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Local Target removes 50 Shades of Grey display after Pro-life group complains

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A Target store in Waco, Texas has dismantled their 50 shades of Grey display after a complaint was filed by a pro-life group.

John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco, which has successfully exposed Planned Parenthood’s sexually graphic materials as well as the Girl Scouts connection to the abortion giant said that when he learned that Target department stores were displaying graphic sexual material at a store in Waco he had to take action.

Waco Target 0590417_7582929188587244845_o

According to Pisciotta, the Waco Target was participating in a national marketing alliance with the appalling 50 Shades of Grey movie, which contains sexually graphic material and demeans women.

But, after contacting the store, Pisciotta said that, “Sometime between February 13 and the evening of February 16, Target management at 5401 Bosque Boulevard in Waco decided to forgo profit from its alliance with 50 Shades of Grey.”

Prolife Waco Target 50 Shades of Grey Waco Display

Target had developed a line of sex-oriented products–including sex toys–to sell in stores across the country,” said Pisciotta.


The Target website shows several of the products they now carry, like this 50 Shades of Grey vibrator, a kit which includes handcuffs, and other items:

50 Shades of Gret vibrator Target

50 Shades of Gret handcuffs movieTarget

Target Fifty Shades of Grey


In fact, Snopes published a report after a customer on Twitter discovered the sexually graphic materials next to children’s toothbrushes:

50 shaded of Grey Targey Childrens Toys A_TxA.jpg large

Snopes stated in the report, “While some Target shoppers were shocked to discover the retail chain was selling sex toys, adult sections in Target stores are not a brand-new phenomenon. In addition to carrying condoms and other contraceptives, Target also sells a variety of personal massagers and lubricants.”

John Pisciotta Target 50 Shades of Grey 0446748216588522_o

On February 13, the director of Pro-Life Waco said that he asked the Waco Target store manager if they were carrying the 50 Shades of Grey product line.

The manager kindly escorted me to the display near the pharmacy and I expressed disappointment that Target would put its name out in public with the sadomasochistic Fifty Shades of Grey. Soon a second manager arrived and defended the Target decision. I expressed that this marketing scheme might go over well in California but not in Central Texas,” Pisciotta stated.

Pisciotta said that he then handed the store manager a Pro-Life Waco business card and photographed the display. The business card included the web address for Pro-Life Waco which documents PLW’s hometown actions including local demonstrations at businesses supporting abortion and anything-goes sex (i. e. Planned Parenthood).

Prolife Waco Website

Perhaps Target managers wanted no risk of a demonstration at its three street entrances,” said Pisciotta.

As it turns out Pisciotta said Pro-life Waco had indeed been planing a demonstration at Target for Monday, February 23rd. Signs were designed, but not yet produced. The following were to be used:

Prolife Waco Target 50 Shades of Grey

Pisciotta said that by 11 p.m. on Monday February 16th Pro-life Waco called Target to deliver a phone complaint.

“The surprising response was that the Fifty Shades of Grey display had been dismantled and removed in response to “a complaint last Friday from an “elderly gentleman,” he said.

Pisciotta said the following day he verified that the display had vanished.

Prolife Waco Target 50 Shades of Grey Waco Display before and after

These photos, taken by Pisciotta show the “before” and one “after” of Target’s short history of promoting Fifty Shades of Grey in Waco.