Pro-choice revolutionary communists to protest pro-life March for Life in DC/ SF

Sunsara Taylor the head of the pro-choice group, Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party are joining together to call for their radical abortion supporters to protest the the pro-life March for Life in DC this month, an event they call a March for Female Enslavement.


The call to revolution comes in the form of an online video the duo has uploaded to YouTube.


Hi, I’m Sunsara Taylor and I’m Carl Dix and we’re here to challenge and invite you to be with us in the streets to take on the women haters in their war on women this month in Washington DC and San Francisco,” the duo says, failing to point out that the majority of pro-lifers are – WOMEN!

Taylor calls out what she says is an all out Christian fascists assault on abortion and birth control backed by the state after hudreds of laws to oppose abortion passed.

Stop Patriarchy March for LIfe

“Let’s be clear having a child if you want to have a child can be a beautiful thing. Being forced to have a child against your will – that’s a form of enslavement,” says Taylor.

Taylor calls her pro-choice, revolutionary, communist friends to protest the pro-life marches in Washington, DC and San Francisco.

They call it a March for Life. But it’s really a march for female enslavement. And they’re going to be celebrating in their victories of 2014…So we’re going to be there on the front lines in the streets with others…Women are not incubators, fetuses are not babies, Abortion is not murder…we will oppose these women haters…” Taylor hysterically says.


Carl Dix, who claims he has been opposing the violence of the police is calling his protesters to the March for Life telling them they need to be fighters on all fronts, “taking on this war on women is an important part of getting ready in position for an actual revolution that can sweep away this system and end all of these horrors…Abortion on demand without apology!”

An event set-up by the group on Facebook shows they also plan to protest the San Francisco March for Life.

Every year, the anti-abortion movement dominates the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade & mourns the legalization of abortion. This year WE’RE FIGHTING BACK!” it reads.

SF STop Patriarchy

In San Francisco on Saturday, January 24 we will take to the streets to challenge the “Walk for Life” organized by the anti-abortion, anti-women fanatics. 2014 saw another record year of TRAP laws and clinic closures. Now in 2015 Congress introduced a National Abortion ban on its very first day back in session. We will NOT be silent in the face of hatred. We will NOT stay home as fascists parade through the streets. We will STAND UP for abortion rights, CONFRONT & DEFEAT this war on women! Abortion on Demand & Without Apology Women are NOT bitches, ho’s, punching bags, breeders or sex objects — Women are full human beings!” Stop Patriarchy’s event page states.


A somewhat racist statement on the website of the Revolutionary Communist Party calls the Black pro-life pastors organizing in San Francisco Black Christian fascist preachers and explains the group’s beef with the March for Life in San Francisco, “On January 23, four Black Christian fascist preachers have the nerve to hold their “StandingUp4Life” event in Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland (re-named in the memory of one of the thousands of unarmed Black men who have been killed by the police), rolling out their anti-woman agenda under the guise of saving Black lives. These reactionary preachers spread the lie that abortion is genocide. Black women choosing abortion is not genocidal! In many cases, it is a choice they can make that allows them to regain their humanity in a world of rape, racism, and degradation.

Rev. Clenard Childress of, a featured speaker in this year’s anti-abortion Walk for “Life” West Coast in San Francisco on January 24; Walter Hoye of Issues4Life in Union City, who calls Black children an “endangered species” because abortion is still legal; Pastor Bruce Rivers of the Los Banos branch of Greater Exodus Baptist Church; and Pastor Walter Moss of the Black Pro Life Coalition and church leader in Ohio, will preach and march through Oakland as part of a nationally coordinated effort to end abortions.”

“These men will claim to carry the legacy of the civil rights movement, they will quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and they will seem to condemn crimes of slavery, genocide, and injustice against Black people. Do not be deceived. Despite all that rhetoric, these preachers claim that women, and in particular Black women, are responsible for “the denigration of the national conscience,” and have one main objective: to abolish abortion for ALL women in ALL circumstances, and to see ALL women slammed backwards to an openly subservient role, as prescribed by a literal interpretation of the Bible.”

Ignorantly, these hateful groups have misled their followers into believing their trash. The pastors in the march are not against women but for them. They have spoken out against the genocidal and racism eugenics agenda of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

It matters not to these abortion advocates that the founder of Planned Parenthood herself, Margaret Sanger, was a self-avowed Klan speaker- nope. They would rather rip a baby apart in the womb and stand with the eugenics organization than admit the error of their beliefs.

Stop Patriarchy has joined with former terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground in past events. This call to DC and SF will likely draw some of the more violent fringe of the reproductive rights community. In my opinion, pro-lifers should take this call seriously and beef up security at all their events.

12 Responses to “Pro-choice revolutionary communists to protest pro-life March for Life in DC/ SF”

  1. Lumumba Afrika Says:

    This story is disgusting. Haven’t African people awaken to the blatant falsehoods of the communist doctrine yet? Why are Negroes always so easily duped by these white commie infiltrators. Hasn’t the history of the 20th century taught us what our white commie “friends” are capable of doing to us. Not only is this campaign promoting the murder of children, it also is a subliminal promotion of interracial relationships by having a white woman and African man as the spokespeople. Interracial sexing and baby-making results in destruction of the African genome in service of a “pure” white caste system (racism or white-ism)

  2. exposesexednow Says:

    Reblogged this on Expose Sex Ed Now!.

  3. Alex Dornan Says:

    Just a couple more pro-childslaughter and enslavement to government crazies. How true are they to their own principles? Have they murdered any children yet? Have they made themselves and all their possessions government property?

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