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Planned Parenthood defender Nomiki Konst no clue who Mengele is while discussing baby parts harvesting on O’Reilly

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On tonight’s O’Reilly Factor the subject was the new Center for Medical Progress video showing Stem Express CEO discussing they way they will ship a whole aborted baby head.

His guests included Monica Crowley and Planned Parenthood supporter Nomiki Konst.

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly pic

There were several times I yelled at the screen including when Konst told O’Reilly abortions were illegal after 23 weeks.

That is such a bold faced lie and a quick look at a few abortion clinic ads and an educated read of the Roe v. Wade decision would have set the record straight.

Late term abortion

Even Planned Parenthood which Konst was defending agrees with late term abortions as I document here and here.

But the most ignorant thing is that Konst had no clue who Josef Mengele was and if his actions were like Planned Parenthood.

    Bill O’Reilly
    : You Know Josef Mengele…Nomiki you know who he was?
    Nomiki: Tell me?
    Bill O’Reilly: He was a Nazi doctor who performed experiments on children and babies. Is there any difference between this and what he was doing?
    Nomiki: I think there is quite a bit of a difference here. There is the intent. A lot of our medical procedures are done on these types of tissues. We don’t want to hear about it – it is legal.

Not knowing anything about the wicked Nazi “Angel of Death” who executed excruciating experiments on Jews and others inside German concentration camps, the Planned Parenthood supporter said there were no similarities between the two.

Mengele Angel-Of-Death-Klan-Parenthood-1024x501

Her ignorance did not go unnoticed and has become a point of jesting on Twitter where the Planned Parenthood supporter tried to walk her statements back by claiming she knew who Mengele was, calling her critics “trolls:”

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly troll

Konst’s next tweet proved the Mengele / Planned Parenthood connection, where she stated, “I think some are confused by my statement; It’s legal to use tissue for medical research. That’s how we find cures for diseases.”

Nomiki Mengele PlannedParenthood

I quickly pointed out to her that her reasoning mirrored Mengele, tweeting, “WOW same reasoning as #Mengele

Nomiki KOnst


But Konst’s ignorance on Mengele did not happen in a vacuum and educated viewers of the O’Reilly Factor are calling out the Planned Parenthood supporter on her lack of historical knowledge on Twitter:

Mengele Planned Parenthood guest

Nomiki Kost Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly

Nomiki Kost Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 3

Nomiku Kost Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly

Mengele Planned Parenthood guest

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 5

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 6

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 7

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 8

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 9

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 10

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 11

Nomiki Konst Mengele Planned Parenthood OReilly 43

Mengele Planned Parenthood

Abortion advocate sings “kill your unborn” while pro-life group shows abortion on JumboTron

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Today, Created Equal was on the campus of Ohio State University with their JumboTron, showing an abortion in progress.

Created Equal OSU Abortion

While they were there a shameful abortion Bro-choicer came out and sang a song, “kill your unborn.”

All that we need is another mouth to feed,” he sang, “kill your unborn.”

A report by Life Dynamics this morning quoted, Mark Harrington, the founder of Created Equal who said it was time to up the game and show the public an abortion in progress.

Created Equal is a pro-life group that goes to college campuses and Universities and shows students the truth abortion victims.

It is a controversial method – but has invoked much discussion and has changed multiple views of what abortion is.

And, it looks like their method is working.

Today, this The Columbus Dispatch news video (below) showed the abortion in the background, something almost unheard of in over 42 years of legalized child killing in America and media censorship of abortion.

WTG- Mark Harrington and the entire Created Equal staff – keep up the great work!

Planned Parenthood auctions Lexus lease and Marriott dinner at fundraising event

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A Planned Parenthood fundraising event featuring an MSNBC media personality included a “dinner for two” donated by an affiliate of the Marriott Hotel chain as well as a two year lease on a Lexus.

Planned Parenthood Marriott

The January 2015 event hosted by Planned Parenthood of Collier County was called Choice Affair 2015, and took place January 30, 2015 at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

PP Choice Affair 2015

The event speaker was Lawrence O’Donnell, host of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, a weeknight MSNBC opinion and news program.

We all know now how Lawrence O’Donnell will report regarding abortion and Planned Parenthood since he has apparently taken a public stand to advocate for them.

Planned Parenthood Lawrence ODonnell

But….wait..there is more !

Planned Parenthood received auction donations for the event from places such as Euro Piano of Naples.

They even auctioned off a two-year lease on this Lexus ES 350.

Planned Parenthood Nexus lease


In addition, the abortion giant received a dinner for two donation from an affiliate of the Marriott Hotel Chain in Florida.

Marrioot Resort Marco Island PP

Marriott has long been on a national boycott list of corporations which fund Planned Parenthood. In fact, it was a Marriott Hotel where the most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama, addressed Planned Parenthood at their 2013 National Conference.

A tweet and FaceBook post released by the abortion giant shows that Marriott Resort Marco Island donated the dinner for two to Planned Parenthood’s Choice Affair 2015 Silent Auction!

PP FB Marriott

PP Marriott Tweet

The hotel is located at 400 S Collier Blvd Marco Island, Florida 34145 and has 24,000 likes on their Facebook page.

It is part of the Marriott chains of hotels.

Marriott PP

The national Marriott hotel chain actually markets to families and claims that a family vacation at a Marriott hotel,”offer plenty of room for everyone, as well as convenient on-site amenities to keep both kids and parents entertained. With spacious rooms and suites at locations around the globe, our hotels are the top choice for vacationing families. In addition to our signature service and hospitality, these family-friendly accommodations feature a variety of amenities the whole family will enjoy.”

Planned Parenthood of Collier County provides abortion up to 13.6 weeks of pregnancy. They offer both the abortion pill (up to 9 weeks only) and on-site abortion procedures at their Naples center.

PP Collier COunty Abortions

In addition, Planed Parenthood was founded in racist eugenics as documented by the film, Maafa21. Recently, the pro-life group, Life Dynamics, published the second part of ongoing research proving that Planned Parenthood continues to cover for child rapists. That report can be read here.

Should a national hotel chain be donating a “Dinner Plate” to a place that kills future customers?

I don’t think so but they did. Think about that the next time you book a room from them.

Police Brutality and Torture Hillary Clinton and the Left Ignored

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We have heard a lot about the abuse of the police of late.

Recently, dash cam video and a witness video emerged in the shooting death of Walter Scott by a South Carolina police officer, which has outraged just about everyone.

Others expressed outrage for the death of Michael Brown who was shot by Officer Wilson and Eric Garner in New York whose brutal death during his arrest was also caught on camera.

But, what is just as shocking, is that for many years – the police have been more than brutal to pro-life demonstrators with not even a whisper of condemnation by the left. This blog post is not an attack on police. I support police in most cases. But- when abuse occurs – we must speak out.

What this blog does expose is the hypocrisy of the left and specifically the Clinton administration (Hillary Clinton included) who sat by and watched police brutalize pro-lie people for many years.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s members of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue blocked the doors of abortion facilities across the country. They felt it was their moral duty to peacefully place their own bodies between the abortion doors and the child that was to be murdered. Just as in the Civil Rights Movement for Blacks, there were many members of the clergy, women, children and men from all walks of life who took part in these pro-life rescues.

A documentary film compiled several instances of police brutality and even though the liberal media was present at many of these protests they remained silent. Police used mace and various torture methods including numb chucks on peaceful pro-life demonstrators pictured below:

Police abuse prolife protester

Police abuse prolife protester 5

Police abuse prolife protester 6

Police abuse prolife protester 7

Police abuse prolife protester 8

Police abuse prolife protester 9

Police abuse prolife protester 10

Police abuse prolife protester 11

Police abuse prolife protester 12

Police abuse prolife protester 13

Police abuse prolife protester 14

Police abuse prolife protester 15

Police abuse prolife protester2

Police abuse prolife protester3

Police abuse prolife protester4

Police abuse prolife protesterb

As a journalist myself, I attended several events where I personally witnessed police removing their badges just before they brutalized pro-lifers:

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge police remove badges

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge 2

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge Chet

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge Chet 2

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge Flip

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge prolifers beat by police 2

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge prolifers beat by police 3

Operation Rescure Baton Rouge prolifers beat by police

If a person breaks the law – they should face the consequences. For the pro-lifers they understood that their actions would result in arrest and jail time. However, when they were tortured by the police and the progressives on the left said nothing it showed me that they did not care about police brutality.

Today, the left is parading themselves around as some sort of savior exposing the evil of a run-away justice system. That is a lie. For those of us who witnessed brutality on a regular basis when we exercised our Constitutional right of redress we know what hypocrites the left can be. The question remains, does the public know this as well?

CBS talk show host models for Planned Parenthood fundraiser

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Roshini Rajkumar hosts CBS’ News and Views, heard on WCCO Radio in Minnesota on Sundays from noon to 3 p.m.

Roshini is a former television broadcaster and left TV news in 2006 to start her own company, the Roshini Performance Group. In 2007, she joined WCCO Radio and won the Edward R. Murrow Award for team coverage of the 2008 Republican National Convention riots. She also launched an investigative unit and hosted TV and radio talk shows.

Roshini News and Views CBS

But do not be deceived- this media darling is in bed with the largest provider of abortions in the nation.


In February of 2014, Roshini Rajkumar modeled for a fundraiser called Ready or Hot: Fashion Meets Passion for Planned Parenthood.

PP Fashion Show

The event was showed off some interesting fashion clothing – like this condom dress:

Did Woman arrested with dead still born baby in home use Melissa Harris-Perry’s definition for when life begins?

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A Woman who told her boyfriend she was pregnant and had an abortion has been arrested after they found the still born child’s dead body in her home.

But- did Lorie Bendorovich simply use MSNBC’s host Melissa Harris-Perry’s formula for when life begins as her excuse?


MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry said: “When a pregnancy is wanted by the mother and father. is easy to think of the bump as a baby. But not every pregnancy is a fairy tale…When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling – but not science. The problem is that many of our policymakers want to base sweeping laws on those feelings.

Lorie Bendorovich

Charges have been filed against the mother of a baby who was found dead inside the bedroom of her Bucks County home.

Police say 38-year-old Lorie Bendorovich gave birth to a baby boy on either July 14. Investigators say Bendorovich believed her child was stillborn and placed him in a black trash bag. Police say one of her children later discovered the baby’s decomposing body inside the bag.

On July 18, around 11 a.m., police say a friend of Bendorovich’s visited her at her home on the 200 block of Lakeside in Tullytown. The woman noticed a smell coming from a bedroom. When she walked in, police say she found the remains of the newborn inside the bag.

The woman contacted police who took Bendorovich in for questioning. Bendorovich told police she didn’t realize she was pregnant until she gave birth to the child. An autopsy performed on the child confirmed that he was stillborn.

“We are not charging criminal homicide at this juncture,” said Bucks County District Attorney David Heckler during a press conference on Monday. “The post-mortem examination which was performed Friday of last week indicated, at least preliminarily, that the child was indeed stillborn and that the lungs in particular never had oxygen in them and that the child never took a breath.”

Despite Bendorovich’s claim, prosecutors say that she knew she was pregnant at some point. According to investigators, the father of the child told police that he had offered to raise the baby with or without her back in October of last year. However, the father says Bendorovich told her in November that the pregnancy had been “terminated.” Officials are investigating whether Bendorovich underwent a procedure to end her pregnancy and believed the child had been aborted.

On Monday, Bendorovich was arrested and charged with concealing the death of her child as well as abuse of corpse. She appeared in court Monday afternoon for her arraignment and was released on unsecured bail. A judge ordered her to live with her parents. She is scheduled for another hearing on July 30.

Black man upset MSNBC guest compares abortion to Sharia law

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On the Wednesday, July 3, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC contributor Joy Reid compared abortion restrictions to “Shariah law” as she blasted North Carolina state senate Republicans for the “sneak attack” of including the restrictions in a bill banning Islamic law in the state. Reid:

Joy Reid

I think what probably happened here is that the legislators in North Carolina looked at what’s happening in Texas and other states where women are fighting these laws, where they’re fighting these bills. Where they’re coming out and protesting, and where it’s becoming national news, and they decided to make the world’s most ironic sneak attack.

You know, I’m sure these legislators couldn’t tell you what Sharia law is, but what they think it is, is exactly what they’re doing in these bills, imposing a religious dictate on women.

After reading from the bill, host O’Donnell brought aboard Reid and North Carolina Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan as guests to complain about the bill. Senator Hagan introduced the term “sneak attack” as she began:

Well, if this is a health care bill about women, I am glad any state legislator in Raleigh is not my doctor. When I look at what the leadership and the general assembly is doing, under a sneak attack they put forward, they forced a sweeping anti-women’s health care bill that, with no public notice, no transparency, and that doesn’t pass a public scrutiny test in North Carolina.