrifying to say the least.

Maafa21 Gives much more detail regarding Planned Parenthood’s connection to Eugenics and Racism.

Here is their proof:

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