Created Equal? African American young people speak out against abortion

Created Equal conducted a presentation of abortion on the public street, they quizzed several people about their views, all answered in the affirmative that abortion kills a person !

We are a movement, not just a cause.

In a PBS interview, white civil rights activist James Zwerg said:

“To me it was a movement . . . I sensed a power far greater than any one individual member. Since then I understand that the term is synergism, that the power of many is far greater than any individual.”

James Zwerg understood that fighting for civil rights for African Americans was far more than a cause. It was a movement.

The civil rights effort was a movement because it rallied people together who were willing to be persecuted for the cause of ending racial injustice. What separated the civil rights movement from many other causes was the fact that activists were willing to live radical lives to expose injustice.

What makes Created Equal a movement is that we are an organized, mobilized generation choosing to live differently to protect the weak and defenseless by drawing strength and inspiration from one another.

We draw upon the lessons of the past in order to protect babies and parents from abortion. The following short comparison between the civil rights movement and the struggle for equal rights for preborn children helps explain our rationale:

* The civil rights effort was a movement of people willing to be persecuted for the cause of racial justice—Created Equal is made up of 21st century defenders willing to pay a price to speak the truth.
* Civil rights leaders used disturbing images to dramatize the injustice of race-based discrimination—Created Equal uses prenatal and abortion pictures to make our case that abortion is age-based discrimination. Like a laser, we focus on the victim.
* Some civil rights activists, like James Zwerg, defended the rights of others—Created Equal is willing to defend the rights of people we will never even meet.
* The civil rights movement had the mainstream media on its side—Created Equal has designed its own media to leap frog pro-abortion gatekeepers.
* Civil rights “freedom riders” went from town to town all across America to make their case—Created Equal “justice riders,” also, aren’t waiting for people to come to us. We go to them.

Admittedly, the above comparison is incomplete, but we hope you get the point. As students of history, we can’t ignore these important lessons if we are going to protect preborn children.

Simply calling the pro-life movement a movement doesn’t necessarily qualify it as such. Many current pro-life efforts lack the makings of an authentic social movement because of a general unwillingness to tactically come together and sacrifice for the cause of defending babies.

Created Equal is more than a cause. We are inspiring the next generation of leaders to become 21st century defenders. There’s a place for everyone in this movement. Please join us.

A person is a person…..

Learn the abortion – racism connections :

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