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Planned Parenthood security guard sings “God is pro-choice”

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A video filmed by a pro-life protester outside a Planned Parenthood in Ann Arbor shows the abortion giant’s security guard, Bernie, singing and dancing foolishly to mock the protesters.

PP Security Guard

Pro-choice, pro-choice, oh, we know God’s pro-choice,” he sings as he waves his arms.

Bernie Planned Parenthood security Guard

“God’s pro-choice that’s why he slaughters those eggs in the fallopian tube,” he mockingly says.

PP Security Guard God prochoice

Bernie then starts another tune, “Joy to the world, Planned Parenthood is here,” before walking away.


Back in October, I blogged about an abortion clinic security guard who wears a Jesus wristband ( read here) – are we starting to see a pattern of security guard’s at these clinics mocking God?

Abortion clinic security guard wears Jesus wristband

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A security guard protecting the Family Planning Associates abortion clinic has been video taped wearing a JESUS wrist band.


In the vid uploaded by a regular sidewalk counselor, the guard, an African American man, clearly displays the bracelet.


Sadly, abortion targets the Black community.

The documentary film, Maafa21, documents how racist abortion is.


The sidewalk counselor in the video suggested that this abortion security guard watch Maafa21, let’s pray that he does.

Abortion Clinic Security Guard Wearing Cross “Just leave me alone man”

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Security GuardAbolitionist Todd Bullis preaches to an abortion clinic security guard outside the Abortion Advantage clinic in Dallas for wearing a cross while protecting a child killing center in Dallas.

Screenshot 1

Watch the conversation and leave a comment !

Reading suggestion: Abortion just like the Nazi Holocaust is the “Sin of the Innocent Bystander

And – Hitler and the Church- what newspapers tell us and how history warns us today

Black Planned Parenthood Employee Claims he was Fired because of his Race

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On February 6, 2013, the United States District Court , Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division, denied Planned Parenthood’s motion for summary judgement in a case where they were accused of firing a black employee because of his race.

According to the lawsuit, Edgar Harris, who is African-American filed a civil rights complaint against Planned Parenthood after he was terminated claiming his termination was racist based.

Harris was employed by Planned Parenthood as an armed security guard from March 30, 2009 to September 28, 2011.

Because Harris was scheduled to be in court on September 28, 2011, he asked his supervisor, Tom Hemingway, to find coverage for his shift on that date. On September 27, 2011, Hemingway told Harris that no coverage was available. According to Hemingway, Harris became angry and made the
statement, “I should shoot this place up.”

Hemingway states that he became concerned and asked another employee to speak to Harris. Hemingway left the premises and Harris completed his shift. On September 28, 2011, Cathy Williams, Planned Parenthood’s Vice President of Human Resources, informed Harris that his employment was terminated for making a threat.

Harris then filed a claim for unemployment benefits which was initially denied based on the finding that he had been discharged for misconduct.

After receiving testimony from Harris and a witness from Planned Parenthood, the Appeals Tribunal determined that Harris did not make the threat for which he was terminated and that Harris was
not disqualified from unemployment benefits.

Harris filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in which he alleged that he was terminated because of his race. According to Harris’ sworn statement to the EEOC, Williams told him over the telephone that he was terminated because he threatened “to shoot up the place.”

Harris denied making the statement and pointed out to Williams that Hemingway would not have allowed Harris to complete his shift if he had made such a threat.

Harris states that Williams refused to consider Harris’ argument or conduct an investigation and opted to believe Hemingway, who is white, instead of Harris.

Despite terminating his employment for making a violent threat, Williams told Harris that he could come to the facility to pick up his paycheck. Harris states that before his termination, he “always had excellent job performance.”

The case continues….(here)

Pro-choicer throws rocks – threatens Pro-life activists

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Pro-choicer picks up a rock

Pro-choicer picks up a rock


Yesterday, pro-lifers outside the All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Central Florida say they were threatened by pro-choicers. A Boyfriend at the clinic threatened to pummel them with a rock while another person did throw the rock.

AWHC 557574_10201539655443049_682214432_n

According to Michele Herzog, a spokesperson for the pro-life group, “Today was the day of rocks at the AWHC abortion mill! From an abortion bound dad telling sidewalk counselor Barbara that he was going to throw a rock at her (until his girlfriend stopped him), to an irate abortion bound young woman threatening us and her friend picking up a rock and violently getting ready to throw it at us until we started calling for Melvin the security guard! God was watching out over us, but wow, was there a spiritual battle going on down at this killing center today!!!”

Pro-choice moves closer to pro-lifers with rock in hand

Pro-choice moves closer to pro-lifers with rock in hand

The group posted this on YouTube, “This morning [ May 20, 2014] started out with a couple that stormed into the mill, with the abortion bound dad coming out a bit later heading straight for the sidewalk counselor, he came out to tell her that he had picked up a rock on the way in and was going to throw it at her and the others, but his girlfriend made him stop….he then asked for one of the brochures and went back in. Later, a friend of an abortion bound woman who had just threatened us, picked up a rock, was yelling at us and was getting ready to throw the rock hard when we called for the security guard, she then threw it at us, but not as hard. Today was the day of the rocks!”

The group says the woman picked up the rock, walked over to them, and then stepped back and threw the rock. She then returned inside.

Pro-choice woman hurls rock at pro-lifers

Pro-choice woman hurls rock at pro-lifers

Abortion Clinic Security Guard “People die here everyday.”

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In January of 2013 hree abortion protesters, including a 15-year-old, were sprayed with pepper spray by a security guard outside Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

A Year later, pro-life activists spoke with Roy, the security guard outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, about the incident. They posted a video of the conversation to YouTube:

Security guard Roy Benjamin was asked why he sprayed the pastor in the face with the pepper spray and he responded, “I don’t owe nobody an explanation.”

When asked about the little boy he sprayed, Roy said, “That little boy should have been at school.”

When the pro-lifer told Roy that people die from pepper spray, he stated, “I don’t care, I don’t care. People die here everyday.”

When the pro-lifer acknowledged that people die every day at the abortion clinic Roy protects he said, ” I Don’t care, it’s not my problem.”

She said, ” All you’re here is to make money?”

Roy Benjamin Jackson WHO security guard

Roy replied, “That’s it. It’s not my problem…I’m not here getting no abortion, I could care less….

Asked by the pro-lifer, “You don’t care if anyone is being killed?’

Roy responded, “I don’t care, I don’t care…Regardless of what they are doing, it’s not none of you all’s business. It’s not.”

Roy Benjamin was found guilty of four counts of simple assault in November of 2013, despite this aggression , the abortion clinic continues to employ him.

On the date of the pepper spray attack, Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green says the three protesters got into an argument with the guard after he turned on a sprinkler system and got them wet outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in north Jackson. ( More details from OneNewsNow)

According to one of the victims, “He sprayed me in my mouth,” Cal Zastrow said. “So, it went into the back of my mouth and into my throat and up to my eyeballs.”

He immediately fell to the ground. Zastrow’s 15-year-old son, Jim, and a third male, Doug Lane, were also incapacitated by the spray.

Zastrow later filed a criminal complaint against Benjamin.

“[Benjamin’s] attorney entered a ‘no contest’ plea on four counts of ‘simple assault’ for pepper-spraying peaceful pro-lifers, and hospitalizing my son Jim and I,” Zastrow explained. “The attorney expressed her intention to appeal in Hinds County Court after Judge Malouf found Benjamin guilty on all four counts.”

Benjamin was fined $250 plus court costs, and was sentenced to 6 months of unsupervised probation. He also received a suspended 30-day jail sentence. The appeal will result in a new trial, also known as a trial de novo.

More on the incident here

Pro-lifers to press charges against abortion security guard who maced them w/o cause

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Associated Press January 23, 2013

Jackson police say three abortion protesters, including a 15-year-old, have indicated they will press charges against a security guard they say sprayed them with pepper spray outside Mississippi’s only abortion clinic.

Jackson police spokeswoman Colendula Green says the three protesters got into an argument with the guard Wednesday morning after he turned on a sprinkler system and got them wet outside the Jackson Women’s Health Organization in north Jackson. ( More details from OneNewsNow)

Green says the guard could face three counts of simple assault if the three press charges.

Green says the three were treated at Jackson hospital. She did not have their names.

Groups from both sides of the abortion issue have been demonstrating outside the clinic this week. Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

Attacked by security guard
Early on Wednesday, one of the pro-lifers outside the Jackson clinic was attacked. A church service was being held and leaflets distributed on the public sidewalk led by Doug Lane, a board member of Pro-Life Mississippi and director of Pastors for Life Mississippi.

“They took a lawn sprinkler and placed in on the public sidewalk where we normally stand and turned that on,” he tells OneNewsNow, “and there was a discussion between one of our people and the security guard about how could they do that.”

While the pro-lifers posed no threat, Lane says evidently the security guard did not like something that was said. “And he pulled his mace out, lunged forward, and sprayed this gentleman and his minor son with mace,” he explains. “They were standing on the public sidewalk. I was about 15 feet from there, and he came up and sprayed me.”

Lane has already been in touch with attorneys who are making plans for legal action. As soon as he recovers from the mace, Lane plans to be back at the clinic to convince women to give their unborn child life.

From Christian News Network:

Mississippi were hospitalized this morning after being incapacitated with pepper spray by a guard as they sang hymns outside of the last abortion facility in the state.
The incident took place at approximately 8:30 this morning as the Christians stood on the public sidewalk outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization in the state capital. As previously reported, the location, being the last abortion facility in Mississippi, may possibly close this year as it is unable to comply with state law.

Cal Zastrow, one of the men that was struck by the pepper spray this morning, told Christian News Network that the guard, Roy Benjamin, did not want the Christians anywhere near the facility.

“He came off the abortion mill property and put an oscillating sprinkler on the sidewalk to get all the pro-lifers wet,” Zastrow explained. “My 15-year-old held his boot over the sprinkler, so the bottom of his boot was getting sprayed but he wasn’t.”

However, just moments later as Zastrow and the others were singing hymns on the sidewalk, Benjamin began to unleash pepper spray on those gathered.
“He sprayed me in my mouth,” Zastrow said. “So, it went into the back of my mouth and into my throat and up to my eyeballs.”