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Black Lives Matter display in North Carolina shocks students

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Black students in North Carolina learn that abortion is killing their race with a provocative “Black Lives Matter” exhibit at a historical black college.

Johny Hunter Black Lives Matter May 2015 Life Talk

Rev. Johnny Hunter, a past co-host, on Life Talk TV, shared how he and several other African American pro-lifers brought the “Black Lives Matter” project to the campus of Fayetteville State College after participating in a similar event in Washington, D.C.

The project consists of provocative signs created by the Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR), a national pro-life organization.


According to Gregg Cunningham, executive director of CBR, “The exhibit was inspired by the tragic series of encounters between black suspects and white police officers in which the suspects lost their lives while being taken into custody.”

The Black Lives Matters slogan took on new life in Ferguson, Missouri and was recently the theme of protesters in Baltimore after another shooting occurred there.


The Fayetteville exhibit was sponsored by the Life Education and Resource Network (L.E.E.R.N.), the largest African American pro-life network in America, and the response was huge.

Rev. Hunter said the “Black Lives Matter” displays they exhibited also included a picture of an the aborted child.

The message each sign conveyed was that all black lives matter, born and unborn.

JH - all-lives-matter

Additional signs read: “Hands up don’t shoot“, and “Abortion Suppresses The Black Vote.”

JH  abortion-surpresses-black-vote

JH  Dont-Shoot-1024x512

It was the most moving thing,” Dr. Johnny Hunter an exhibit organizer reported.

Hunter said the students stopped in their tracks when they saw the display.

In addition, the black students enthusiastically took copies of Maafa21, a documentary about the racist history of abortion produced by Life Dynamics, which features a powerful sermon of Rev. Hunter’s.


Another organizer, Rev. Clenard Childress, founder of Black, also spoke to Life Dynamics about the event and pointed out that Planned Parenthood’s racist founder, Margaret Sanger used religion i.e. “black pastors” to hide her eugenic plot.

“In our exchanges with hundreds of students, and with the golden opportunity to debate over the campus radio station, it was quite evident faith is still vital in the presentation of the truth in the pro-life debate. In the final analysis, we see that a very high percentage of the African American students consider their faith as important and that abortion is a violation of their faith. Hearts were won and opinions changed!” Rev Childress stated.


“After viewing the signs, many students sat down and read the pamphlets we were handing out.

“We passed out Mark Cruthcher’s MAAFA 21 to both students and staff. One teacher even played it while we were there in their sociology class,” he stated.


Rev. Hunter added that, “Even students that professed to be pro-choice had to do some thinking after the dialoguing went on.”

Woman walks away shocked

Hunter said that Planned Parenthood and their supporters tried to shut down the display but failed.

The most powerful part of all is when I looked at the sheet we had put out for students to sign up and almost thirty students had signed up to do something when this was over with,” he said.

Watch Dr. Johnny Hunter talk about the event on the May 2015 episode of Life Talk TV.

Watch the current Life Talk show here.

Just little babies – dead little babies says African American student after viewing abortion vid

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Black Students view abortion vid

Two black students on the campus of Columbus State Community College watched a video showing an actual abortion and were heartbroken.

It just broke my heart inside,” said one of the students.

Black student broke my heart

The video was shown by the pro-life group Created Equal, “I don’t think it’s right to do that … to kill somebody like that,” the student told Created Equal.

The second student told the pro-life group, ” I knew what it [abortion] was, I just really didn’t want to know. So when I see stuff like this it changes my whole aspect of how I think about it.”

Asked why the video broke their hearts, one of the students replied, “They’re just little babies – dead little babies,” he said emotionally.

Abortion is the number one killer of the African American community and a powerful film, Maafa21, details how abortion was founded in racist eugenics – below is a clip from that film which you can watch in full here. :

Created Equal? African American young people speak out against abortion

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Created Equal conducted a presentation of abortion on the public street, they quizzed several people about their views, all answered in the affirmative that abortion kills a person !

We are a movement, not just a cause.

In a PBS interview, white civil rights activist James Zwerg said:

“To me it was a movement . . . I sensed a power far greater than any one individual member. Since then I understand that the term is synergism, that the power of many is far greater than any individual.”

James Zwerg understood that fighting for civil rights for African Americans was far more than a cause. It was a movement.

The civil rights effort was a movement because it rallied people together who were willing to be persecuted for the cause of ending racial injustice. What separated the civil rights movement from many other causes was the fact that activists were willing to live radical lives to expose injustice.

What makes Created Equal a movement is that we are an organized, mobilized generation choosing to live differently to protect the weak and defenseless by drawing strength and inspiration from one another.

We draw upon the lessons of the past in order to protect babies and parents from abortion. The following short comparison between the civil rights movement and the struggle for equal rights for preborn children helps explain our rationale:

* The civil rights effort was a movement of people willing to be persecuted for the cause of racial justice—Created Equal is made up of 21st century defenders willing to pay a price to speak the truth.
* Civil rights leaders used disturbing images to dramatize the injustice of race-based discrimination—Created Equal uses prenatal and abortion pictures to make our case that abortion is age-based discrimination. Like a laser, we focus on the victim.
* Some civil rights activists, like James Zwerg, defended the rights of others—Created Equal is willing to defend the rights of people we will never even meet.
* The civil rights movement had the mainstream media on its side—Created Equal has designed its own media to leap frog pro-abortion gatekeepers.
* Civil rights “freedom riders” went from town to town all across America to make their case—Created Equal “justice riders,” also, aren’t waiting for people to come to us. We go to them.

Admittedly, the above comparison is incomplete, but we hope you get the point. As students of history, we can’t ignore these important lessons if we are going to protect preborn children.

Simply calling the pro-life movement a movement doesn’t necessarily qualify it as such. Many current pro-life efforts lack the makings of an authentic social movement because of a general unwillingness to tactically come together and sacrifice for the cause of defending babies.

Created Equal is more than a cause. We are inspiring the next generation of leaders to become 21st century defenders. There’s a place for everyone in this movement. Please join us.

A person is a person…..

Learn the abortion – racism connections :

African American Students react to abortion pictures being shown on campus

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Several Black Students reject abortion and Plan…, posted with vodpod

Notice she is holding this DVD Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America

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Black Students react to abortion pictures being…, posted with vodpod

Black Students on black campus reject abortion and Planned Parenthood

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Several Black Students reject abortion and Plan…, posted with vodpod

Notice she is holding this DVD Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America

More on Abortion and Black Genocide

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Black Students react to abortion pictures being…, posted with vodpod