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Abortion doc worried women won’t kill babies after clinic vandalism

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Circuit riding abortionist Willie Parks found his way to MSNBC’s Melissa-Harris Perry’s show this week to denounce a recent incident vandalism at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic. Of course, the falsely labeled “Christian” child killer has yet to denounce the myriads of women killed, raped, or maimed inside abortion clinics.

While there is absolutely no proof the alleged act has been linked to anyone who opposes abortion, the Clarion Leger reported that abortion advocates at the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, accused the incident on anti-abortion protesters.

Harris-Perry, rather than questioning the timing of the so-called vandalism as a rather convenient sympathy booster for the death mill- has gone on an all out assault assuming it was tried to those who oppose killing babies in the womb.

Her fear is that women won’t have an abortion at all if they are faced with protesters outside.

“It’s about fear. Fear both for physicians and staff members but also for women, who, if faced with this kind of gauntlet simply – I mean it’s alre4ad hard enough to access in Mississippi and in the Deep South – but simply then make a decision not to access it at all,” the so-called journalist said.

Abortionist Parker, seeing an opening to attack the pro-life message, dusted off the old “Domestic Terrorism” adjective to lob at the demonstrators who have been carrying on a vigil at the clinic for a while.

Willie Parker Melissa Harris Perry

Make no mistake about it,” the man who dismembers babies in the womb said, “This is a form of domestic terrorism…And, I can’t help but wonder if they [women seeking abortions] extrapolate from this destruction of clinic property to what degree they are safe when they come.” the abortionist said.

Well…let’s see – just how safe are women who seek abortions?

Here are a few dead women who believed they were – only the ones who put them in danger were the abortion staff.

Caroline Gutierrez img169

Tonya and Lakisha abortion deaths

Laura Hope Smith

While vandalism is a crime and is indeed wrong, killing babies and then sending their mother’s to a morgue is not a worthy enough action to condemn according to abortionist Parker’s latest statement.

But, can you blame him? After all – he makes his living on abortion – so why even try to be honest about what abortion is or what it does to babies or their mothers?

Let’s hope what women extrapolate from this blog post, is the truth, that abortion clinics do not care for them- and yes- let’s hope that they will turn around before it is too late.

Pro-life group says police are protecting last abortion clinic in Mississippi

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Days after the police in Jackson Mississippi watched as business owners took the signs from the pro-life group Created Equal, the organization has uploaded a video showing what they claim is mistreatment by the police again.

Stealing Signs olice Theif

According to Created Equal, on Thursday July 17, 2014, Created Equal visited Jackson, MS, site of the state’s last remaining abortion facility as part of Day 4 of their Summer Justice Ride.

Jackson CLinic July 2014

Sixteen days before the event, they say that they contacted the police to work out any details resulting in a conference call the day before with police and city officials.

According to Mark Harrington, founder of Created Equal, “It wasn’t until after our arrival that police informed us of a sign ordinance that they intended to enforce against our first amendment protected display.”

Created Equal is law-abiding,” says Harrington, However, no one needs a permit to be on the public sidewalk, and when law enforcement attempts to unequally enforce laws, we must defend our first amendment rights.

“The City of Jackson is required to guarantee everyone the right to free speech. Selective enforcement of commercial sign ordinances amounts to nothing more than harassment. The only reason the police were trying to require us to follow this obscure sign law is because we were opposing abortion outside the last remaining abortion mill in the state. I feel like I was transported back 50 years when Freedom Riders were harassed by Jackson police and business owners as white racists interfered with their right to use interstate commerce, ” Harrington said in a written statement.

According to the group, Operation Rescue, the Fifth Court of Appeals has just ruled that the State of Mississippi must allow the abortion clinic to remain open despite their dangerous medical practices.

According to Operation Rescue president, Troy Newman, “What is being missed here is that the one facility left in the state is engaged in substandard practices that endanger women. Would the Court think that if Kermit Gosnell operated the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, that the state would be forced to keep him in business? Diane Derzis’ shoddy abortion practices that have been documented to endanger women are little better. The Court was concerned that irreparable harm would come to Derzis’ abortion business if it was forced to close, but it seems it failed to consider the irreparable harm done to women who are exposed to shoddy abortions done by her primary abortionist Bruce Norman, who has a long history of hurting women. Shouldn’t protecting women from back-alley practices by abortionist who cannot qualify for hospital privileges trump protecting Derzis’ profit margin?”


Derzis was ordered by an Alabama court to shut down their abortion business in Birmingham after it was found to pose a danger to the public, and later, to be operating illegally. The group claims that the same practices that forced Derzis’ out of Alabama, are present at her Mississippi facility.

Abortion Clinic Security Guard “People die here everyday.”

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In January of 2013 hree abortion protesters, including a 15-year-old, were sprayed with pepper spray by a security guard outside Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

A Year later, pro-life activists spoke with Roy, the security guard outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, about the incident. They posted a video of the conversation to YouTube:

Security guard Roy Benjamin was asked why he sprayed the pastor in the face with the pepper spray and he responded, “I don’t owe nobody an explanation.”

When asked about the little boy he sprayed, Roy said, “That little boy should have been at school.”

When the pro-lifer told Roy that people die from pepper spray, he stated, “I don’t care, I don’t care. People die here everyday.”

When the pro-lifer acknowledged that people die every day at the abortion clinic Roy protects he said, ” I Don’t care, it’s not my problem.”

She said, ” All you’re here is to make money?”

Roy Benjamin Jackson WHO security guard

Roy replied, “That’s it. It’s not my problem…I’m not here getting no abortion, I could care less….

Asked by the pro-lifer, “You don’t care if anyone is being killed?’

Roy responded, “I don’t care, I don’t care…Regardless of what they are doing, it’s not none of you all’s business. It’s not.”

Roy Benjamin was found guilty of four counts of simple assault in November of 2013, despite this aggression , the abortion clinic continues to employ him.

On the date of the pepper spray attack, Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green says the three protesters got into an argument with the guard after he turned on a sprinkler system and got them wet outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in north Jackson. ( More details from OneNewsNow)

According to one of the victims, “He sprayed me in my mouth,” Cal Zastrow said. “So, it went into the back of my mouth and into my throat and up to my eyeballs.”

He immediately fell to the ground. Zastrow’s 15-year-old son, Jim, and a third male, Doug Lane, were also incapacitated by the spray.

Zastrow later filed a criminal complaint against Benjamin.

“[Benjamin’s] attorney entered a ‘no contest’ plea on four counts of ‘simple assault’ for pepper-spraying peaceful pro-lifers, and hospitalizing my son Jim and I,” Zastrow explained. “The attorney expressed her intention to appeal in Hinds County Court after Judge Malouf found Benjamin guilty on all four counts.”

Benjamin was fined $250 plus court costs, and was sentenced to 6 months of unsupervised probation. He also received a suspended 30-day jail sentence. The appeal will result in a new trial, also known as a trial de novo.

More on the incident here

Abortion doc found dead in his home

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joseph-booker_200Authorities say Dr. Joseph Booker Jr., who was once the only abortion practitioner in Mississippi, has been found dead at his home in Madison.

Police Capt. Kevin Newman says there were no signs of foul play or forced entry at Booker’s home. The body has been sent to the state crime lab for an autopsy.

Booker at one time performed abortions in Gulfport and Jackson. Booker formerly practiced with Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, but the two parted ways when Booker filed a wrongful termination suit against the clinic in 2010.

Police said officers were called to Booker’s home at about 5:30 p.m. Thursday to respond to a welfare concern. “The police department was contacted by a relative that had been unable to reach Joseph Booker, Jr. for several days,” Newman said. “Once at the residence, officers were unable to make contact and entry was made into the house.”

There, officers discovered Booker, 69, was deceased. “There were no signs of forced entry prior to entering the residence and no signs of foul play,” Newman said.

He said Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland was summoned to the scene, as coroners are throughout the state when there is an unattended death.

Pro-Life Mississippi board of directors member Tanya Britton of Jackson said today she is “just sick” over Booker’s death.

“From a Christian perspective, I pray that he repented on the lives that he has taken, and that God is merciful,” Britton said. “I haven’t talked to him and would not presume to know the state of his soul.

In the past Booker has been sued for abortion related malpractice:

Default judgment in Mississippi abortion suit
Associated Press 12/2/2011

JACKSON — A state judge has entered a default judgment in a lawsuit that claimed a woman nearly died from a failed abortion in Mississippi that left her in a coma for a week.

Daschica Thomas and her husband filed the lawsuit in 2005 in Hinds County Circuit Court against Dr. Joseph Booker, the National Women’s Health Organization of Jackson and others. The suit claimed Thomas went into the coma because of a blood infection brought on by a botched abortion in 2003.

Circuit Judge William Gowan entered the default judgment in Thomas’ favor after the defendants didn’t show up for trial. The ruling didn’t mention damages, and it wasn’t immediately clear when that issue would be decided.

Thomas’ attorney had no comment when contacted by The Associated Press.

Mark Wann, who once represented Booker in the case, said he’s no longer involved in the litigation and wouldn’t comment. Wann said he doesn’t know where to find Booker. A phone number for Booker wasn’t immediately available.

The state Department of Health said Mississippi had two licensed abortion clinics in 2003, and the state has only one now. The current clinic is on the same Jackson site as the former clinic, but under different ownership.

Shannon Brewer is director of All Women’s Healthcare of Jackson, which is currently the only abortion clinic in Mississippi. She said the National Women’s Health Organization no longer owns the Mississippi clinic and Booker doesn’t work at the clinic now. Brewer said she doesn’t know where he is.

The lawsuit claims that Booker wasn’t the doctor originally scheduled to perform the abortion, but the other doctor was out that day. When Booker was performing the abortion, he allegedly stopped abruptly, said he couldn’t finish it and told Thomas to come back so it could be completed by the other doctor.

The lawsuit claims a “reasonably prudent” physician would have treated Thomas with antibiotics because of her diabetes, but Booker didn’t. Thomas allegedly came down with a blood infection, went into a coma and needed blood transfusions. The lawsuit also claims, among other things, that Thomas couldn’t have children after the abortion and that her husband lost his job for missing work while caring for her.

Booker performed abortions in Mississippi for years and found himself in controversial situations before.

In December 1999, three dozen bags of aborted fetuses and other remains were found buried in a shallow grave behind a business in the Gulf Coast city of Ocean Springs. An investigation revealed that the fetuses came from a storage room Booker had rented in nearby Gulfport, a city where he had performed abortions at a gynecology clinic.

Booker had pleaded guilty in July 1999 to tax evasion and was sentenced to five months in federal prison.

Someone purchased the contents of the storage unit, sight unseen, at auction and moved the items to a storage unit in Ocean Springs. Some of the items smelled and the new owner directed an employee to get rid of them, apparently not knowing they were fetuses.

In 1996, lawmakers passed a bill that required licensing for doctors’ offices at which 10 or more abortions were performed a month. That law was aimed at Booker, who had claimed his medical office did more than perform abortions and he did not have to meet requirements as an abortion clinic.

ABC’s abortion report ties Mississippi’s last abortion clinic to “God”‪ #‎ShutDerzisDown‬

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ABC Jackson WHO

In Mississippi, the state’s only abortion clinic may have to close because of a law similar to what is being proposed in Wisconsin. A job ad in large bold type is featured on the Jackson (Miss.) Women’s Health Organization‘s website asking for physicians with admitting privileges to apply. In September, the clinic applied to about seven nearby hospitals but was rejected by all of them.

JAcksonWHO Website seeks docs

ABC’s Nightline did this report on the last abortion clinic in Mississippi and tied those who killed babies to “God”:

Christian Abortionist? Is there such a thing?

Willie Parker ABC

Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden, asked what they called a “Christian Abortion Doctor” who kills unborn children at Jackson Women’s Health abortion clinic in Mississippi, how many abortions he would do on ONE woman. Abortionist Willie Parker responded, “How many? As many as necessary”


Derzis ABC News July 2013

Diane Derzis who runs the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic in Mississippi and another in Alabama, told ABC news, “ I Know as fervently as they do that what I’m doing is moral and right, but if I’m wrong, that’s between the Lord and I. ” – abortion clinic chain owner Diane Derzis.


New Women All Women NWALDenied

Diane Derzis owner of the Mississippi abortion clinic also runs a shoddy abortion clinic in Alabama. DID YOU HEAR THAT ABC? You failed to report that FACT!

A combination of shady practices, injured patients, and building code violations resulted in the culmination of a 76 page deficiency report filed by the Alabama Department of Public Health against (Birmingham, Ala.) New Woman All Women abortion clinic in March 2012. ( Reports Life Legal Defense Foundation)


The report ultimately led to the revocation of clinic owner, Diane Derzis’, license to operate the facility and in May 2012 the abortion clinic was closed down. Ms. Derzis teamed up with long time friend Kelley Rainwater to strike a deal that would allow Rainwater to serve as a straw person running the clinic for Derzis. But….on February 8, 2013, the ADPH confirmed that Ms. Rainwater’s application was denied.

Derzies is fighting to stay open at her abortion clinic in Mississippi which is being defended by pro-abortion groups despite the conditions of her clinic in Alabama. She has also been granted a pass by a judge in the closing of her Alabama abortion clinic.

Jackson Womens Health Organization Abortion Clinic Owner Diane Derzis’ idea of “Fine” : 2 patients overdosed ! Welcome to “safe abortion”

According to Operation Rescue, Derzis’ abortion clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, is run the same way as her now condemned Alabama abortion business. In fact, it employs some of the same abortionists, including Bruce Elliott Norman, who was the abortionist on duty at NWAW that day in January when three of his abortion patients were hospitalized with complications arising from violations in the standard of care. Two women were overdosed on an IV drug, and another woman landed in the ICU with heavy bleeding after she was left unmonitored while being dosed with a strong medication that causes powerful uterine contractions.


Pro-lifer Ryan Bomberger reacts to ABC News’ report:

ABC’s Nightline, just days ago, went to Mississippi’s sole abortion mill owned by the ever wealthy Diane Derzis. Nightline spent 72 hours, they claim, inside the abortion mill. But apparently what actually happens INSIDE the building isn’t part of the story. Nightline didn’t show an abortion, didn’t show a mutilated baby’s body parts being counted, didn’t show biohazard waste bags filled with dead babies or any part of the act that has killed 55 million since Roe. Instead, Nightline touted the cute bubble-gum pink color of the exterior of the building and drove around in Diane Derzis’ gas guzzling, “global warming”-inducing Hummer.

(Apparently, pro-climate control ABC was okay with that since Derzis’ offset her “carbon footprint” by eliminating thousands of other footprints.) They could’ve asked why her other clinic in Birmingham, Alabama was closed down. They could’ve asked why the State issued 76 pages of health code violations (h/t Operation Rescue’s on her clinic and forbade her from ever owning a clinic in Birmingham, Alabama again. But they didn’t.

ABC’s Nightline also depicted the abortionist who travels to Mississippi’s lone abortion mill as some kind of charitable doctor. ABC fails to mention that Dr. Willie Parker is the highly paid late-term abortionist and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington. He’s paid $356,000 by Planned Parenthood for just the abortions he commits at DC’s main abortion center.


(Abortion is still legal throughout the entire pregnancy in DC.) Instead, ABC portrays Parker as a compassionate man from Alabama, with a “deep evangelical faith”, just trying to bring comfort to women, instead of the abortionist who is paid as a subcontractor to travel to several states to abort children and pretend to be a woman’s personal physician.

Sadly, the American public suffers from systematic misinformation by an institution that should be telling the truth, but chooses, instead, to tell us lies.

Mississippi abortion clinic owner gripes about “SAFETY laws”, while report reveals Dangerous abuses in her AL Abortion Clinic, media ignores

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In this article Bill dooms only Miss. abortion clinic , published by Politico regarding Mississippi’s last standing abortion clinic the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, the media is ignoring the fact that the clinic’s owner is in trouble for dangerous conditions at a clinic owned in another state.

According to the report by Politico:
The owner of Mississippi’s only abortion clinic on Thursday accused Republicans of “hiding behind words like ‘safety’ and ‘women’s health’” in pushing a bill that is expected to become law soon that she says could shut down the facility and leave thousands of women without the option.

Diane Derzis, who owns the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Jackson, Miss., told POLITICO in an interview that she believes the passage of a bill in the state Senate on Wednesday that would require all physicians performing in abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a local hospital was directly targeted at closing down her clinic.

Mississippi’s H.B. 1390 is the latest of a number of recent measures in state legislatures across the country aimed at rolling back access to abortion, including a controversial measure in Virginia that Gov. Bob McDonnell signed into law last month which mandates women to undergo an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion.

“These people hide behind words like ‘safety,’ ‘women’s health,’ ‘concern’ and ‘compassion,’” Derzis said. “This kind of legislation – they bring [it] up every year. Up to this point we’ve jumped through the hoop.”

But this time, she fears the hurdle may be too great for her clinic to jump over. The facility currently has three physicians who are all board-certified OB-GYN, according to Derzis. However, only one of the doctors has “admitting privileges” to a local hospital, meaning once the bill is signed into law, the other two physicians will have to scramble to try to obtain these rights in order to continue their work.

If the doctors are unable to obtain admitting privileges, Derzis said she will sue the state of Mississippi. “If you mandate something that can’t be accomplished, I don’t believe that’s constitutional,” she said.

Derzis said the bill is a representation of “what’s going on with the Republican Party nationally.”

According to Derzis, Jackson Women’s Health Organization performs over 2,000 abortions a year.

Read more:

It is interesting how the media and Politico printed every word of Ms. Derzis, while ignoring her record in another state: A Scathing 76 Page Report details the horrific conditions women face at Diane Derzis’ abortion clinic in Alabama- perhaps Politico could use a bit more investigative journalism before regurgitating this abortion clinic owners words ( Read the Report here)

More on Ms. Derzis from From OR:

Massive Deficiency Report Reveals Dangerous Abuses at AL Abortion Clinic
• Written by Operation Rescue
• Posted April 5, 2012 at 10:36 am

National and local pro-life groups call for the immediate closure of Birmingham’s troubled New Woman All Women abortion clinic

Birmingham, AL — An incident that sent two abortion patients to the hospital from a Birmingham abortion clinic in January has resulted in a scathing 76-page deficiency report issued last week by the Alabama Department of Public Health that details dangerous and deceptive practices that continue to endanger the health and safety of women.

The report found violations in nine categories after a complaint lodged by a pro-life activist prompted a health inspection of New Woman All Women clinic owned and operated by Diane Derzis, who was once dubbed by Alabama legislators as the “Abortion Queen.” Derzis owns abortion clinics in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The massive report is one in a long series of deficiency reports issued to NWAW dating back to 2003.

“This clinic is a repeat offender that continues to violate without respect for the law or the health and safety of their patients. We are asking the State of Alabama to close this dangerously shoddy abortion mill before someone dies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

On January 21, 2012, two abortion patients were transported to UAB Hospital after suffering overdoses of the drug Vasopressin. The women were carried by hand out of the clinic to awaiting gurneys by emergency responders who had to negotiate a trash-strewn back alley to reach a rear entrance with several steps and a broken safety rail. Pro-life activists photographed the incident and obtained copies of two 911 calls placed by Derzis that understated the condition of the women.

Pro-life activists filed a complaint with the Department of Public Health, which prompted the investigation. A second complaint was also filed with the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners against abortionist Bruce Elliot Norman, who conducted the abortions at Derzis’ clinic that day. The ABME investigation is still underway.

Cited in nine categories
The Department of Public Health conducted an investigation from February 2 to March 1, 2012, that included a facility inspection and interviews with Derzis and several of her clinic employees. The DPH noted that NWAW was cited for violations in the following categories:

• Clinic staff was not properly trained to provide safe quality patient care.
• Failure to have policy and procedures related to medication errors and the administration of medications. This resulted in the hospitalization of three abortion patients on January 21, 2012, with one patient placed in ICU.
• There was no documentation that the two abortionists employed by Derzis were even qualified to do abortions.
• Abortionists made illegible notations on patient charts that made determining critical information about patient care impossible. In several cases, the abortionist’s notes about patient care and/or condition were completely false.
• Lack of documentation of medications administered.
• Inaccurate preparation and administration drugs resulting in overdoses or inadequate pain management.
• Use of equipment with inspection dates from 2007 or no inspection date at all.
• Failure of on-call nurse to return patient calls, document correct dates on reports, or notify the physician of patient problems.

Poorly trained staff
The clinic’s lack of training or orientation policies led to abortion complications. It was because of this lack of training that the RN on duty on January 21, 2012, drew up and administered 2 cc’s of Vasopressin instead of the ordered 0.2 cc’s, or ten times the recommended dosage, sending a total of three patients to the hospital.

The clinic owner, Diane Derzis, was confronted specifically about the regular practice of a non-licensed employee administering medications. She responded, “She’s been doing it for years.”

Deceptive entries and altered records
The report indicated that notations made on the patient charts were illegible, nonsensical, or just blatantly false. In many instances, the state survey team found charts signed off by a nurse who was not even in the clinic that day and incredibly inconsistent time logs. For example, one record showed the patient’s procedure time nearly an hour after her documented discharge.

The abortionist, Bruce Elliot Norman, indicated on two charts that the women were “Ambulatory, d/ced [discharged] with no distress”, meaning they walked out of the clinic in good condition. However, those patients were the same ones who were transported to a local hospital in January after having suffered a drug overdose administrated by an inadequately trained nurse. Photos show the women being carried out of the clinic by paramedics.

Norman made notes on some records that he performed ultrasounds on abortion patients the same day as their abortions, prior to their surgeries as state law mandates. However, the survey team discovered several ultrasound photos dated days after a patient had an abortion.

The survey team also found that records which had been forwarded to them before the investigation had been altered when they arrived on-site.
“The most recent deficiency report reveals more than just shoddy abortion practices. It reveals that Derzis and her abortionists attempted to deceive on several occasions to avoid having to comply with the law. People like that present a very clear and present danger to the public,” said Newman.

Dangerous lack of patient monitoring
The clinic was found have failed repeatedly to properly monitor women during surgeries and in recovery.
One patient reported for an abortion at 16 weeks 2 days gestation with higher than normal blood pressure, a history to two cesarean section delivers, surgery for the removal of her right ovary, and a weight of 230 pounds, all risk factors for potential complications. The abortionist took an hour to do the Dilation and Extraction (dismemberment) abortion. At one point he stopped and ordered Pitocin, a drug that increases the intensity of uterine contractions, for the patient because he was having difficulty with the procedure. The patient was not monitored while the Pitocin was given, in violation of patient standards of care. The abortion was later completed.

Patient records revealed that allergies to latex and the antibiotic Doxycycline clearly noted on patient charts were simply ignored by the abortionist and clinic workers. One patient allergic to Doxycycline was sent home with a prescription of drug.

Infections and a lack of reporting
Again and again over the past nine years, NWAW has been cited for a lack of infection control protocols. As a result, women have experienced complications including fever, abdominal pain, and other problems.

In 2010, NWAW reported that no infections were experienced by patients that year. However, inspectors discovered several records noting cases of infection after abortions that year.

Other inspection reports detailed a employees who did not wash their hands or properly clean equipment between patients.

In addition to the filing of false information with the state regarding infections and ultrasounds, NWAW was cited in 2006 for failing to file the required termination of pregnancy reports in nearly 30% of cases.

Pattern of abuse
Some of the violations are problems repeatedly noted in health deficiency reports by since 2003. The five previous reports indicate a pattern of untrained workers performing medical duties for which they are not qualified, poor or deceptive record keeping, expired medications and ill-maintained or non-functional equipment.

One report from 2006 indicated that women that were to be medicated 20-30 minutes prior to surgery were in fact being medicated more than two hours prior to their abortions, which took place after the medication had essentially worn off. However, that same year, the clinic administrator was caught improperly buying and administering narcotics to herself. She was a Licensed Practical Nurse whose nursing license had been previously revoked for drug addiction.

“It seems that while the patients were forced to endure surgical abortions without adequate pain relief, the clinic administrator was enjoying all the drugs she could get,” said Newman.

Other offenses over the years included broken or poorly maintained emergency equipment, performing surgery without a working defibrillator, and the use of expired medications – some as old as seven years out of date.

“All of the deficiency reports taken together paint a picture of a dangerous abortion clinic that only cleans up when people are watching. But once the health inspectors are gone, the abortion abuses resume. Medications are allowed to expire. Equipment isn’t maintained. Employees stop washing their hands or cleaning up between patients. Drugs are abused or improperly administered. Laws meant to protect patients are ignored and record keeping is sloppy or down-right false,” said Newman. “Cutting corners on patient health and safety is standard operating procedure for these people.”

Close this clinic!
Today, New Woman All Women remains open. A plan to correct the deficiencies has not been finalized. In the meantime, women continue to patronize the abortion business unaware that the clinic does not meet minimum safety or patient care standards and routinely ignores patient health and safety as well as the law.

The Alabama Department of Public Health has the authority to close this clinic in order to protect the public. Several pro-life organizations, including CEC for Life, Pro-Life Nation, Operation Rescue, and others are calling for the ADPH to close this chronically troubled abortion clinic.

“We need to bring pressure to bear of the ADPH so that they will act promptly to protect women from the abortion abuses inflicted on women at New Women All Women. We urge the public to contact the ADPH and demand that they close this clinic immediately,” aid Newman.

Please contact the Alabama Department of Public Health:
Donald E. Williamson, State Health Officer
Voice: (334) 206-5200
Fax: (334) 206-2008

Botched abortion costs Mississippi abortion doc and clinic $600 K

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Court rules in abortion suit
Jackson couple awarded $600K in case

10:38 PM, Jan. 10, 2012

A judge on Tuesday awarded a Jackson woman and her husband $600,435 in a lawsuit arising from an abortion the woman received in 2003.
Hinds County Circuit Judge Bill Gowan awarded the money after issuing a default judgment for Daschica Thomas and her husband, Christopher Thomas, after no one showed for the scheduled Nov. 29 trial of the lawsuit.

The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in 2005 against Dr. Joseph Booker, the then-Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion clinic, the National Women’s Health Organization of Jackson and others.

The lawsuit alleges that Booker stopped performing the abortion shortly after starting it and said he was unable to finish it. He recommended that Thomas come back so it could be completed by another doctor. “Booker did not recommend antibiotics to her,” according to court papers. Thomas, a diabetic, began cramping and went home, but there “she continued to spot, bleed and she felt dizzy, sick and feverish.”

The abortion led to sepsis poisoning, and Thomas was in a coma for a week and half, according to the lawsuit.

“As default judgment has been entered, all factual allegations must be taken as true and if those facts establish a legal basis for recovery, plaintiff is entitled to recover,” Gowan said. “The court does find the factual allegations establish a medical malpractice action and is therefore inclined to award damages.”

Gowan awarded $500,000 in noneconomic damages to the couple, of which $100,000 goes to the husband; $19,820.83 to Thomas for lost wages and $9,700 to her husband for lost wages; $64,914.60 for Thomas’ medical bills; and $6,000 in punitive damages.