Bro-choice man creates “Baby Bashers” vid

A series of disturbing Brochoice videos entitled Baby Bashers shows a group of men stealing dolls which resemble babies and then killing them in cruel ways.

Baby Bashers

The first one, appeared to have been uploaded in March, but on further inspection I learned they were uploaded to YouTube page user RomanAtwood and found other Baby Basher vids stored there dating back to 2011.

Atwood is a “comedian prankster” who recently claimed he hit 2 million subscribers on his Roman Atwood Vlogs page.

In his first spoof “Baby Bashers” vid, babies are killed by batting them against a wall:

2 Baby Bashers bat

2 Baby Bashers wall

Throwing the faux baby into the lake or into an ongoing car :

2 Baby Bashers throw lakeJPG

2 Baby Bashers throw at car JPGBaby Basher
Pulling the baby away from it’s mom with a truck or throwing the child from a moving truck:

2 Baby Bashers truck

2 Baby Bashers truck throw

Baby Bashers 2

Baby Bashers 2 is just as disgusting as the Brochoicers seem excited when they steal a “girl baby” which they quickly rip apart:

Baby Bashers rip baby girl apart

And…fry in the microwave and dryer:

Baby Bashers microwave

Use an ax to cut the faux baby apart:

Baby Bashers ax

And feed the baby to the dog:

Baby Bashers feed to dog

But the true motivation came out when one of the Bashers runs at the faux baby yelling “F-ing fetus failure, how’s that for an abortion- you piece of sh**”

The vids are supposed to be sick humor, but, somehow, I am not laughing.

What are your thoughts?

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One Response to “Bro-choice man creates “Baby Bashers” vid”

  1. To be honest, this is quite sickening. If they take such gratification in torturing non-living baby dolls, I believe they could eventually get hungry for blood and go for real living human beings. But that’s just my opinion

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