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Abortion clinic protects male escort who sexually harasses pro-life woman by falsely accusing her husband

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A pro-life man in Alabama, who stepped in to defend his wife from a possible assault, has been found not guilty after an abortion facility escort manager had him arrested, claiming that he was responsible for breaking a $25 umbrella. Daniel French was represented by Thomas More Society attorneys against the City of Montgomery who prosecuted French for alleged destruction of property. Daniel and his wife Valarie regularly offer life-affirming alternatives outside the Reproductive Health Services abortion clinic in Montgomery where the incident took place.

Image: Daniel and Valerie French

Daniel and Valerie French

Reproductive Health Services is known for controversial activity after deploying a squadron of volunteers as escorts who carry umbrellas. They deliberately place themselves between abortion-bound women and the pro-life sidewalk counselors who offer support and information on alternatives to abortion and pray with those women who are willing to talk.


Image: Abortion escorts outside Reproductive Services June 2017

Abortion escorts outside Reproductive Services June 2017

One particular abortion clinic escort, Travis Jackson was well-known to pro-lifers for as their attorney’s described it, “problematic misbehavior” and “virulent hatred for the pro-life movement.” His actions have been well-documented on social media,  attorneys stated.

The video below is one example of the escort’s sexually obscene behavior which occurred in February and was uploaded by pro-lifer David Day who wrote this description, “Outside Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery Al, my friend Daniel was pleading for the pro-aborts to turn from their sin and turn to Jesus when Travis who has been joining them for a short while begins to rant and turn to Valarie, grabs his testicles, and shakes them three times at her yelling.”

According to witnesses, Jackson often hurled vulgar and sexually harassing communication at Valarie French and other pro-life advocates, and he did the same on May 18. But, despite the sexually vulgar comments, in the day of #MeToo, the abortion clinic and their escorts sided with Travis, opening up a legal defense fund for the abusive man.

Image: Travis Jackson abortion escort outside Reproductive Services

Travis Jackson abortion escort outside Reproductive Services

Listen to Travis defend abortion below:

On the day in question (May 2018), attorney’s for the accused pro-life counselor state that Jackson was again making vulgar sexual gestures towards Valarie French when, according to witnesses, he became enraged at her suggestion that his obscenities negated his claim of “championing women’s rights.” Witnesses state that the clinic escort then charged toward Valerie waving the umbrella as a weapon, apparently intent on physical assault. Daniel French, who was recording the incident on his phone, stepped toward Jackson, deflecting the umbrella with his hand, shouting, “Don’t you do that to my wife!” With Daniel’s phone still recording, Jackson quickly raised the umbrella and brought it crashing down on Daniel’s head, destroying the umbrella.

Attorney’s representing French said that after the angry abortion clinic volunteer assaulted Valarie, and as her husband came to her rescue, the man turned his attack on Daniel. Then the woman who coordinates the abortion clinic escorts had the police arrest Daniel. Later that day, the coordinator of the abortion clinic escorts signed a warrant for the arrest of Daniel French for destruction of property – the umbrella that Jackson smashed over Daniel’s head.

The City of Montgomery began its prosecution of Daniel French for criminal mischief on the afternoon of September 20, 2018. The prosecution’s first witness was the abortion clinic escort coordinator, who testified that she did not actually see the event – but she pressed for charges because the $25 umbrella belonged to her pro-abortion group.

Daniel French’s clear video evidence showed that he held the phone throughout the incident and was the victim of assault with the umbrella, and successfully negated the testimony of abortion escorts that he used both hands to smash the umbrella over Jackson’s head.

 The Thomas More Society was able to demonstrate that accusation to be false, and that the umbrella was ruined as an angry abortion clinic escort smashed it over Daniel’s head.

Earlier this year, the abortion facility failed to report a patient who was 13 years old to the Department of Human Resources, according to a report from the Alabama Department of Public Health.


According to Operation Rescue, an inspection report dated January 26, 2018, “described the citations involved failing to report a pregnant girl who received two abortions at Reproductive Health Services within 15 months.”

According to charts requested by health inspectors reviewed by OR:

  • One of the charts revealed that in January 2016, a pregnant girl, in the 9th grade and said her date of birth was July 3, 2000, came to the abortion facility for informed consent information.
  • On the date of the abortion, the girl returned with her birth certificate, which documented that her actual birth date was July 3, 2002, making her only 13 years old.
  • Despite this new information, the facility made no report of suspected child abuse as required by law.
  • The same girl returned to Reproductive Health Services for a second abortion in April 2017, at the age of fourteen. Again, there was no mention of the age of the baby’s father in the citation narrative, which would have been important information to determine compliance with mandatory reporting laws.
  • And once again, the abortion facility made no report of suspected child sexual abuse for the 2017 incident.

“Once the failure to report was discovered by the state health inspector, the facility’s “Director/Owner” hurriedly placed a phone call in the presence of the inspector to the Department of Human Services and reported information for possible sex abuse — two years after the fact, ” OR reported.

81 abortion clinics closed or reduced services in 2015

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The total number abortion clinics in America continues to decline, following nationwide trend extending back to 1991. In 2015, abortion clinics closed at a rate of more than one per week with 53 abortion clinics shutting down or halting all abortion services.

Operation Rescue surveyed by telephone all abortion facilities in the U.S. from December 1-15, 2015 and found the following:

* 42 Surgical abortion clinics halted all abortion services.
* 11 Medical abortion clinics halted all abortion services.

In addition, a number of abortion facilities reduced services:

* 16 abortion clinics halted surgeries and now offer only medication abortions.
* 12 abortion clinics stopped dispensing abortion drugs and now only offer surgical abortions, noting that the abortion pill was “ineffective” or “too dangerous.”

In all, 81 abortion clinics closed or reduced services in 2015.

Currently, there are 517 surgical abortion clinics and 213 medication abortion clinics remaining active in the U.S., the lowest numbers in decades.

In 1991, which is considered the high water mark for the number of abortion clinics, there were 2,176 surgical facilities offering abortions. Since then, 81% have closed.

“There is a direct correlation between the number of abortion and the number of abortion clinics. When abortion clinic close, abortion numbers decrease and lives are saved,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

In addition, Operation Rescue obtained data on wait times for abortion appointments and average price of common first-trimester abortion procedures that debunk assumptions that the Abortion Cartel falsely portrays as fact.

The results show that the national average wait for an abortion appointment is 8.5 days, much less that the approximately five weeks it takes to get a dentist appointment.

In Texas, where a 2013 abortion law is being challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court next spring, abortion supporters wrongly claim that the closing of half the state’s abortion clinics has overwhelmed remaining clinics, leading to higher costs and longer appointment wait times in weeks.

However, Operation Rescue’s new data confirms that the average wait time for an abortion appointment in Texas is 6.5 days – two full days below the national average. The cost of a first trimester surgical abortion in Texas is also below the national average cost of $594.74.

“Closures can be at least partially attributable to the Abortion Cartel’s inability to follow the law. Given that propensity, we are confident the trend of abortion clinic closures will continue,” said Newman.

Read the full report at Operation Rescue here.

Website Consolidates Pro-life News Headlines; Celebrates 1st Year

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One year ago this month, the Harms Report, a unique website which consolidates pro-life news headlines, was launched. The site was modeled after the Drudge Report and it is operated by a long time pro-life activist little known to many in the movement. His name is Monte Harms.

Harms Report abortion prolife 2

Over the years, there has been an evolution in the way that pro-lifers received their information. In years past, the pro-life movement had to rely on the major media outlets and a handful of pro-life newsletters or magazines to educate not only the public but their own people. The news moved slowly and took days or weeks to make the rounds. But today, things are much different. Now, the pro-life movement not only publishes their own news stories but they often lead in developing national trends on news. Such was the case recently with the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby harvesting operation. Had it not been for the constant drum beat of pro-life news outlets, the public would have been largely kept in the dark about the tax funded abortion giant’s activities.

The evolution of pro-life news has taken several turns over the past few years incorporating everything from blog articles, news reports, investigative series, opinion editorials and humor. Enter the Harms Report where top selections from many of the most popular news outlets are assembled in one place. Harms’ collection of provocative pro-life headlines has become a regular for consumers of news.

Harms Report Planned Parenthood

Modeled after the Drudge Report, the Harms Report actually began under the name Stanek Report. It’s original creator was blogger Jill Stanek who thought up the unique concept in November of 2014. But,within months of its creation, Stanek was accepting a position with the Susan B Anthony List requiring her to pass her newest online vision to Monte Harms one of her more dedicated contributors. Under his guidance, the site took a new name and is now entitled the Harms Report. The site which posts a number of pro-life news headlines is not in competition to other news outlets rather it has become a stop for busy pro-life activists who want a general view of the pro-life news of the day.

Harms takes his role as editor of the Harms Report very seriously, working day and night to keep the site as current as possible. He said taking on the news site is just one more step in his commitment to end abortion. For years, Harms was active in volunteering for groups like Justice for All and Protest ABQ. On occasion, Harms can be seen on sidewalks in front of abortion clinics standing up for the preborn. But, Harms told Live Action News, just like many others, his pro-life activism was starting to burn him out. It was at this point that Stanek approached Harms with the idea of taking over.

“After I retired in 2014, God put me in the perfect position to utilize my strengths of being passionately pro-life and having a love of research. On top of that, Harms Report essentially needs somebody that can work on it during the day, which I am able to do,”
Harms said.


Harms has reflected on what led him to a conviction about abortion. He said that for most of his adult life, he did not have any personal experience with anyone who had an abortion. And sadly, Harms recalled that he never even heard abortion mentioned in various churches he attended. Harms called his transformation into the pro-life movement as “pretty boring” he simply came to the conclusion that “Abortion Is Wrong. Period.”

As the Harms Report celebrates its one year anniversary, Monte Harms told Live Action News that the site came into existence at an opportune time in the history of the pro-life movement. He pointed to the elections, the passage of many important pro-life laws, the late-term abortion ban legislation in Congress and other states as well as the gruesome undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby harvesting operation. Websites like Live Action News and the Harms Report and others all play their part in telling the truth about the plight of the preborn. As society trends more pro-life these news tools will become even more instrumental in educating the public about the dignity of every human life, as we all do out part in exposing abortion. Visit the Harms Report here.

I admire the courage of pro-life side walk counselors

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I admire courage and especially the courage of pro-life sidewalk counselors. Case in point, most people would back away from anyone threatening them while they stood for preborn children outside an abortion clinic but not veteran pro-life counselor Michele Herzog.


In full disclosure, I know Michele very well. We both stood in the trenches together for years outside South Florida abortion clinics. She and I also had the unfortunate opportunity to attend the funeral of a woman who died from a legal abortion. The woman’s name was Carolina Gutierrez and I wrote about that experience to some degree here.

Michele has experienced abortion and therefore she has a lot of compassion for the women. But after becoming aware of the reality of what abortion does to the child, Michele also takes an unrelenting stand for the babies. Time after time I have watched Michele stand her ground in defense of little babies. She has been the recipient of all sorts of threats over her many years outside abortion facilities. But, Michele remained unyielding even when rocks were being thrown at her. She also stood up to an abortionist who had given her the most obscene gestures.

Abortionist Randall Whitney shoots the finger at pro-life activist because she refused to call him "doctor."

Abortionist Randall Whitney shoots the finger at pro-life activist because she refused to call him “doctor.”

Randall Whitney Shoots Finger

Michele represents a number of pro-life warriors who faithfully stand as the last defense to cry out for children about to be executed. Everyone is a hero and each should be commended. Often, they stand alone and a majority of what they receive is negative – yet they return day after day after day. I know this, because, although I know some personally I also follow many of these faithful activists on Facebook and I read the daily comments they post. Many share how often they are abused by the police, abortion clinic staff, passers-by, and patients.

It was such a post that prompted me to write this piece. It took place outside a Florida abortion clinic earlier this month. Michele and others were crying out for a baby whose mother had just driven into the Epoc abortion clinic. Michele wrote about what took place:

“This woman came with her abortion bound friend to the Epoc abortuary on Saturday and was as vile and wicked as they come. She laughed and encouraged her friend to go through with killing her baby and then left her there. Sandra and I wanted to make sure to plead with her one more time to do what she could to get her friend out and to save the innocent baby, so we waited at the corner.”


“When I first got there she told me she was going to kick my ___ if I didn’t move away. I had given the ministry phone to Sandra’s daughter so she could take pictures and video throughout the afternoon and in this video the woman in the car was ready to jump out after Sandra’s daughter.” That video can be viewed here.

In her usual calm way, Michele asked the woman if she was issuing a threat and reiterated her desire to see her friend’s baby saved from abortion. Michele then pointed out to the woman that the clinic’s owner has no license. James Pendergraft’s medical license has been suspended indefinitely by the state medical board and he was recently arrested in South Carolina for operating an illegal mobile abortion clinic there.

“We tell every abortion bound women and their companions of Pendergraft’s arrest and that they found with instruments with old blood and tissue on them. We tell them of the mobile abortion clinic he was running and the drugs found. Two couples left that day and chose life for their babies, but the rest of the women….none of that seemed to faze them,” she told Live Action News.

Instead of going back to the abortion clinic and warning her friend or simply driving away, the abortion supporter picked up a gallon jug of water she had in her car and hurled it at Michele.

Water abortion Michele Herzog 2

These kind of incidents have become regular events for pro-life activists. Earlier this week, another pro-life group had their signs illegally removed by an abortion supporter during an awareness campaign in a public overpass.

The intolerance of advocates of “personal choice” is increasingly more vocal and at times vicious. It is another sign of the desperation that the abortion lobby feels as it looses ground in this war. Given the current environment, it is only a matter of time before another abortion advocate physically harms a pro-lifer.

But, Michele and many others who stand between the baby and death on a daily basis do not think about their own risk. For them, their one and only concern is to stop the killing of each baby that day. Perhaps water is not such a scary thing – but – the impressive thing I noted in Michele’s latest video was how unflinching she was knowing the woman was threatening her. The truth is, I would have flinched or ducked or maybe even backed down. But not Michele and that is why I admire her courage and it is why I admire the courage of so many pro-life activists across the country.

Emotional Kleenex vid with pro-life message thanks NICU nurse who treats infants as her own

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Kleenex has published a beautiful video depicting the gratitude several parents express for a NICU nurse, entitled, “Tiny Miracles,” which has a significant pro-life message.

KLeenex Tiny Miracles

“The NICU is an intensive care which means our babies are very critical and we don’t know if they’re even going to make it through a shift,” says Renee, a NICU nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia as the video opens.

“These parents, they don’t get to take their babies home. I feel like if I treat the babies like I would want somebody to treat my baby when I’m not there, that’s the most important thing,” she adds.

Kleenex burse renee NICU

Nurse Renee says she keeps in touch with families once they go home and enjoys taking part in the joy of sending a baby that was never expected to survive or to leave the NICU home.

The emotional part comes when Renee is escorted into a room where she is asked to watch a video of all the parents she helped as she cared for their babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.

She loved my child as her own child,” states one loving parent about the nurse.

“You are our hero,” said another.

Kleenex ad premiee

There are not enough words to thank you for all you have done,” said another tearfully.

Kleenex rightly shows their tissues in use as Nurse Renee is overwhelmed by these grateful parents.

Viewers will most likely grab for a Kleenex, as I did, themselves as they see this beautiful exchange of love take place.

KLeenex Renee

I don’t do what I do for any kind of thank you,” said Renee, “But it’s a wonderful feeling to be appreciated,” she added.

As you watched this film and the tears well up, keep in mind that every day, just like this Georgia nurse, pro-life men and women keep watch over babies that are not expected to make it out as well.

This nurse’s attitude to treat every NICU baby as her own is the same motivation each pro-life person feels as they stand in the gap to protect innocent babies from abortion.

And, one day, just like nurse Renee, pro-lifers may be greeted with the faces of all those that they defended and will have a tearful reunion in Heaven, like Renee was privileged to have.

But… because appreciation is important now, I wanted to say thank you to a just few of the many wonderful caretakers of the unborn I know:

    Thank you Michelle Herzog, thank you Lynn Mills, thank you Bud and Tara Shaver, thank you Terri Everett, thank you Leslie Hanks, thank you John Pisciotta, thank you Tim and Terri Palquist, thank you Allura, Lydia, Laura Handy, Jay, Monte and all the others who sacrifice their lives for unborn children.

Your kindness and love for babies targeted for abortion and their moms is appreciated!

Planned Parenthood construction site protest in spirit of civil rights sit-ins

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A group of pro-life activists blocked the site of a new Planned Parenthood center in DC Monday morning.

PP Protest Catholic COnstruction 851367176888_4229476426491773473_n

According to the group, Abortion Free DC, their “Justice for All Planned Parenthood Sit-In” took place in the spirit of the Civil Rights movement when Blacks were segregated from society because of their race.

    “Yesterday, it was segregated lunch counters and buses. Today, it is Planned Parenthood.” the group writes.

PLanned Parenthood protest 8254456578152_4180112201174822528_n


The group of about a dozen pro-life activists including the Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, Mark Harrington, founder of Created Equal, and full time activist Lauren Handy, arrived early in the morning to the Planned Parenthood site.

The new Planned Parenthood replaces one that recently closed after consistent pro-life prayers in front of the killing center.

In August of 2013, Planned Parenthood of Metro DC purchased the new building, located at 1225 Fourth St. NE, for $6.15 million, and hired Pizzano Contractors, a company operated by a “Catholic” business man to build the death mill.

After arriving on scene, Rev. Mahoney updated his supporters after arriving, writing on Facebook, “Already a major victory! Before our sit in at Planned Parenthood in DC, they have stopped all work using heavy equipment! Thank God!”


A message on their events page reads:

    A generation ago, civil rights activists gathered as a bold and public witness to stand against the injustice of racism and segregation. They risked arrest at lunch counters, on buses and in the public square for peacefully embracing the eternal principles of justice for all.

    Today, this generation, faces a similar challenge on the issue of abortion. How we can passively sit by while our brothers and sisters are being brutalized and women being diminished through the tragic act of violence?



    Simply stated, as civil rights workers sat-in at lunch counters to stand against segregation, we will peacefully sit-in in front of Planned Parenthood standing against violence and the crushing of human rights!

Planned Parenthood has been under heavy scrutiny after undercover videos surfaced from the Center for Medical Progress showing how they engage in a Mengele-like organ harvesting operation of the babies their are hired to abort. Congress is in the process of hearing testimony on whether to defund the abortion business which gets over $500 million tax dollars annually.

The #justiceforall group is also calling on Pope Francis to address the issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood when he speaks to a joint session of Congress on September 23.

Rev. Mahoney called the event a victory noting that while they delayed construction no arrests were made.

Pro-life woman hosed by workers while kneeling in prayer outside Planned Parenthood

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Earlier last week a pro-life woman was arrested and charged with violating a noise ordinance while praying in front of a new Planned Parenthood site in the Washington, DC area.

Planned Parenthood DC

Planned Parenthood has been in the news nationally after the Center for Medical Progress exposed their gruesome baby parts harvesting operation claiming they are illegally selling the body parts potentially harvested from babies aborted alive.

Pizzano COnstruction Planned Parenthood

That alone should give anyone involved with Planned Parenthood pause, but apparently not the Pizzano Construction Company who is helping the abortion giant by constructing their newest center in DC.

Lauren arrested PPIt was outside this site that Lauren Handy was issued the citation mentioned above.

Lauren is committed to speaking truth about abortion. Love her or hate her, she will speak out.

“Being a voice for the voiceless is never popular and Pizzano will do anything to shut us down,
” Lauren said.

But I refuse to remain silent on the killing of innocent babies,” she added.

It was just a day before her arrest that Lauren said that workers from Pizzano angrily cussed at her sending muddy water toward her while she knelt down on the sidewalk to pray.

Lauren praying PP 3_2092884766_n

“At first I was by myself and felt a little discouraged because the guy was cussing at me,”
Lauren told Saynsumthn. “And then another prayer warrior showed up and immediately knelt in the mud with me.”

Lauren said she was peacefully praying when the Pizzano worker targeted her with his hose spraying muddy water in her direction.

PP COnstr CO 281_323159269_n

attackes at PP 555506_n

“I was kneeling and praying when the guy turned on the hose making the construction dust turn into mud. I told him I would not leave and continued to pray,” Lauren said. “It didn’t matter what they did to me.”

“It was actually beautiful to serve God in that way
,” she added.

Pizzano COntractors PLanned Parenthood

In August 2013, Planned Parenthood of Metro DC purchased the 1225 Fourth St. NE, building, for $6.15 million.

They hired Pizzano Contractors to building the killing center. A video ad published by the Alexandria, Va. company says that what makes them great is “family” among other things. Go figure!

Robert T Pizzano JrPizzano Contractors was established in 1958 by Robert T. Pizzano, Sr. and it now led by Robert Pizzano, Jr.

In 2012, Dr. Jamila Perritt, the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C made $214,421 working for the abortion center.

Planned Parenthood Wash DC 990

The video message below encourages pro-lifers to contact the Planned Parenthood construction company and politely urge them to stop building the new child killing center:

The good news is that Lauren told Saynsumthn that one of the Construction workers wants to leave after witnessing her peacefully take their abuse:

    “Everyone became really uncomfortable watching to girls take it was silence and a construction guy gave me him name and number because he wants to leave.”