4th Ambulance called to abortion clinic mentioned in Planned Parenthood video

Republished from Life Dynamics:

Pro-lifers are reporting that an ambulance was called to the notorious Family Planning Associates abortion clinic in California.

July 2015 5841416_n

Yesterday, pro-lifer Terri Palmquist was outside FPA Women’s Health abortion clinic in Bakersfield, California and documented what took place.

July 2015 593683060_n

Palmquist who runs Lifesavers Ministries with her husband Tim, said there have been 4 ambulance transports at that facility since February 2015!

July 2015 _572311912_n

Palmquist was able to capture pictures as the patient was taken away by ambulance. It is unclear what occurred and there is no update on the woman’s condition as of this date.

July 2015 46_891493671_n

In April, Life Dynamics reported that an ambulance was summoned to transfer a patient from the FPA Women’s Health abortion clinic in Bakersfield, California.

That 911 call was later uploaded which you can listen to here.

In March of 2015, Operation Rescue documented how a man begged 911 to help his wife after her abortion at that same facility. Watch the stunning video of that call here.

Another ambulance call was placed in February and documented on this blog here.

Interestingly, a Planned Parenthood doctor suggested this notorious abortion clinic to actors posing as buyers for aborted baby body parts.

Center for medical progress

In fact, in the full video footage uploaded by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola suggests to “actors” posing as buyers from a human biologics company that they should inquire with other abortion chains.

The Planned Parenthood worker then suggests the Family Planning Associates (FPA) which has locations around California.

nucatolastem Planned Parenthood FPA

“We have some affiliates that use Digoxin and or some other feticide…So, in general you’re probably going to be able to get to 20 weeks. It’s going to be very unusual to get a patient that’s above 20 weeks, I would say at the Planned Parenthood’s in California,” Nucatola says.

She does state that older babies are usually available from New York facilities.

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The other thing, have you been speaking with Family Planning Associates at all in California?

Nucatola specifies that Planned Parenthood’s Orange Count and LA affiliates are already working with someone else.

Which is why I think Family Planning Associates [FPA] is an option because, I mean they go all the way to Bakersfield all the way as far as Orange County. You have a pretty broad range. They definitely go to 18 weeks…” she states.

More on here.

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