Stop Patriarchy blocks pro-life blogger

Stop Patriarchy confront MFL

Within hours of my blog exposing Stop Patriarchy’s plan to counter protest at the Washington DC and San Francisco March for Life events, the radical pro-choice group blocked me from their Twitter page. How Mature!

( Read that blog post here)

Stop Patriarchy Blocks Saynsumthn Jan 12 2015

The same group that covers themselves with blood to protest women who died prior to Roe while simultaneously forgetting about women brutally killed from legal abortion TODAY are not BIG GIRL enough to allow a pro-life blogger to see what they are doing.

Stop Patriarchy Blood

STop Patriarchy Die In


The group, which pals around with leftists like former terrorist Bill Ayers, abortion clinic owner Diane Derzis and former abortion clinic operator, Carol Downer, co-founder of the Feminist Women’s Health Center, are threatened by this blog- really?


Speaking of Carol Downer, Stop Patriarchy just linked to an article Downer wrote which was published in Counterpunch. I will cite from below to show you the warped mindset of these people:

I’d like to propose that women revive the meetings with other women to share vaginal self-examination to build a movement that could actually seize the means to gain sovereignty for themselves, and to change the power relationship between all women and the State?

“Unless a substantial number of us learn how to reliably and safely prevent or terminate pregnancy ourselves, reproductive rights activists’ strategies will be limited to demanding, begging, petitioning, voting, and/or, lobbying, suing, or rabble-rousing whenever the political climate changes worsens.

Stop Patriarchy women dead abortion

Anyway- Stop Patriarchy has put out a call for quality signs they can parade around during the marches of women who allegedly died duing the days of illegal abortion -so very many years ago!

Stop Patriarchy’s website explains, “THIS JANUARY we want to bring HUGE pictures of women who died from illegal abortion. In many protests, we have carried 11” x 17” enlargements of the pictures included here and the effect is dramatic.”

But the graphics are poor quality, very “pixalated” and we can’t enlarge these files any bigger without losing the image altogether.

“Can you recreate these images so they will be 6 feet tall? An artistic rendering? What’s your idea?

“ALSO, help develop a concept of how these can be effectively and easily displayed. Using PVC pipe? A better idea?

“We must have these graphics by Jan 19 at the latest. Contact us today at if you have ideas or want to get involved.”

Hey members of Stop Patriarchy, the pro-life movement already has plenty of LARGE images of women killed from legal abortion which you can use:

Tonya Reaves _3399880429594703002_n

Lakish Wilson 8846_450713531525543038_n

And here is a picture of a woman killed from legal abortion which I took myself – at her funeral!

Carolina Gutierrez, bought the lie that abortion is a safe, legal procedure. It took her six weeks to die from an infection so bad after her abortion that she developed gangrene.

On December 19, 1995, Carolina Gutierrez, a young Hispanic immigrant woman and mother of two, went to the Maber Medical Center abortion clinic in Miami, Florida to undergo a “Safe/Legal” abortion. At the clinic, she was given a business card printed in Spanish — and a sheet in English warning about possible complications of the abortion, including infection. Neither Gutierrez nor her husband reads English. When Carolina returned home that afternoon, she was staggering and complaining of pain in her belly and chest. Fever set in. She called the clinic and someone hung up. During the next two days, Gutierrez called the clinic at least twice more and left messages on an answering machine but no one called back. By December 21, Carolina was barely able to breathe and the family dialed 911. At Jackson Memorial Hospital, doctors said Gutierrez was suffering from blood infection so severe that she was in septic shock with an infection that led to gangrene in her feet and fingers.


Lawyers for the family said doctors told them that her uterus was perforated at least twice. Within days, doctors decided the threat of spreading gangrene was greater than the risk of surgery and they made the difficult decision to amputate both of Carolina’s legs just below the knees to contain the infection. Despite all of this, on February 5,1996, the 21-year-old woman died, according to an autopsy, of an infection “subsequent to termination of pregnancy.” When her death became public, the Maber Medical Center abortion clinic shut its doors. Operators Roque Garcia and Maria Luisa Garcia dropped out of public sight. Lawyers for the family say that their law firm received numerous calls from women who have developed complications following abortions performed at Maber or by its staff physician, Dr. Luis Marti. Their complaints mirror what happened to Gutierrez. The principal difference is that they survived, and she didn’t.

And there is always this one of Marla Cardemone- her autopsy was uploaded by a pro-life group at the request of her mother who wanted the world to know what legal abortion did to her daughter.

SafeandLegalabortion Marla Cardamone

Don’t be fooled- Stop Patriarchy is not interested in women or their health- they want one thing: Abortion on Demand W/O Apology!

5 Responses to “Stop Patriarchy blocks pro-life blogger”

  1. kristine Vollmer Says:

    You know about Jeffery Epstein…

    The sex slave trade-men WANT abortion on demand….if it were illegal, guess how many girls who get pregnant by these perverts would be having to have illegal abortions OR worse yet, would probably be found dead somewhere. These people have no morality….just care about their flesh.

    rom: Saynsumthns Blog [] Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 3:30 PM To: Subject: [New post] Stop Patriarchy blocks pro-life blogger

    saynsumthn posted: ” Within hours of my blog exposing Stop Patriarchy’s plan to counter protest at the Washing DC and San Francisco March for Life events, the radical pro-choice group blocked me from their Twitter page. How Mature! ( Read that blog post here) T”

  2. Are you surprised? I’m not. If these idiots really believe in “stopping patriarchy,” why don’t they refrain from bodily contact with the “enemy”? Then abortion would be a moot issue. Oh, I forgot. They’re totally in favor of unnatural, technological conceptions and unnatural sex—shades of the 1970s when the “Village Voice” published an article by Ellen Frankfurt, author of “Vaginal Politics,” who rhapsodized about the joys of viewing female private parts with a speculum. (This was years before she died leaving a suicide note.) Ewww!

  3. They Blocked Me For Tweeting this Story! Cowards…

  4. […] this week, I blogged that Stop Patriarchy blocked me from their Twitter page (Censorship cowards) after I exposed their intentions to protest the […]

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