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Bank of Abortion? Why a Texas pro-life group is protesting Bank of America

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A Texas pro-life group is leading a campaign to convince a national financial institution to completely terminate its financial support for Planned Parenthood. According to Pro-life Waco, Bank of America supports Planned Parenthood through a 100% match for all employees donations. In addition to hundreds of thousands of abortions, Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby body parts in under cover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress this past summer.

Bank  of America Planned Parenthood prolife waco oct 2015

According to John Pisciotta, director of Pro-life Waco, “The now-disgraced Planned Parenthood has descended below the KKK and tobacco corporations in merit for public respect,” he told Live Action News.

Dubbed the “Bank of Abortion”, Pisciotta said members of Pro-life Waco began their outreach campaign by protesting the Waco branch of Bank of America. Carrying large signs, the group explains to BOA customers what Planned Parenthood does and they ask customers to close their accounts. Now, Pisciotta is asking pro-lifers across the nation to take the truth of what Planned Parenthood does to their local Bank of America branch every week.

“A large number of protesters are NOT necessary for a big impact,” notes Pisciotta. “Even one person at a downtown branch can have a big impact.” he stated.

Oct 2015 BOA abortion

Pro-Life Waco has a record of successfully targeting those who collaborate with Planned Parenthood. Past efforts include the use of public pressure to expose the connection between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts as well as Susan G. Komen.

John Pisciotta Bank of America Planned Parenthood

According to Pisciotta, national efforts to protest Bank of America are currently going in Dallas (TX), Austin (TX) and Charlotte (NC) where Bank of America’s national headquarters is located.

Pisciotta tells Live Action News that he recently had a person came out of the bank with thumbs up saying, “I’ve just closed my account.”

We have some Austin “regulars” who stop by each week to cheer us on and bless us,” he said.

But Pisciotta said he also gets some criticism. He recently received a letter from a local resident claiming to be a Christian who is “appalled” they are at the bank. The woman, identified as Paula, said the group is grandstanding and called the pro-lifers “sidewalk bullies.” Pisciotta denies the claim, but points out that Paula is obviously an abortion supporter. She told Pisciotta that thousands are donating to Planned Parenthood because of his protests – a claim she could not possibly prove. Paula then referred to Pisciotta’s group as “the worst of the forced birthers,” ending the letter by demanding they “take [their] lying for the Lord back to the epicenter of Baptist crazy in Texas, and LEAVE IT THERE!” (emphasis was Paula’s).

Now, an Albuquerque, New Mexico group has just announced that they have joined the protest.

Bank of America ProtestACQ abortion 057509_n

The pro-life group, Protest ABQ is also joining Pro-life Waco in protesting Bank of America and has released the following statement:

    “ProtestABQ is committed to unifying our protest efforts locally and nationally in opposition of the abortion cartel in America. We protest individuals and corporations that perpetuate, condone, and/or support the abortion industry which is killing the most defenseless individuals…children in the womb.”

“It is a great encouragement to know that while we are delivering #ProtestBOA in Austin, our friends from ProtestABQ are delivering #ProtestBOA in Albuquerque.

“BOA is going to feel some pain for financially supporting a so-called healthcare organization named Planned Parenthood. We hope this will lead to a national challenge to Bank of America for its entanglement with Planned Parenthood,” Pisciotta stated.

For more information about the #ProtestBOA, protests go to this website

(Image credit: Pro-life Waco)

All day pro-life event held over major highways in two states

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Drivers were greeted with signs about abortion throughout the day Tuesday as pro-lifers held their dusk to dawn outreach over two major interstates in two states.

In Waco, Texas messages calling for the closing of “Planned Parenthood” and reading “Abortion is not okay” were stationed over the I35 overpass near Baylor University.

Dusk to Dawn prolife 4263260417_499228099789807486_n

Organizer John Pisciotta called the event, which began at 7am and continued until 7:00pm very successful.

Pisciotta is the director of Pro-life Waco and has been holding these outreaches monthly since the January anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Tuesday’s outreach was the first time the group held an event from “dusk to dawn,” spreading the pro-life message to an estimated 100,000 commuters throughout the day.

Dusk to Dawn Waco prolife 495357350895328250_n

People near the busy highway took to twitter to express their views of the outreach. What appeared to be a student tweeted,”I wish the anti abortion protesters would take down the honk if you agree sign over 35. Some of us have to study…”

While a supporter of the event who either worked or lived nearby wrote this:

    “When there’s a sign outside ur window telling everyone on I-35 to honk if they’re against abortion 🙂 !!!! #blessed”

Dusk to Dawn prolife overpass ProtestABQ n

Meanwhile in Albuquerque, New Mexico, ProtestABQ held a similar event at an overpass over 125. ProtestABQ spokesperson Bud Shaver, said that, although he has done these outreaches before, he met resistance from the New Mexico Department of Transportation (DOT) after the group clipped their banners to the overpass.

Calling the banners “hazardous obstruction in the the right of way, interfering with traffic…” the New Mexico Department of Transportation removed the signs while New Mexico State Police looked on.

NM DOT Overpass prolife ProtestABQ

Overpass prolife ProtestABQ

“Protest ABQ prevailed and refused to allow our peaceful, law abiding overpass protest to be shut down by the New Mexico DOT and New Mexico State Police,
” Shaver stated.



Shaver said that at one point the City Engineer claimed that his banner stating #PlannedParenthood Sells Baby Parts,” was compromising the integrity of the bridge.

“When I appealed to NM State Police to protect my free speech rights the officer replied, “They don’t want your signs on their bridge,
” Shaver stated.

Shaver reported that the outreach was permitted to continue as long as the activists held their pro-life signs.

“It is our hope that thousands will see the truth and have a change of heart as a result of our overpass protests,
” Shaver said.

( Photo Credit: Pro-life Waco and Protest ABQ)

Pro-life groups takes abortion outreach to major highway overpasses in two states

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Two pro-life groups have organized an all day outreaches to expose abortion and Planned Parenthood by planning to place their messages off a busy interstates.

The “dusk to dawn overpass demonstration” is the brainchild of Pro-life Waco director, Johns Pisciotta.

Abortion Overpass event 8557587539444271414_o

Pisciotta said the first overpass outreach began in Waco on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this past January 22nd and has since inspired others to schedule similar events in other cities.

John Piscotta

Pisciotta is a long-time activist whose Pro-life Waco group has exposed the Girl Scouts and Komen for their support of Planned Parenthood.

Since the release of Center for Medical Progress videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s baby parts harvesting operation, Pisciotta has also been busy calling for Bank of America to end their matching donation program for employees who give to Planned Parenthood.

John Pisciotta Bank of America Planned Parenthood

In addition to matching donations, an Independent audit on Planned Parenthood Federation of America published December 5, 2014 by KPMG, revealed that PPFA holds a long term debt balance for revenue bonds purchased by Bank of America in New York. The proceeds of the bonds were utilized for PPFA’s New York office space. The loan amount was $30,000,000.

Planned Parenthood Bank of America

“We know national Bank of America management is considering their predicament. We hope they will make a decision to break with Planned Parenthood. If not, they can simply endure the bad publicity and we can continue to shine the light on the horrific actions of Planned Parenthood,” Pisciotta told supporters on his Hometown Pro-life Action page on Facebook.


In Tuesday’s first ever dusk to dawn overpass event, Pisciotta hopes to engage over 100,000 travelers on I35 with the message that abortion kills children and Planned Parenthood must be defunded.

“What we’ve decided is that we have to be the media in our signs, in our person, in our words,” he said.

Messages the group will display include: Abortion is never okay, #PPSellsBabyParts, Defund Planned Parenthood.

PPSellsBabyParts Prolife Waco 76581756547_n

Pisciotta said that he also plans to have his latest billboard truck with the message:

    “Babies are for kissing. Not killing and harvesting for profit.”

Prolife Waco babies killing not harvesting abortion Planned Parenthood 99783173861_n


In New Mexico, the group, Protest ABQ is also planning an outreach to shed truth to motorists commuting on I25 in Albuquerque.

“Protest ABQ stands in solidarity with Pro-Life Waco and other groups who are determined to shed light on pre-born child killing in the public square,” said organizer Bud Shaver.

Protest ABQ has done these events in the past, but is planning to be at their location all day to coincide with the Waco demonstration.

“It is our hope that thousands will see the truth and have a change of heart as a result of our overpass protests on September 22nd,” Shaver added.

Pisciotta called the September 22nd 7am to 7pm event an “unprecedented event for unprecedented times.

“We’re going to be out there as long as the sun is shining. We do not see this as a Waco event, we see this as a Texas and even Oklahoma event. You can bring your children, all the signs will be G-rated and the area is very secure.

“You can never know the full impact of an event like this,” Pisciotta added stating he is hopeful they will persuade mothers who may be considering abortion to choose life.


The Waco event will take place at the I35 pedestrian overpass near Baylor University, in Waco. You can get more information by contacting Pro-life Waco at or join the group’s events page on Facebook.

Protest ABQ is planning to conduct their outreach off I25 in Albuquerque at 6000 Brentwood Ln. NE.

Photo images credit: Pro-life Waco.

Pro-life group to protest Bank of America over Planned Parenthood support

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Provoked by videos exposing a grisly practice of harvesting baby parts by Planned Parenthood, a Texas pro-life group is challenging a national bank to drop their support of the abortion business.

John Pisciotta, founder of Pro-life Waco, told Saynsumthn that they have plans to challenge Bank of America (BOA) the first of September.

John Pisciotta Bank of America Planned Parenthood

Pisciotta said that on Tuesday, September 1st concerned pro-lifers will hold several 4’x4′ corrugated plastic that read:

    This Bank Donates to Planned Parenthood. Friends don’t let friends use Bank of America.

BOA is going to feel some pain for financially supporting a so-called healthcare organization named Planned Parenthood. We hope this will lead to a national challenge to Bank of America for its entanglement with Planned Parenthood,” Pisciotta stated.

This summer, Saynsumthn exposed the fact that a prominent employee at Bank of America was also on the board of a Texas Planned Parenthood.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood

Alan Kramer, Senior Vice President – Commercial Banking at Bank of America brags on Linkedin that he worked on a large rally with First Lady Hillary Clinton, and is also the current chair of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood South Texas.

Alan Kramer Planned Parenthood Texas Value

The Bank of America VP is also the registered agent for, Delantero Investors, Ltd., which purchased the property for a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is San Antonio.

During a March 11, 2015 speech the Bank of America VP gave at the state capitol, Kramer called Planned Parenthood a Texas value.

Planned Parenthood Matching Gift Bank of AmericaPisciotta is committed to showing Bank of America customers how evil Planned Parenthood is.

In addition to being the largest provider of abortion in the nation, Pisciotta wants Bank of America and their account holders to know that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling the organs of babies they abort.

“The organs harvested by Planned Parenthood are not those of the mother. They are organs of a separate human being who neither chose to be aborted nor consented to donating his or her tiny heart, lungs and liver for medical research,
” the pro-life leader wrote in a local op-ed recently.

John Piscotta

Pisciotta is not a novice at exposing the evils of abortion. He has organized protests to expose the way Planned Parenthood marketed sex to children as well as targeting Susan G. Komen for their support of Planned Parenthood.

Recently, Pisciotta has been educating his community by organizing overpass demonstrations to expose the horrors of abortion.


Pisciotta said that he had several new people join him during his most recent overpass demonstration

Several newcomers came out. This showed increasing interest in pro-life with the despicable Planned Parenthood actions shown on eight videos,” he stated.

One of the most positive developments was that one person who traveled through the overpass came back to join the movement,” Pisicotta said.


Pro-life Wacos’ overpass demonstration is being replicated in other states and Pisciotta said that he will encourage groups in other cities to demonstrate at Bank of America branches as well.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood must know that an alliance with Planned Parenthood is just not acceptable in decent society,” he said.

The group plans to be at Bank of America on the corner of Valley Mills Drive and Lake Air Drive in Waco, Texas every Tuesday in September from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Pro-life group to disseminate Defund Planned Parenthood yard signs

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The outrage Americans feel from the recent videos exposing the horrific baby parts operation of tax funded Planned Parenthood is reaching a tipping point.

The Center for Medical Progress has released six videos so far showing the callous way that Planned Parenthood doctors harvest organs from babies they abort.

The fact that a majority of Democrat Senators, when given the chance, refused to defund the abortion behemoth is stunning to the majority of voters.

Now, in addition to the regular activities exposing child killing from abortion, pro-life people can speak up.

A group out of Waco, Texas has discovered a unique way to show your community you are demanding that Planned Parenthood is defunded.

John Piscotta

John Piscotta, director of Pro-life Waco and founder of the Facebook page, Hometown Pro-life Action, told Saynsumthn that he came up with the idea to create “Defund Planned Parenthood” yards signs after soliciting and receiving valuable input from members of his pro-life Facebook community.

I believe these messages on the front and back of a yard sign will be effective as a way for individuals and families to stand up to the barbaric Planned Parenthood.” Piscotta said.

Planned Parenthood Yard Sign 2

Piscotta said he will not be printing Pro-life Waco on the yard signs, instead each group can place a sticker or label on the signs with their local organization’s name and contact information.

Yard sign stakes

The signs you will receive are the standard size 18” height by 24” wide–made of corrugated plastic. You will have to acquire the wire step stakes to stick in the ground and into the signs. Stakes can be purchased at a local sign company or on-line. The step stakes are typically 30” tall and 10” wide. The step stakes have two vertical wire bars and two horizontal cross bars,” he explains.

Planned Parenthood Yard Sign 1

Having expedited several successful campaigns to close Planned Parenthood in Waco, Piscotta has set out to network with pro-lifers nationwide on what each hometown can do to rid their community of abortion centers.

He told Saynsumthn that this is yet another way that pro-lifers can network to apply pressure to elected officials to defund Planned Parenthood, which, according to their 2013 to 2014 annual report receives half a billion dollars in federal tax money annually.

Planned Parenthood 2013 to 2014 abortion stats federal money

Piscotta is encouraging pro-life groups across the country to either order the signs from him or to create their own.

“I hope your hometown will participate in this outreach so that–your neighbors will know that they have neighbors who are stunned into action by the desecration of the unborn by Planned Parenthood. Please share this message,” Piscotta said.

Each sign contains two message in black text on yellow corrugated board that read:

    End Planned Parenthood’s Evil
    defund Planned Parenthood yard signs PLW
    Defund Planned Parenthood

Individuals and organizations can order yard signs for your community from Pro-Life Waco in lots of 20 signs for $100. No extra charge for shipping and handling,” Piscotta said.

If you would like to order the signs, visit the website or email them at (not Facebook).

Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions in the nation a breakdown of the children they claim to have killed is listed by year below:

2013 – 327,653


2011– 333,964

2010 – 329,445

2009 – 331,796

2008 – 324,008

2007 – 305,310

2006 – 289,750

2005 – 264,943

2004 – 255,015

2003 – 244,628

2002– 230,630

2001– 213,026

2000 – 197,070

Pro-life overpass demonstration “We Remember Gosnell”

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Pro-lifers in Waco, Texas have begun a monthly overpass campaign where they expose abortion off a busy highway in the city and this month their focus was the conviction of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell murdered babies 2149381355651178801_o

The group,Pro-life Waco, has had a lot of success in their town exposing Planned Parenthood as well as their connection to the Girl Scouts and Susan G. Komen.

In this high speed traffic situation, short messages with huge lettering appear to work better than images,” said John Pisciotta, a spokesperson for Pro-life Waco, which organized the overpass campaign said.

This past weekend the group set up their “We Remember Gosnell Pedestrian Overpass Demonstration” where they displayed pro-life messages to thousands of motorists across Interstate 35.

Gosnell Waco

Gosnell was convicted in 2013 of several murder counts after sniping the necks of babies born alive at his house of horrors abortion mill in Philadelphia, Pa.

Overpass demonstrations will be a fitting way to recall and remember a sad chapter of American history,” Pisciotta said.


This chapter featured a heartless murder rampage of a Philadelphia abortionist, government regulators who looked the other way for years, and a mainstream media that shielded the abortion industry by refusing to report on the Gosnell murders,” he said.

Gosnell Waco overpass


Pisciotta said that in addition to the motorists which could see the pro-life banners hanging from the highway, the Waco event had a significant flow of pedestrian traffic which allowed the group to share about the abortion holocaust.

In addition to Waco, pro-lifers in several other states also used the 2nd anniversary of Gosnell’s murder‬ conviction to expose abortion as well.

This picture was posted to the Facebook page, Home Town Pro-life Action by Chris Iverson, where pro-lifers in Lombard, IL., took part.

Gosnell Ill 355010306983878365_n

And activists in Albuquerque, NM set up over Interstate 25, posting these images:

Protest ABQ _GFB Gosnell _o

According to Pisciotta, pro-lifers in San Antonio also took part in the overpass demonstration.

“The pro-life community MUST maintain the memory of the Gosnell murders of the adult mom and born and pre-born babies. We must do the work that the pro-death mainstream press refuses to do,” Pisciotta added.

This blog has posted several times correcting the media about the false claim that Kermit Gosnell was an anomaly. Good for those who continue to keep Gosnell out front as an example of what abortion on demand means in America.

Pro-lifers to take abortion message to interstate overpass

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A pro-life group in Texas has decided to launch a monthly outreach in the form of an abortion demonstration at pedestrian overpass of a major interstate in the city.

John Pisciotta, director of Pro-life Waco said the group’s first event was on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade this past January 22nd.

Pisciotta said that he purchased the widest sign the company ever made, which states, “Abortion is never okay. No Roe.”


The group successfully displayed the sign on an overpass off Interstate 35.

The response on that cold day was very positive, Pisciotta reported.

Overpass demo Jan 2015

The event, “will provide a great opportunity to reach folks in Waco and from far and wide,” Pisciotta said.

In addition to the large sign, the group will display other signs that speak to the humanity of the unborn child and oppose abortion.

It will impact thousands of travelers,” he said.

The monthly event begins today.