Pro-lifers protest Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Austin

Pro-lifers held a demonstration outside an Austin Planned Parenthood Gala last Sunday. The fundraiser featured radical pro-abortion comedian Lizz Winstead.

Lizz Wine

Winstead is a Planned Parenthood Board of Advocates member.

Lizz Winstead Planned Parenthood Board of Advocates

Winstead also founded the radically pro-abortion website, Lady Parts Justice, which suggests that men need the Plan B abortion pill so they can have sex with multiple women.

Warning Graphic:

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According to Waco pro-life activist John Pisciotta the group left Waco to head to Austin after an event which featured Joe Pojman of Texas Alliance for Life.
Hyatt Sign 54556741315417_9029101645980353987_o

Leading the way on the road was the pro-life billboard truck. The truck was then parked on a busy street near the entrance to the Hyatt for all to see.



They drove from Waco to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin where abortion supporters were holding their big fundraising banquet.



In addition to Waco and Austin pro-lifers a contingency of pro-life activists from San Antonio led by Daryl Rodriquez of Love the Truth Ministries came as well.


The group called the event a success and said that in addition to exposing the horrors of what abortion does to the unborn child, the group also showed the truth that legal abortion is not a safe abortion.

“The influence of showing people what abortion really is, and reflected in the recent laws, people are taking notice of it,” Dr. Daryl Rodriguez, president of Love of Truth Ministries, told KVUE.

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