Abortion advocate sings “kill your unborn” while pro-life group shows abortion on JumboTron

Today, Created Equal was on the campus of Ohio State University with their JumboTron, showing an abortion in progress.

Created Equal OSU Abortion

While they were there a shameful abortion Bro-choicer came out and sang a song, “kill your unborn.”

All that we need is another mouth to feed,” he sang, “kill your unborn.”

A report by Life Dynamics this morning quoted, Mark Harrington, the founder of Created Equal who said it was time to up the game and show the public an abortion in progress.

Created Equal is a pro-life group that goes to college campuses and Universities and shows students the truth abortion victims.

It is a controversial method – but has invoked much discussion and has changed multiple views of what abortion is.

And, it looks like their method is working.

Today, this The Columbus Dispatch news video (below) showed the abortion in the background, something almost unheard of in over 42 years of legalized child killing in America and media censorship of abortion.

WTG- Mark Harrington and the entire Created Equal staff – keep up the great work!

5 Responses to “Abortion advocate sings “kill your unborn” while pro-life group shows abortion on JumboTron”

  1. Abortion is horrendous beyond words but to sing ‘kill your unborn’ is beyond my comprehension. Evil just grows, the hatred of life and selfishness of individuals to discard what doesn’t fit their agenda.

  2. exposesexednow Says:

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