Democratic National Committee chair defends 3rd trimester abortion

Listen to Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz defend 3rd trimester abortion after statements by presidential hopeful Rand Paul that she supports aborting 7 pound babies.

4 Responses to “Democratic National Committee chair defends 3rd trimester abortion”

  1. She is just another moronic Leftist who fell from the morality of Judaism into the satanic ideology of Leftism. The problem with many of the fallen/secular Jews (including the evil Sabbatean-Frankists) is that they are rather intelligent people who were rather void of the right philosophy. And so they have done a disproportionately tremendous amount of damage. They are behind the evil Leftism/Cultural Marxism that has been destroying Western Civilization for the past century or so. The Khazar race has a lot of intelligent people, but not a lot of enlightened people. And so unenlightened Khazars have done tremendous damage to the world: to themselves and others.

  2. exposesexednow Says:

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  3. […] Saynsumthn’s Blog writes about the recent interview between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and FOX’s Megyn Kelly in which DWS sticks to the Democratic Party mantra as she defends third trimester abortion. […]

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