Abortion Clinic Security Guard “People die here everyday.”

In January of 2013 hree abortion protesters, including a 15-year-old, were sprayed with pepper spray by a security guard outside Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

A Year later, pro-life activists spoke with Roy, the security guard outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, about the incident. They posted a video of the conversation to YouTube:

Security guard Roy Benjamin was asked why he sprayed the pastor in the face with the pepper spray and he responded, “I don’t owe nobody an explanation.”

When asked about the little boy he sprayed, Roy said, “That little boy should have been at school.”

When the pro-lifer told Roy that people die from pepper spray, he stated, “I don’t care, I don’t care. People die here everyday.”

When the pro-lifer acknowledged that people die every day at the abortion clinic Roy protects he said, ” I Don’t care, it’s not my problem.”

She said, ” All you’re here is to make money?”

Roy Benjamin Jackson WHO security guard

Roy replied, “That’s it. It’s not my problem…I’m not here getting no abortion, I could care less….

Asked by the pro-lifer, “You don’t care if anyone is being killed?’

Roy responded, “I don’t care, I don’t care…Regardless of what they are doing, it’s not none of you all’s business. It’s not.”

Roy Benjamin was found guilty of four counts of simple assault in November of 2013, despite this aggression , the abortion clinic continues to employ him.

On the date of the pepper spray attack, Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green says the three protesters got into an argument with the guard after he turned on a sprinkler system and got them wet outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in north Jackson. ( More details from OneNewsNow)

According to one of the victims, “He sprayed me in my mouth,” Cal Zastrow said. “So, it went into the back of my mouth and into my throat and up to my eyeballs.”

He immediately fell to the ground. Zastrow’s 15-year-old son, Jim, and a third male, Doug Lane, were also incapacitated by the spray.

Zastrow later filed a criminal complaint against Benjamin.

“[Benjamin’s] attorney entered a ‘no contest’ plea on four counts of ‘simple assault’ for pepper-spraying peaceful pro-lifers, and hospitalizing my son Jim and I,” Zastrow explained. “The attorney expressed her intention to appeal in Hinds County Court after Judge Malouf found Benjamin guilty on all four counts.”

Benjamin was fined $250 plus court costs, and was sentenced to 6 months of unsupervised probation. He also received a suspended 30-day jail sentence. The appeal will result in a new trial, also known as a trial de novo.

More on the incident here

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