The day I saw abortion first hand

This week we enter the 42nd year of legalized abortion in the United States and I think back to the day I came up close and personal with abortion. The day I saw abortion victims first hand!

I have witnessed many things over the past thirty three years in this fight for the sanctity of human life in numerous states where I stood against child killing. Protests, police abuse, men dragging women into the abortion clinic, and even the funeral of a woman killed from legal abortion.

Her name was Carolina Gutierrez and she received such a serious infection by the legal abortion facility she visited that they had to amputate parts of her body to try and save her life. But, the infection won and Carolina and her unborn child became a statistic in the abortion battle.

I took these pictures with the permission of her family, while attending her funeral:

Caroline Gutierrez img169



The funeral was very emotional. Her story had been in the news for days and knowing the truth about the condition of the abortion clinics in my county caused me to be angry, especially, in light of the continued silence by abortion advocates when women die.

But nothing ever affected me more than seeing the real victims of legalized abortion up close, the broken bodies of the unborn babies.

We knew the abortion clinics could be throwing the aborted babies in the trash. So, how would we know which clinics were disposing the babies illegally? There was no way to know- we’d have to go to various ones and pull the trash to see.

That was a daunting task. But finally, our work paid off.

It was a Saturday afternoon when we approached a clinic located in a strip mall. The abortionist shared the dumpster with other business owners and we received permission to remove some discarded wood from the trash. Our real goal though, was the clinic’s trash- BINGO!

We grabbed several bags over a period of time, until, one day, we discovered that inside the bags were the containers that held babies aborted by suction abortion.

Aborted Baby Suction COntainers IMG_2922

Then came the task of opening up each and every gauze sac. I stilled myself to open each one , knowing what I might see – not knowing how I’d react to it.

Several did indeed look like ground meat.


To see their fragile little bodies so ground up that no distinguishable pieces remained was not entirely a surprise – after all – these were early abortions and babies that had been violently sucked out through a tube and into these jars.


Then…after carefully slicing one gauze sac, there it was. The fully formed arm of an aborted child.

Aborted baby arm 2

Aborted baby arm



Then a leg, another leg, ribs, skull, etc…

aborted baby CN IMG_2931


As we rummaged through the bags we could see the medical records of the women whose children lay torn in pieces.

The cold-hearted abortionist had discarded the bodies of these dead babies in the trash along with their mother’s medical records with no care or concern for either.

At the bottom of the bag, we found a large foot which a pathologist later confirmed was from an unborn baby approximately 5 months gestation. The remaining body parts of that child were not in the bags we had.

Aborted baby foot 2

Aborted baby foot

As we meticulously went through the bags from that abortion clinic, I found myself feeling detached- I was looking squarely at the tiny remains of babies who suffered a horrific death and yet I had little emotion. After all, I had to finish the job I set out to do, I had to continue looking through the bags and opening each and every sac. Was I heartless? Uncaring? Unfeeling? Or was I being scientific and doing a job that had to be done?

I wrestled with this for a few days. And then….

The day arrived for the funeral for these little babies. We told no one who found them. In reality, those who attended did not care about the details – they cared only about giving these precious unborn children a decent burial. They wanted them remembered – their lives must count !


I attended the funeral like a pro, covering it for a pro-life magazine I wrote for at the time. As a journalist, I stood on stage watching people tearfully come forward and lay a rose – the symbol of life- on the small casket we purchased to place the tiny pieces of their broken bodies in.


One moment I was snapping pictures and the next….the next moment I was sobbing uncontrollably in the arms of an usher who was standing beside me on the stage. He must have seen a look in my eyes because his large torso was a comfort as I completely lost it and wept like a mother who just received the news that her beloved child was dead.

The tears and groans continued for a while and took me by surprise. After all, I was a professional, I was detached, I was looking at this from a journalists point of view – I was HUMAN!


As I write this today, I feel a lump in my throat as the memory of what I saw wells up inside me. I often think about the idea that abortion does not affect those who participate in it – the mothers, doctors, nurses, and clinic staff and I have to conclude that it absolutely does affect them.

As a young girl, I used to watch documentaries about the Nazi Holocaust and the Jews they slaughtered mercilessly.

Most people watched those films with great interest in the stories and facts they document.

But, for me, when I watched them, I recalled asking in the midst of my outrage, “ Who took those pictures?

I remember thinking that had those pictures never been taken, society would not be sitting here today in absolute horror of what took place.

I knew at that moment that I wanted to document the abortion holocaust, and by the guidance of God, in some small way, I have.

More on this here.

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65 Responses to “The day I saw abortion first hand”

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  4. Frankie Dee Says:

    I have also experienced first hand the reality of finding the bodies of aborted children back in the 90s. This doc only did abortions up to 3 months. We opened up 5 gauze “socks” and later had a private burial service for them. Across town, another clinic did not throw out the remains of the aborted children, but they DID throw out the “kill” list with the mother’s name and whether they had an IV or not and an “R” after their name if they had a previous abortion(probably for repeat patient). Fortunately, both clinics have closed and both abortion doctors have passed away. We hope that they had crossed the line of faith and received Jesus before they passed away.

    • Lynette Scurr-Dann Says:

      My Dear One: I miscarried my little girl at 4 months and cried every day – some days I still do – from missing her. I hurt inside for all those murdered babies and wonder what they might have done for society had they lived. We will never know. This may sound pithy, but every baby is with God again – His nursery is getting bigger and bigger. If you are one of His, you and I will see those precious little ones.

      • Theresa Says:

        Mother of 8🙌🏽

      • Connie newman Says:

        Happened to me. I was devastated n could hardly take care of my 2 other children. Our lost little ones are being rocked by Mary and held by Jesus. God is with them and us. Keep the Faith. ❤️

  5. […] mentioned in my speech about finding aborted babies, you can read about that here and view images of the memorial service as well as the aborted […]

    • Delsia Nell Bare Says:

      America has killed as many babies as Hitler killed totally in his evil. We stand right at sixty six million murdered in the womb. That is before you get to the murders committed by child protective Services and the number of parents who commit suicide after their children are taken from them by corrupt court system. Holocaust is not a bad enough word. What this nation is doing to its babies and children has got to have a more horrifying term to it than just Holocaust! CRIMES against humanity. The lack of respect for life is horrendous in America. It is evil and sick and twisted and smacks of devil worship as it was done in the Bible. WICKED is the words here and crimes against humanity. but neither shock the system they just keep rolling like a steam roller over innocence and killing it. Genocide for Cash might come close to the right title. Corruption devised by tax dollar. I dont know you cant wake the people up they march on like they are dead walking. The pictures you show should jar somebody awake but it doesn’t.

      • Lauren Fields Says:

        Are you going to take care of these babies?

      • Angel Ryan Says:

        Yes whos going to take care of the babies?
        Maybe u people who have time to go through the trash to find sickening private things..

      • Lauren and Angel two ignorant women who can’t think outside the box of their selfish lives. These babies can and will be loved and cared for by parents in a loving home. Parents that already have children and parents who desperately want children and have tried but can not will love and cherish these babies. There are other options out there.

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  11. I know the daughter of Mrs. Gutierrez and she is interested in speaking with you. How can we get in contact with you?

  12. judamyers Says:

    Amidst tears of my own I thank you for being so honest. For sharing the humanity that humanity has tried with great force to keep hidden. Keep the voice of the unborn as loud as you can until all have heard!

  13. […] became personal several years ago when I saw a dead child up close – when I held his tiny, broken body in my own arms and wept. Sadly, this […]

  14. […] became personal several years ago when I saw a dead child up close – when I held his tiny, broken body in my own arms and wept. Sadly, this […]

  15. […] In the interest of full disclosure, I know Michele Herzog very well. We both reached out to women for years outside South Florida abortion clinics. She and I also had the unfortunate opportunity to attend the funeral of a woman who died from a legal abortion – Carolina Gutierrez. I wrote about that experience to some degree here. […]

  16. […] In full disclosure, I know Michele very well. We both stood in the trenches together for years outside South Florida abortion clinics. She and I also had the unfortunate opportunity to attend the funeral of a woman who died from a legal abortion. The woman’s name was Carolina Gutierrez and I wrote about that experience to some degree here. […]

  17. Elliebelle Says:

    God bless you for doing something most of us are not brave enough to do. You have a calling, and you are fulfilling it one step at a time.

  18. Those are carnations. None are roses. Just saying. Very intense article. Very raw & real emotion. Glad you gave them a proper burial.

  19. Carole Gore Says:

    There is no such thing as an unwanted child! Someone out there is dying to have what someone else is killing because it’s not convenient for them. I believe that unborn babies feel pain and my heart bleeds as teardrops fall from my eyes as I wonder how anyone could not c abortion for what it is. Pro-choice yes before conception not afterwards. No baby or any human being would choose that kind of death. I believe that many women regret the decision to kill their child or for someone to force them to do so which often happens with young teens. May God have mercy on those who break the fifth commandment, Thou shalt not kill.

    • Angel Ryan Says:

      Then why are there a million kids in foster care?
      Hello noone wants them.

      • There is a difference between adopting a new baby and taking in a child who has gone through alot of difficult situations. Not as many people are able to provide the special types of care those children need. Many times they need psychological help and people dont want to start off with a child that is already going to be a challenge. Alot of these people are new parents and want to start with a fresh new baby, not one that already has so much history. There is a waiting list for new babies. There are so many people who cant adopt a new baby but are trying really hard to. Its horrible that we live in a world where it is so easy to throw away life, yet so hard for people to bring new life into their own lives. Im not suggesting that adoption agencies discontinue screening, I just wish it was impossible to kill an innocent baby.

      • So it’s ok to kill them coz no one wants them? Seriously?

  20. Julie gay Says:

    Abortion is murder !!!!!! No other way to look at it!

  21. Stephanie Says:

    I’m against abortion and always will be, it’s a human your tearing apart and killing. It’s evil, it doesn’t need to exist in the world,abortion doesn’t need to exist. it takes a monster to do it. you hurt my baby or child,I’ll haunt you and I’ll be beyond your worst nightmare

  22. Steven Vanderwiele Says:

    Hi. Thank you for showing this. I know those babies know what is happening to them. I can’t imagine not only the horror of being ripped apart from mommy’s womb but why mommy is rejecting me and letting this happen to me. I grieve. I look at society and see why this is taking place and how it is being justified. We all make mistakes. Oh, she is so pretty. The resulting cuddling and sex. Oh crap. She is pregnant. Easy fix. Get rid of this thing in her. Easy. I do understand how this happens and in reality it boils down to immorality in society. The sex drive is very strong and unless your life is rooted in God you have no problem with any of this. I also see the democrats reason for making it a part of our society. They care so much. You know. A woman should not have to suffer the consequences of a loving moment in time. The problem is, someone else does. The someone that is left meaningless in that “loving moment in time.” They have no say in the matter. They are meaningless. They are alive, but they don’t get to offer their opinion. Their feelings. Someone else who was irisponsable gets to decide their fate. Death. In most cases. Terrible sentence. Death of innocience. I grieve.

    • Diana Proctor Says:


    • Angel Ryan Says:

      Like when your uncle thinks your soo pretty he wants to cuddle with you.
      But your u do as he asks.
      And he rapes you.
      Now …according to your logic,she doesn’t have God in her life.
      So she must carry a child in 6th grade?
      Hello.wake up.

      • I’ve think she is talking about people who decide to do this when they are 4 to 5 mos preg. Why wait so long? Makes no sense.

  23. Susette ziga Says:

    I wish there can be a law set in place that NO DOCTOR is allowed to perform an abortion!!!! Women should know what there tiny little babies look like in there wombs .pictures like these can help stop women from murdering there human beings what we don’t see we don’t know so that being said makes it easier for women to follow satans voice.please show these pics everywhere give the internet a virus with this.i will keep you in my prayers .

    • There is a law in place for Doctors who perform elective Abortions. It’s called the Hippocratic oath. They take an oath to preserve life not take it.

      • Lynnette Says:

        My Dear Rick: I miscarried a little girl in my 14th week of pregnancy. I was devastated. I abhor, despise, loathe those Mengeles that lower their ethics to beneath that slime and murder innocents. The Hypocratic Oath they took when they became doctors must be up their asses because it is nowhere in sight when they commit murder. There are innumerable couples who would love to adopt a child because they are unable to have one of their own. I am with you in your anger and disgust.

      • Marlee Hughes Says:

        My dad is an emergency physician. He told me that doctors no longer take the Hippocratic Oath. How frightening and disturbing is that?

  24. When I was in desert storm my squad was ordered to do recon of a small village the iraqi soldiers had attacked and destroyed. Amongst the rubble of a building partially destroyed by a tank driving thru it i came acrossed several bodies of the people that lived in the building….among them was a woman about my age who was badly mutilated and the unborn child they ripped out of her belly..i could tell as the embilical cord was still connected between the bodies. They had ripped the arms legs and head off the baby’s body aparantly with their bare hands..these photos took me instantlly back to that nightmare scene. How is it that a human can be so heartless and utterly brutal to innocent children. I am actually ashamed to admit that i am of the same species that do this. But for the grace of god here go i!

  25. My second child was 24wks and I wanted no matter what!!! That was in 1985. Now he is 33yrs old 6′ 200# Smart handsome and has his own house. He is one of my PRIDE AND JOYS!!!!! PRAISE GOD.

  26. May God grant this country mercy & grace for the vile sins it enables. We’re in the days of Sodom & how I weep & pray for those who don’t know Jesus. Heavens, I have a farm & cry over my animals. How much more should we cry over the absolute evil of child sacrifice? God help us!

  27. michellep12 Says:

    Oh wow. In so many cases, women are forced into abortuaries. If they “choose” to go, the workers in the death facilities do not let them see any ultrasound and of course the pieces of what used to be her baby.

    The same arguments that Hitler and Mengele used to justify the executions and medical experiments on the Jews and those delivering babies in the death camps—were the SAME as those the pro-aborts use to slaughter the unborn. That’s because Hitler loved Margaret Sanger’s eugenics program. Oh how this has come back to us. Now pro-aborts are the Hitlers and Mengeles of our time.
    Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  28. Reblogged this on The Daily Walk and commented:
    I’ve been trying to stream the movie about the US abortion doctor Gosnell, but I’ve had no luck. It is only available on DVD. All I get is that the links don’t work which is lame considering how easy it is to stream things in this day and age. You can read about the movie here:

  29. In the name of Jesus Christ PLEASE pray for an end to aboration.These poor innocent babies deserve a chance.Dear mother Mary in the name of your son Jesus Christ intercede fir the unborn…….Amen

  30. This was an amazing story. Ivgrieve for thise aborted babies. May each one RIP . May the Lord’s wrath be on every woman who made that choice.

  31. Skylar Lambert Says:

    Abortion clinics should be required to show the ultrasound to the potential abortion patient. I think that would stop a lot of procedures from happening- they know that too which is why they dont show the u/s to the patient. If the patient even heard the heartbeat they might change their mind. I’ll tell you, the mother who can do this should be required to see what is ripped from her womb so there wont be a next time.. and maybe she will change her mind on the stance altogether. I know too many people who would love to have children for these babies to keep dying senselessly bc the mother doesnt want another child or can’t afford it. Some people may see this as extreme but I until women look the horrors in the face and see what they have done, and in turn ask God for forgiveness.

  32. Frank Cini Says:

    these savages will burn in hell, after they are executed for murdering the innocents.

  33. Please consider adoption instead of abortion! Abortion is murder; adoption is mercy!!!

  34. Carrie Taranova Says:

    There are so many couples who want a baby so badly, they would gladly adopt more then one for their family. There is just no excuse to have abortion “clinics” or murdering babies. Anyone who has an abortion should then also be sterilized so as never to repeat that murder. Some use it as their “contraception” and don’t even see it as murder they are so cold hearted. They should never be allowed to be a mother in the future. If sterilization was a requirement, you’d see very few abortions anymore and more adoptions. Every child is wanted by someone ! Every child is a child of God and His creation.

  35. To anyone who reads this, please never allow anyone to talk you into having an abortion. I was 23 years old in 1980 and had been married for just under a year when I unexpectedly became pregnant. My husband was adamant that he did not want children, said if I had it I would be raising it by myself, and my best friend had several abortions and said it was “no big deal”. I had no support system, no support from my parents, nobody. I went to my regular GYN, who asked if I wanted to keep this pregnancy, not this BABY, but this pregnancy. I reluctantly said no, even though I desperately wanted to have the baby. My doctor never even tried to detect a heartbeat and I didn’t even know there was technology that would allow me to hear my baby’s heartbeat. As far as I know, there were no ultrasounds in those days either. I reluctantly agreed to go to a clinic because it was cheaper than my GYN doing it. I was awake for the entire procedure. It was a suction abortion because I was about 7 or 8 weeks along. I was hysterical when it was over, as was the girl in the bed next to me in recovery. My husband was emotionless as we left and went home. We later went on to have 2 children several years later before divorcing, but that procedure and the guilt of knowing that I allowed my husband to talk me into having an abortion has haunted me for 39 years and will haunt me for the rest of my life.

    • Angel Ryan Says:

      They could have u hear the heartbeat in 1980,as well as ultrasound.
      Do NOT pass your regrets on to others.
      You were married and had 2 kids afterword.
      You went alone so oviously it was your choice.
      You cannot be both.choose a lane.
      Your regrets do not need to be passed on to others.
      You should know that when u dont have support,its the best decision to make.

      • Have a heart! She said the dr didnt try to show her a heartbeat. People who have no support give in easier because they have nobody to help then stand up for themselves (hence the term support). She isnt in both lanes. She is prolife because she learned from her mistakes, which she is sharing so that others can learn from her mistakes and not have to make them herself. I dont believe that she was right to get an abortion but maybe her story will help others make the right decision and save babies that would have otherwise been murdered. You should thank her for sharing, not condemn her.

  36. Maxine Hedquist Says:

    This needs to be told and pictures shown so to stop this holocaust of babies being killed

  37. Some may find this unbelievable, but right now, there are more black babies being aborted (brutally murdered) in NY, than there are black babies being born in NY. This is an absolute true fact. Planned Parenthood was founded by a monster named, “Margaret Sanger.” It wrote an entire book on why it created PP. It created this killing factory specifically to perform life ending abortions on black children. In it’s book, it states that the black race is, “inferior”, and that black people are the same as, “weeds”, that need to be completely, “exterminated”, from the human race. Today, Sanger would be quite pleased with PP in NY. They are working overtime, at a record rate, to completely wipe out the black race. Shocking? Yes. Absolutely true.

  38. While I can agree to COMMON SENSE legislation, the act of ending a pregnancy (aborting a fetus) before 6 months, is simply removing nonviable fetal tissue and nothing more. That’s an inarguable fact.

    If a pregnant woman wants a nonviable fetus removed from her own uterus in a safe medical procedure, there’s no logical reason for her to be banned from doing so. These waiting periods enacted because of pro life groups are unconscionable.

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers have been caught repeatedly lying to women, making them think they offer abortion services, when they don’t. Yet these same people claim some sort of moral superiority? Quite hypocritical to say the least.

  39. Abortions are horrible murders of babies!

  40. Douglas A Danielson Says:

    Well if the rose is the symbol of life why is it that in pictures are carnations?

  41. Angel Ryan Says:

    YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE GRIEF of a mother who just lost thier child!!
    Or the agonizing decision that her 2nd pregnancy ended in late term abortion,performed in a hospital,because that baby had no viable chance of life.
    How dare you touch these bodies.
    Noone gave you permission to touch them,photograph them..
    Or TALK about them.
    This is the problem with you prolifers.
    You have NOT been in this situation.
    WHEN you have ADOPTED 5 children with special needs and given them the loving homes tbey need,then you can talk about the “tragedy”that you think abortion is.

    • Bonnie Bartley Says:

      Why not let that late term baby be born and if God saw fit let HIM take the baby’s life as only He should; why go through an abortion and cause so much torture and pain to an innocent baby who has no control over how his body is formed and is INNOCENT! There are four ways to die: normally (old age, disease), accidentally, suicide, and murder. The unborn child does not die from old age, commit suicide, and rarely accidentally unless the mother is in a car crash, so the other way left is MURDER and that is exactly what abortion is! it cannot be justified in any circumstance! If the baby is a result of rape or incest then there’s adoption and those adoptive parents would not care one iota how the baby was conceived; they would just love it as their own I’d say in 99.9% of cases. I read about a church not far from me that had a memorial garden for mothers who had aborted their babies and wanted a place to go and grieve or whatever. My curiosity peeked I went to check it out and it was behind the church – a beautiful garden and with a large gazebo with benches attached to the surround. It was just heartbreaking to read some of the notes and cards left there for babies that were no more. There were pink teddy bears and blue teddy bears and even some “headstones” with names and dates in the garden. “I’m so sorry!” one card read. “I didn’t realize how much I would come to regret this. I wasn’t thinking clearly; I was afraid. Please forgive me!” There were a lot of notes and cards tacked to the posts or on the little “tombstones”. Abortion is not normal; it’s a mindless “quick fix” and “birth control” for the vast majority of women and say what you will it is murder! Contemplating an abortion? Don’t do it! Like these women it will haunt you for the rest of your life! Please choose adoption and life for your baby and instead of living with guilt and remorse, you will have a peace that passes understanding! Think of it; what’s nine months out of an entire lifetime? What’s a ittle “inconvenience” when saving an innocent life? Choose Life and adoption for your baby and you will have no regrets!

  42. Jacqueline Adams Says:

    I have always believed that a bortion is murder! I don’t know how anyone can sa it’s not! I believe once the heart starts beating it is a human life, all it needs is time to grow! That baby didn’t ask to get hebornThere are ways to prevent pregnancy beforehand There are lots of people who can’t have kids who would love to adopt them! I am in support of the motion to stop preterm abortions!

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