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I admire the courage of pro-life side walk counselors

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I admire courage and especially the courage of pro-life sidewalk counselors. Case in point, most people would back away from anyone threatening them while they stood for preborn children outside an abortion clinic but not veteran pro-life counselor Michele Herzog.


In full disclosure, I know Michele very well. We both stood in the trenches together for years outside South Florida abortion clinics. She and I also had the unfortunate opportunity to attend the funeral of a woman who died from a legal abortion. The woman’s name was Carolina Gutierrez and I wrote about that experience to some degree here.

Michele has experienced abortion and therefore she has a lot of compassion for the women. But after becoming aware of the reality of what abortion does to the child, Michele also takes an unrelenting stand for the babies. Time after time I have watched Michele stand her ground in defense of little babies. She has been the recipient of all sorts of threats over her many years outside abortion facilities. But, Michele remained unyielding even when rocks were being thrown at her. She also stood up to an abortionist who had given her the most obscene gestures.

Abortionist Randall Whitney shoots the finger at pro-life activist because she refused to call him "doctor."

Abortionist Randall Whitney shoots the finger at pro-life activist because she refused to call him “doctor.”

Randall Whitney Shoots Finger

Michele represents a number of pro-life warriors who faithfully stand as the last defense to cry out for children about to be executed. Everyone is a hero and each should be commended. Often, they stand alone and a majority of what they receive is negative – yet they return day after day after day. I know this, because, although I know some personally I also follow many of these faithful activists on Facebook and I read the daily comments they post. Many share how often they are abused by the police, abortion clinic staff, passers-by, and patients.

It was such a post that prompted me to write this piece. It took place outside a Florida abortion clinic earlier this month. Michele and others were crying out for a baby whose mother had just driven into the Epoc abortion clinic. Michele wrote about what took place:

“This woman came with her abortion bound friend to the Epoc abortuary on Saturday and was as vile and wicked as they come. She laughed and encouraged her friend to go through with killing her baby and then left her there. Sandra and I wanted to make sure to plead with her one more time to do what she could to get her friend out and to save the innocent baby, so we waited at the corner.”


“When I first got there she told me she was going to kick my ___ if I didn’t move away. I had given the ministry phone to Sandra’s daughter so she could take pictures and video throughout the afternoon and in this video the woman in the car was ready to jump out after Sandra’s daughter.” That video can be viewed here.

In her usual calm way, Michele asked the woman if she was issuing a threat and reiterated her desire to see her friend’s baby saved from abortion. Michele then pointed out to the woman that the clinic’s owner has no license. James Pendergraft’s medical license has been suspended indefinitely by the state medical board and he was recently arrested in South Carolina for operating an illegal mobile abortion clinic there.

“We tell every abortion bound women and their companions of Pendergraft’s arrest and that they found with instruments with old blood and tissue on them. We tell them of the mobile abortion clinic he was running and the drugs found. Two couples left that day and chose life for their babies, but the rest of the women….none of that seemed to faze them,” she told Live Action News.

Instead of going back to the abortion clinic and warning her friend or simply driving away, the abortion supporter picked up a gallon jug of water she had in her car and hurled it at Michele.

Water abortion Michele Herzog 2

These kind of incidents have become regular events for pro-life activists. Earlier this week, another pro-life group had their signs illegally removed by an abortion supporter during an awareness campaign in a public overpass.

The intolerance of advocates of “personal choice” is increasingly more vocal and at times vicious. It is another sign of the desperation that the abortion lobby feels as it looses ground in this war. Given the current environment, it is only a matter of time before another abortion advocate physically harms a pro-lifer.

But, Michele and many others who stand between the baby and death on a daily basis do not think about their own risk. For them, their one and only concern is to stop the killing of each baby that day. Perhaps water is not such a scary thing – but – the impressive thing I noted in Michele’s latest video was how unflinching she was knowing the woman was threatening her. The truth is, I would have flinched or ducked or maybe even backed down. But not Michele and that is why I admire her courage and it is why I admire the courage of so many pro-life activists across the country.

Post-abortion trauma? Pro-choice author says it exists !

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A pro-choice abortion advocate has penned an op-ed stating that the abortion lobby refuses to admit there is such a thing as post-abortion syndrome.

Writing for the blog Truth-out, Genevra Reid begins by describing how she walked to the abortion clinic through a a line of pro-life protesters and then, in a very descriptive way she describes what she saw inside the abortion clinic, “I’m on what feels like an assembly-line inside the clinic, surrounded by a group of women and girls being herded from one room to the next. Undress here, get your ultrasound there, sign your papers over that way. There’s a silent sisterhood, an understanding, between us. We talk a little.

“The youngest of us looks like she’s about fourteen. She’s crying because she wants her mom to be with her when it happens. The oldest of us says she did this once before and promises the teenager that it’s not that bad. They sedate you, she says, so you probably won’t even remember it.

“I sign the consent forms with shaking hands. Yes, I’m sure. No, no one is pressuring me.”

Reid then describes the abortion:

    The doctors and nurses look irritated that I declined the sedative. I didn’t have much choice. I was already four dollars short of affording the “discount” procedure, and had to find the difference by digging under my car seats for loose change. Two hundred dollars extra for sedation wasn’t something I could manage.

    They tell me to lie back and say it’s no worse than a pap smear. I believe them only for a moment before it feels like someone is stabbing my womb with a hot knife. My ears are ringing lividly and my vision is strobing. I can’t breathe. I feel like a trapped animal being eaten alive. This isn’t an abortion clinic, I think. They lied to me. They tricked me. They’re killing me. It hurts. Oh, God, it hurts.

    “BE STILL!” the doctor screams, but I can barely hear her over the ringing in my ears and the sound of my heartbeat. The nurses are holding down my arms and legs. I tell them to stop. I tell them that they’re killing me. I tell them that something is wrong—very, very wrong, because it’s not supposed to hurt like this. I’m trying not to move or scream but my body is rebelling violently. I’m about to lose consciousness. Maybe I’m about to die.

    At once, the ringing stops and the nurses let go of me.

Reid the writes about how the abortion affected her traumatically, “Those last two words—it’s over—always shake me awake. It’s been two years, but I have never been able to un-hear them. They echo in my ears as I shoot up in bed, nauseated and panicked and drenched in sweat. I shake violently, scrambling to open a bottle of Klonopin and struggle to swallow the tablet against my sobs.This happens to me two or three times a week.”

She says that months after the abortion, her doctor diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder due to her nightmares, panic attacks, flashbacks, “For some, [PTSD] it’s abuse,” she writes, “For others, war. For me, it was an abortion.”

Although she claims that, “Post-abortion mental health problems are hugely exaggerated by anti-choicers,” she admits that the abortion industry ignores the fact that women suffer from abortion trauma, “I am part of the hidden epidemic of women suffering from post-abortion trauma. Many of my fellow pro-choice activists, despite their good intentions, say that my experience isn’t real, or is so rare that it doesn’t ultimately matter…

Reid continues to supports abortion but her admission to post-abortion trauma is telling!

The pro-life group, Silent No More, has been bringing awareness to post-abortion syndrome for years, despite as Reid admits, denial by the abortion lobby.

Abortion advocates protesting Catholic Cathedral, Pro-life Pregnancy Center and Pro-life Chalk Day

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Abortion advocates are planning protests in front of a Catholic Church in the Houston, Texas area.

Now Houston Protest Church 02524029623_n

Their “Red Mass Protest” Facebook page reads,” Come protest the Catholic Church’s efforts to use the courts to impose their religious views on others under the guise of “religious liberty.” Show your support for birth control, abortion rights, marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, and separation of church and state.”

Red Mass Protest

The event is hosted by Houston’s National Organization for [some] Women (NOW ) and is slated to take place on October 21 at 5:45pm Outside the Co-Cathedral at 1111 St. Joseph’s Parkway in Houston.

Houston NOW protest a chuch

NOW writes on their Facbook page, “The Catholic Church celebrates a “Red Mass” annually in recognition of the start of the judicial calendar throughout the United States. Judges, lawyers, law students and others in the legal profession are the targets of this event and are specifically invited to attend. In recent years the Church has used it as an occasion to push their judicial agenda of opposition to birth control, abortion, and gay marriage. Many members of the Supreme Court have attended the DC “Red Mass” in the past and likely a number of them will be at the DC mass this year. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended soon after she was appointed to the court and said afterwards that she would never go again because the occasion was being used to push the Church’s position on issues pending or likely to be pending before the Courts.

“Come protest the Catholic Church’s efforts to use the courts to impose their religious views on others under the guise of “religious liberty.” Show your support for birth control, abortion rights, marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, and separation of church and state.”

In August, the radical pro abortion rights group, Stop Patriarchy protested in front of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio.

Sto Patriarchy Church TX

Meanwhile- Houston pro-choice advocates are planning protests of Crisis Pregnancy Centers as well:

According to their Facebook post, “Poppy Northcutt of Houston NOW is looking for volunteers to protest fake pregnancy help centers, particularly the Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center (743 Shotwell St, Houston, TX 77020; They seem to have the most appointments of all the Christian anti-abortion clinics. (For more information on “pregnancy help centers”, check this page out: The majority of their appointments seem to be on Thursdays between 9am and 9 pm, so Poppy tells me that’s the best time to come out. If we can get two volunteers, at least one person who is not male-identified, that would be ideal. One person would have a sign saying something like “religion is practiced here, not medicine”, and the other (the non-male-identified person) would talk to people as they walked in and give them brochures. Poppy says they already have signs and brochures, and she’s looking to start next week.

Prochoice Protest of 5 th ward

The continue, “Also, another activist opportunity from Poppy: “Thursday, Oct. 2 is “National Pro-Life Chalk Day” where students are urged to put out anti-abortion chalk messages especially on college campuses. Anyone interested in chalking a couple of our local fake clinics with some fake clinic messages early that morning before they open? Both the CPC on San Jacinto and the one off Lockwood have some nice public sidewalk space. A special treat is that from my observations Thursdays are a busy day at the CPC off Lockwood.

She then leaves a way to contact her, “Please let me and/or Poppy ( know if you’re interested!”

My Guess is that he Fifth Ward PHC or the churches being targeted could use some pro-life help…..maybe some of those reading this blog could offer it….