Planned Parenthood abortionist “I stopped delivering babies so I can provide abortions”

University of North Carolina’s Obstetrics Department physician Nicole Fanarjian says that she splits her time between Bay Pines VA Medical Center in Florida and Planned Parenthood, teaching residents and medical students.

Nicole Fanarijan

At the VA, I’ve been involved in several regional and national initiatives aimed at addressing the health needs of female veterans. At Planned Parenthood, I’ve helped to establish a family planning rotation for the University of South Florida ob/gyn residents,” she says online.

But, in fact, Nicole Fanarjian, who penned an op-ed where she states, “I stopped delivering babies so that I can provide abortions.”


The woman who will kill a child in the womb through the 20th week of pregnancy also called the process of delivering a baby “a rush.”

She goes on to claim, “I love delivering babies. I never wanted to give it up. And yet I’ve found myself in a place where I had to make a choice no obstetrician/gynecologist (ob/gyn) should have to make: provide care for women who deliver babies, or provide care for women who need abortions, just not both…

“I recognize and admit that dealing with the stigma and emotional toll attached to being an abortion provider is not always easy. A mentor once described the emotions of providing abortion care as a means of relieving a woman’s burden of suffering. What I took him to mean is that by providing abortion care I am helping my patient get on the other side of this difficult experience with dignity and support. I am suffering, if you will, to enable her to suffer less.

“In addition to being emotionally charged work, abortion is of course highly politicized and stigmatized. My decision in recent years to provide and teach abortion care has cost me professional opportunities.”

She then states, “Participating in obstetrics care is often joyous, whereas ending a pregnancy is often not.”

I wonder why?

2 Responses to “Planned Parenthood abortionist “I stopped delivering babies so I can provide abortions””

  1. Why should we feel any sympathy for a woman this foolish? She willingly agreed to kill babies for money.

    This is a huge problem in our culture today. The amount of Cultural Marxism and Cultural Foolishness has caused people to devalue life, which is arguably the cause of most social ills today. As soon as people lose the value of life, they no longer feel a need to defend life or their liberty. Abortion culture is part of that.

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