Girl posts video detailing her abortion records

A young woman has uploaded a video which details her abortion records.

The first image she shows is the ultrasound picture of “her baby,” which she had on June 4, 2010 at approximately 8 weeks.

You can see the child’s head and eye socket,” she tells her video audience.


Her baby was 10 weeks and 4 days when she had the therapeutic D+C abortion on June 18, 2010. She points to what she thinks is her baby’s heart or feet: “you can actually see the outline of the child …,” she points out.

Poits to heart feet

Theraputic D+E

Her records indicated that she had a medical abortion by pill at the age of 22:

Pill Abortion

She says, “MY surgeon was DR. F Fellow, I’ve never met him…

Surgeon ab

She says she met a man through an internet dating site and became pregnant. Her reasons for ending her child’s life was anxiety and depression. The video is difficult because the girl seems sad. It is ironic when you look at the image she has used to identify herself on YouTube as twin babies:

Katie Lynn

As she ends the Video, she says she’d like to show her other ultrasound pictures and points to what she calls “The Baby”

Other ULtrasound Pics

She then sets down a plastic fetal model and tells her viewers, “And this is roughly how big my baby would have been when I had my abortion..” She then sets down some precious feet showing the exact size of a ten week old unborn child.

Baby BIg

It is unclear if she regrets this decision or not. She appears to be saddened by it, but gives no commentary one way or another.

As women seeking abortions request their medical records days, months, or even years later, one has to wonder what seeing the ultrasound pic of their now dead child does to them. Perhaps that is why looking at this image before the abortion is so crucial !!!

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