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Planned Parenthood claims website hacked by “extremists”

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Yesterday abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s website went down.

The organization that harvests baby parts is blaming the website crash on “extremists” however they have not named any groups or persons.

July 2015 PP hacked

Planned Parenthood site dow 7 2015

Planned Parenthood has been highly criticized after the group The Center for Medical Progress released several under cover videos showing their top doctors haggling over the price of baby organs harvested after abortions.

Intact babies Planned Parenthood

A recent video uploaded by CMP showed inside a Planned Parenthood Path Lab.

The video showed behind the scenes of the abortion clinic including graphic images of the babies being dissected by tweezers.

Texas Attorney General has reported that when investigators went into a Planned Parenthood in the state to investigate charges they are illegally selling the baby organs, they witnessed fingers and toes in what the abortion business calls their “POC room.

Stem Express financial profit Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the procurement company used by Planned Parenthood, Stem Express successfully obtained a temporary restraining order against the CMP releasing videos of conversations with their staff members.

Stem Express fetal kidneys were used in an experiment where researchers implanted baby organs into animals such as rats (read here).

Cecile Richards PP Attacks

Just who are the extreme ones again?

Calls to Planned Parenthood asks them to defend racist Margaret Sanger

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Although Margaret Sanger did meet with the Klan there are no legitimate pictures of her with the Klan on the internet as I break down here.

More on Sanger here.

For more on Planned Parenthood’s racist agenda, watch the documentary film, Maafa21.

Pro-life group buys lot next to Planned Parenthood abortion clinic

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Below is a story about a group Saynsumthn has followed for a while – Imperial Valley Coalition for Life which has been fighting a Planned Parenthood from opening and performing abortions in their community.

El Centro Planned Parenthood

I previously blogged about one of the counsel meetings where a Planned Parenthood supporter yelled “Hail Satan” as police escort him out of meeting.

Now, I see the pro-life group has purchased land next to the abortion clinic and they have a unique way of helping their community- read below:


A pro-life group in a California city has organized the “BIGGEST and BEST Baby Shower ever” to promote life in the face of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic opening in the area.

Baby SHower 8_7188481601389711261_o

Thousands have spoken out against Planned Parenthood’s plans to perform abortions in the majority Hispanic community of El Centro.

They have organized rallies and expressed their views before their city counsel..

Baby Shower Alveda King 9162075275_o

The controversy over the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic even drew the attention of Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who recently addressed the council about Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minority communities.

Alveda King USe Baby Shower 4_4455664276196264755_o

In front of the El Centro counsel, King called Planned Parenthood a “well planned killing machine.

It was outside that council meeting that pro-lifers held their unusual baby shower event.

Chris Nunn president of Imperial Valley Coalition for Life told the counsel about the baby shower, “Outside tonight we are celebrating the biggest baby shower on earth…It’s our way of saying as a coalition that we are here to help you young women if you should choose to keep your child.”

Chris Nunn Baby Shower 4582_6333541222059995796_n

Nunn, who is also the pastor of Christ Community Church in El Centro, told Life Dynamics why they sponsored by the baby show.

The Baby Shower for Life was an event sponsored by the Imperial Valley Coalition for Life with the intent of showing our community that we care,” he said.

“As a coalition, we felt it was important to do something positive in the midst of all of the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood’s arrival in our valley. We wanted young women and men to know that we are serious about meeting their needs and serving them as they welcome their babies into the world. At our core, Imperial Valley Coalition for Life is not an activist organization and we don’t want to be seen as activists. We want to serve our communities as minsters of the gospel and as a conduit of hope for those who find themselves struggling with unplanned pregnancy,” he said.

Listen to Pastor Nunn address the counsel at 43:00 in the video below:

“Tonight is not about protest,” Pastor Nunn told the counsel.

“Tonight is about rallying the pro-life community together to celebrate hope and life and love,” he said.

Baby Shower Imperial Valley 18064357052841_n

The groups collected the following items that will be used to help women and families:

    676 boxes of diapers
    50 boxes and 144 packages of diaper wipes
    10 car seats
    9 strollers
    2 Baby Chairs
    5 Diaper Bags
    Over 100 sets of clothing
    40 sets of bottles
    40 blankets
    15 bath sets
    50 bottles of shampoo & lotion
    6 pack & play sets

The response by the pro-life community was so overwhelming that the Imperial Valley Coalition for Life has decided to make their Baby Shower for Life an annual event so that they can continue to provide for the needs of young families in the valley.

Baby Shower Prolife 22_5846415349981185021_n

In addition, the group plans to open a pro-life health care clinic next to the Planned Parenthood site to offer a counseling center similar to Planned Parenthood, but without the contraceptives or abortion.

prolife buys lot next to Planned Parenthood

Pastor Nunn told the Imperial Valley Press that “friends of the coalition” bought the lot next to Planned Parenthood.

Prolife group buys land next door

Until the pro-life facility opens, members of the Coalition say they will park in the lot and pray for the women as they go into Planned Parenthood.

That scratch your head this is hard to believe moment….

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There are those moments when you read something and you do a double take and then… you still cannot believe what you are reading.

Like this: Born after Roe meme from Planned Parenthood.

Hard to believe?

Born after Roe 0ff8b40970c-320wi

Born After Roe is described by Planned Parenthood as , “a reproductive health advocacy group that welcomes new and ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood into a safe space for education and conversation. Its free advocacy salons are specifically aimed at supporters in their 20s and 30s. Past salons have focused on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby v. Burwell decision, elections, health insurance, how to talk about abortion and sexuality with family and friends, and more.”

So, let me get this right.

Planned Parenthood is concerned about the “next generation?”

Norn after roe PP 1a73d9a8d81970d

Uh….wait a minute…still scratching my head.

Born after Roe 2  0wi

Planned Parenthood KILLS the next generation- but – hey – if you happen to escape their abortion killing machine- then- they want you to join them.

Fair enough – NOT!

“Ask us Anything” a tempting offer from Planned Parenthood

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While hanging out tweeting this evening I noticed that abortion biz Planned Parenthood was inviting the public to ask them questions.


It’s called the “Ask us anything” campaign and it runs through National Women’s Health Week (May 10-16).

According to the largest chain of abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood Federation of America wants women to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking anyone else.

PP Ask anything


Ask us anything Planned Parenthood

Well…at first I was going to scroll past the tweet but the request was just so tempting and – well – I decided to take the bait:

Planned Parenthood ask us anything saynsumthn

After I clicked the Tweet button, I got to thinking.

I bet there are a lot of people who would like to “Ask Planned Parenthood Anything.”

So, to get the party started, I put together a list of questions one might want to ask the abortion giant:

    Why does Planned Parenthood kill babies?
    How do Planned Parenthood employees sleep at night?
    Exactly when does life begin according to Planned Parenthood?
    Why does Planned Parenthood cover for child sexual predators?
    Why does Planned Parenthood name their most prestigious award after a Klan speaker
    Exactly how may tax funded Planned Parenthood employees make 6 digit salaries?
    Why does Planned Parenthood teach young girls about BDSM?
    Is there an abortion Planned Parenthood won’t do?
    How many women besides Tonya Reaves has Planned Parenthood left to die lately?

Abortion biz Planned Parenthood compares centers to “Fandango”

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Cecile Richards PP Valentines abortion

In a Fast Company interview with the president of the largest chain of abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards said, “I remember eight years ago, being able to type your zip code [into a search engine] and get a Planned Parenthood, that was a radical concept at the time. Now we’re the Fandango of reproductive health care.”

Fandango is considered the go-to destination for more than 30 million moviegoers each month.

Richards, who receives a six-digit salary to head Planned Parenthood is attempting to make Planned Parenthood appear as a regular medical center where a range of services are offered.

Planned Parenthood abortion first services Fandago

This is because the abortion giant president wants to normalize the killing of babies through abortion.

In the end, no matter how many other “services” they offer, they will always be stigmatized as a place a person can hire a doctor to murder an unborn child.

Richards also tips her hat to their racist founder, Margaret Sanger.

Sanger Negro Project KKK

Praising the former Klan speaker and avowed eugenicist for her fight for birth control, Richards says “I try to remind people that Margaret Sanger was thrown into jail 99 years ago for handing out a pamphlet that now 6 million people on our website have access to. Not that long ago, young women were dying in emergency rooms from abortions, and now abortion is one of the safest medical treatments for women.”

Cecile Richards’ statements about abortion safety are laughable given their own abysmal record in abortion deaths.

It wasn’t that long ago a 24-year-old Black woman walked into their facility for an abortion.

Tonya Reaves LDI Brochure img406

Her name was Tonya Reaves and she never walked out.

No, she began to bleed inside a Planned Parenthood clinic and instead of calling for emergency assistance, the “Fandango-like” abortion mill left her bleeding for FIVE hours!!!

By the time, the unsuspecting believer in so-called Safe and Legal abortion was transferred to a hospital- it was too late.

She died shortly after.

Tragically, Tonya was not the last.

The truth is that Planned Parenthood sucks half a billion dollars in tax payer funds from the government purse annually.

They admit to shamelessly killing hundreds of thousands of babies each year.

Planned Parenthood annual abortion totals

They advocate for, fund, march, protest, tweet, and promote abortion on demand for any reason and at any stage.

Planned Parenthood is no normal “health center.”

And, if there is any similarity that Planned Parenthood has with Fandango, it is that when you put the word: abortion or eugenics into google Planned Parenthood always pops up!

Austin renting building to Planned Parenthood for $1.00 a year

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LifeSite news has discovered that the city of Austin is only charging abortion giant Planned Parenthood $1.00 a year to rent a huge facility.


Apparently Planned Parenthood has occupied this facility, a 35 acre tract of land improved with a 3,720 square foot free standing building located at 1823 E. 7th Street, since fall of 1972, but, in all fairness building maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of Planned Parenthood.

The documentation was discovered as an agenda item with the City Council posted on a city website in 2010 under Contract and Land Management where they planned to negotiation the lease renewal stating that lease revenue is $1 annually.

Austin Planned Parenthood charge 1 dollar