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Sexual Misconduct among Planned Parenthood abortion docs and staffers – will media demand tax dollars be defunded?

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Child porn, harassment, and rape: Is Planned Parenthood a haven for sex offenders?

Planned Parenthood’s political organizer president Cecile Richards recently expressed concern about accusations brought by women claiming to have been sexually harassed by men in power. While these accusations and admissions are greatly concerning, it seems Richards has overlooked her own back yard, so to speak. Plenty of Planned Parenthood employees have had their own share of troubles in this arena.


Jorge Martin-Santana

According to Sacramento Superior Court records, Jorge Humberto Martin Santana was arrested in 2013 and charged with one count of misdemeanor sexual battery, under criminal code PC 243.4(E)(1), which reads in part:A California jury found a Planned Parenthood medical assistant guilty of misdemeanor sexual battery after inappropriately touching a patient during the course of his duties at Planned Parenthood.

Any person who touches an intimate part of another person, if the touching is against the will of the person touched, and is for the specific purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification, or sexual abuse, is guilty of misdemeanor sexual battery…

In February of 2015, Martin-Santana pleaded “not guilty,” but on April 9, 2015, he was sentenced to 140 days in a sheriff’s work project and three years of probation.


Timothy Liveright Planned Parenthood abortionist accused of sexual harassment

In 2013, Planned Parenthood RN Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, who worked at Planned Parenthood Delaware’s Dover and Wilmington clinics, told blogger Jill Stanek that abortionist Timothy Fouch Liveright had sexually harassed employees and patients.

“I have noted Dr. Liveright inappropriately look up and down patients as well as staff members in a sexual kind of way. He actually stands back with a grin and slowly directs his eyes up and down a patient’s body.”In 2013, Planned Parenthood RN Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, who worked at Planned Parenthood Delaware’s Dover and Wilmington clinics, told blogger Jill Stanek that abortionist Timothy Fouch Liveright had sexually harassed employees and patients.

Jayne resigned from Planned Parenthood after her letters of complaint to management were ignored. The nurse also said she observed Liveright “acting condescending to African American patients by implying they were ignorant,” among other charges.

Liveright worked for several Planned Parenthood locations.

A Delaware Medical Licensure complaint filed against Liveright claims Planned Parenthood reprimanded him for “unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate” conduct, including “yelling, screaming, and cursing” in front of employees and patients and “sexual harassment of female employees.”

Planned Parenthood Abortion doc Timothy Liveright accused of sexual harassment


consent agreement filed in 2014 says Liveright agreed to obtain “sexual harassment training”:

Planned Parenthood Abortion doc Timothy Liveright accused of sexual harassment


According to USA Today, Liveright played an abortionist in the 2010 Hollywood movie, “Blue Valentine“:

In 2013, media reported that Liveright surrendered his license to practice medicine in Delaware, but a November 2017 query reveals that Liveright’s Pennsylvania license is still active.


In July 2008, the Miami Herald reported that Planned Parenthood’s national office cut ties with several Florida centers after accusations of “terrible mismanagement and possibly fraud,” including alleged sexual harassment against a former CEO:

Miami Herald Planned Parenthood cuts ties with 5 clinics, sexual harassment

The Herald stated:

The disaffiliation allowed the national organization to wash its hands of the local chapter once known as Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

The chapter is dealing with many problems, including harassment complaints and possible misuse of nearly $450,000 — slightly less than they received in public funding in 2005.


Several female patients claimed Illinois Planned Parenthood physician, Carl E. Burpo, “engaged in improper conduct during a gynecological examination” at Burpo’s office and at Planned Parenthood, where he worked part-time. He was eventually indicted on 21 counts of sexual misconduct.

One complaint alleged that Burpo fondled patients’ “breasts and in some cases made other sexual advances toward seven patients in 1990 and 1991 while examining them.”

Carl E Burpo Planned Parenthood, sexual misconduct (St Louis Post-Dispatch)

A 1993 report states that Burpo was suspended from practicing at Planned Parenthood. A jury acquitted him in two of the cases but in February 1995, the Illinois Supreme Court reinstated eight of the criminal sexual assault charges.

His medical license was suspended in 1995.


Roger Ian Hardy

Former Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy was forced to surrender his Massachusetts medical license in January 2014, amid allegations that he sexually molested patients during fertility treatments at Fertility Centers of New England.

Hardy had previously committed abortions for Planned Parenthood facilities in Massachusetts and California.Former Planned Parenthood abortionist Roger Ian Hardy was forced to surrender his Massachusetts medical license in January 2014, amid allegations that he sexually molested patients during fertility treatments at Fertility Centers of New England.

Operation Rescue notes, “Why Hardy eventually left Planned Parenthood is unknown, but a Boston Globe article published on May 1, 2014, indicates that Hardy’s abhorrent sexual misconduct stretched back as far as 20 years. Hardy was working for Planned Parenthood during that time, in which Planned Parenthood abortion patients were likely exposed to molestation by Hardy as well.”


In 1987, the Minnesota Board of Medical Examiners revoked the license of Hideo D. Mori for alleged sexual improprieties involving 10 patients over 23 years in Grand Meadow. A report states that administrative law judge Allan W. Klein found Mori had “inappropriately massaged some of his patients, telling one of them… that he needed to stimulate her genital area to fit her properly for a diaphragm.”

Klein wrote that Mori claimed to have romantic feelings toward the patient, caressing her body and kissing her to make her sexually aroused, understanding “that it was not medically indicated.”

Hideo Mori sexual misconduct volunteer doctor for Planned Parenthood

 Hideo Mori sexual misconduct volunteer doctor for Planned Parenthood

While Mori served as a volunteer physician for Planned Parenthood nearly 18 years, there are no indications that his patients there were victims in this case.

Hideo Mori, Planned Parenthood volunteer


The NY State Department of Health accused Planned Parenthood of Rochester and Monroe County physician, Joseph L. Lizardi, of sexual misconduct, including sexually stimulating one patient and telling another she was pretty while touching her breasts.

Joseph L Lizardi sexual misconduct NY Planned Parenthood

According to the document, Lizardi was also accused of speaking with another patient in an “obscene, threatening and disparaging manner.”

Joseph L Lizardi sexual misconduct NY Planned Parenthood



Jerry Gonzales PP volunteer

On December 29, 2004, 46 year-old Planned Parenthood volunteer, Jerry Steven Gonzales, was convicted of raping a 12-year-old boy, as well as unlawful sex with a minor and two counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving juveniles, for incidents with two 16-year-old boys. In addition, he was convicted of felonious assault for having sex with a 17-year-old boy and not telling the victim about his HIV status. The incidents occurred at Gonzales’ home in Ohio.

Authorities found 50 videos of Gonzales having sex with boys.On December 29, 2004, 46 year-old Planned Parenthood volunteer, Jerry Steven Gonzales, was convicted of raping a 12-year-old boy, as well as unlawful sex with a minor and two counts of pandering sexually oriented material involving juveniles, for incidents with two 16-year-old boys. In addition, he was convicted of felonious assault for having sex with a 17-year-old boy and not telling the victim about his HIV status. The incidents occurred at Gonzales’ home in Ohio.

Police claim Gonzales pleaded guilty to a “similar, misdemeanor charge in Michigan in 1989 but was not required to register as a sex offender.”

Gonzalez worked as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood of North West Ohio’s HIV Outreach center until his arrest on October 12, 2004.

Gonzalez was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Planned Parenthood CEO arrested for indecent exposure

1. In 2012, Tony Ray Thornton (pictured right), the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood in Lubbock, was arrested for exposing his genitals to a 43-year-old male in a Texas park.

Soon after, Thornton apologized and resigned from Planned Parenthood.1. In 2012, Tony Ray Thornton (pictured right), the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood in Lubbock, was arrested for exposing his genitals to a 43-year-old male in a Texas park.

“I deeply regret creating a situation in my personal life that potentially creates a distraction from these goals, and I apologize to the people in the Lubbock community for the incident,” Thornton stated. “I will work with my attorney through the appropriate court process to correct any misinformation and take responsibility for errors.”

According to the county clerk, the charges in Thornton’s case #2012-469-378 were dismissed on February 28, 2013, in the “interest of justice.”

In 2010, Thornton helped Planned Parenthood purchase a closed facility — renamed Planned Parenthood Women’s Health Center, Inc. — after the owners retired.

2. In 2005, Planned Parenthood employee Aymara Castro said Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas subjected her to “unlawful sexual harassment, and to disparate terms, conditions and privileges of employment because of her sex.” She won her claim, filed with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which found Planned Parenthood had “failed to take corrective action to stop the harassment and retaliated against her for engaging in protected activity.”

Planned Parenthood was ordered to pay Castro $40,000 in monetary relief, EEOC case

EEOC Sexual harassment claim against Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood was ordered to pay Castro $40,000 in monetary relief.


1. In 2008, former abortionist for Planned Parenthood of Columbia-Willamette, George Elliott Kabacy, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, WA, for possession of child pornography. Kabacy was not practicing at Planned Parenthood at the time of his December 2006 arrest. According to the US Attorney’s office:

Kabacy admitted in his plea agreement that he knowingly possessed more than 8,000 images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct. Kabacy also admits to possessing videos of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, both on his computer and on 36 compact disks. Some of the images depict children under the age of 12. Kabacy admitted that he communicated with other people over the Internet, expressing his interest in having sex with minors and exchanging more than 40 images of child pornography with these other people over the Internet.

Kabacy’s OregonWashington State and California medical licenses were later revoked. 

2. Douglas Attig was accused by authorities of inappropriate, sexually oriented comments and contact with patients.

Planned Parenthood doctor Douglas Attig sexual misconduct


Douglas Attig worked at Planned Parenthood

The commission’s statement of charges alleges that Attig repeatedly spanked, kissed and hugged a patient, also sending her “copious amounts” of inappropriate and suggestive e-mail.

The complaint, filed in 2000, does not state where the incidents occurred. While there is no indication the assaults occurred at Planned Parenthood, news reports show that the organization admitted Attig occasionally committed abortions for them after he was targeted by an explosive device in 2001.The commission’s statement of charges alleges that Attig repeatedly spanked, kissed and hugged a patient, also sending her “copious amounts” of inappropriate and suggestive e-mail.

On July 13, 2001, the Board suspended Attig’s license but issued a stay allowing him to continue to practice on a probationary term.

Many additional troubling actions by Planned Parenthood have been documented, including a failure to report child sexual abuse. Reports also show that victims of sex trafficking are sometimes taken to Planned Parenthood centers for forced abortions by their pimps.

  • This article is reprinted with permission. The original appeared here at Live Action News.

Ohio abortionist lies to patient says he cannot remove laminaria or stop abortion

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An Ohio abortion doctor has been sued after he told a woman that she could not reverse her decision to abort her child once the procedure had begun.


According to the lawsuit, on March 2010, the woman referred to as SS, who is from West Virginia, traveled to Ohio to receive an abortion. She went to Dr. Martin Ruddock at the Center for Women’s Health, Inc., in Cleveland. SS was in her second trimester of pregnancy.

Abortionist Ruddock first saw SS on March 16, 2010 when she signed six informed-consent forms at his office. The woman claims she signed the forms prior to ever seeing Ruddock and that required counseling was not provided 24 hours in advance of the abortion procedure.

SS was informed that because of her stage of pregnancy, Ruddock would have to first place dilators, known as laminaria, into her cervix during the first two days, and that the abortion would not be
completed until the third day, which would have been March 18, 2010.

On March 16, 2010, Ruddock examined SS and placed three laminaria into her cervix. During the procedure, SS experienced pain and uncertainty and indicated that she wanted to stop.

Ruddock informed her that it was not possible. According to SS, Ruddock informed her that her water had already broken; that he could not stop; that she could not revoke consent once the procedure had begun; and that if the procedure were stopped, the child would suffer from mental retardation. The procedure continued, and the laminaria were inserted. An abortion procedure report was used to document the procedure.

The next day, SS went to another doctor who removed the laminaria and informed her that her water had not been broken. On March 18, 2010, SS returned to Ruddock’s office and was given a refund after signing a “laminaria removal release.”

SS’s pregnancy resulted in the birth of a healthy baby.

SS sued Ruddock and the trial court granted Ruddock’s motion and dismissed the complaint and all claims raised therein with prejudice. This was based on the language of the laminaria release that the patient signed. So SS took her case to the Ohio Supreme Court which noted that the language in the release did not exempt Ruddock from liability concerning violations of Ohio’s informed consent law, medical record release laws, fraud and misrepresentation claims regarding the pregnancy itself, or spoliation of evidence claims. In May of 2014 the Ohio Supreme Court found there were reasonable grounds for the appeal and reversed the lower court’s decision.

Read decision here.

Girl posts video detailing her abortion records

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A young woman has uploaded a video which details her abortion records.

The first image she shows is the ultrasound picture of “her baby,” which she had on June 4, 2010 at approximately 8 weeks.

You can see the child’s head and eye socket,” she tells her video audience.


Her baby was 10 weeks and 4 days when she had the therapeutic D+C abortion on June 18, 2010. She points to what she thinks is her baby’s heart or feet: “you can actually see the outline of the child …,” she points out.

Poits to heart feet

Theraputic D+E

Her records indicated that she had a medical abortion by pill at the age of 22:

Pill Abortion

She says, “MY surgeon was DR. F Fellow, I’ve never met him…

Surgeon ab

She says she met a man through an internet dating site and became pregnant. Her reasons for ending her child’s life was anxiety and depression. The video is difficult because the girl seems sad. It is ironic when you look at the image she has used to identify herself on YouTube as twin babies:

Katie Lynn

As she ends the Video, she says she’d like to show her other ultrasound pictures and points to what she calls “The Baby”

Other ULtrasound Pics

She then sets down a plastic fetal model and tells her viewers, “And this is roughly how big my baby would have been when I had my abortion..” She then sets down some precious feet showing the exact size of a ten week old unborn child.

Baby BIg

It is unclear if she regrets this decision or not. She appears to be saddened by it, but gives no commentary one way or another.

As women seeking abortions request their medical records days, months, or even years later, one has to wonder what seeing the ultrasound pic of their now dead child does to them. Perhaps that is why looking at this image before the abortion is so crucial !!!

South African abortionist tells reporter patients scream in pain from abortion

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South Africa abortionist Sharon Hobo describes the process and methods used in a typical abortion. Not all abortions go according to plan.

Sharon Hoboo

When asked by the interviewer, “It is painful,” Hoboo replies, “It is painful.”

When asked if the patients scream, Hoboo said, “They do scream.”

Patient writes complaint against Planned Parenthood after switching to ObamaCare

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A patient who just switched her insurance to ObamaCare has posted a complaint against Planned Parenthood in South Austin on the Complaint Board:
S Austin PP

“I’ve been going to Planned Parenthood for over two consecutive years now for my birth control shot. I just recently got health insurance under Obama Care. I went three months ago, using my insurance for the first time. I asked about the insurance over the phone before I drove down there for my appointment. I was told my insurance was accepted. I arrived and was told I couldn’t be seen that day because the doctor couldn’t ‘work on me’ with the insurance I have. So I rescheduled for a new day. It’s hard for me to schedule an appointment in the first place because of work, and finding child care for my four year old. I went back on my rescheduled day, and walked out unseen that day because the lady at the counter couldn’t find my insurance. I talked with her over the next THREE days, she then told me they DID accept my insurance but they couldn’t figure out how to find it or use it, but I was scheduled another appointment and given my shot for free. I signed a waiver stating so.”

Complaints Board

I now, three months later, due for my next shot, called to make an appointment. I called twice on two different days trying to schedule an appointment, during business hours and the phone just rang and rang, my call never got picked up. I finally get a hold of a person and am immediately put on hold for 10 minutes. For the two years I’ve been coming here, I have scheduled an appointment every time. This time, a very unpleasant sounding lady tells me they do this on a walk in basis. I’m confused, but ok whatever, ill walk in. Before I waste my time driving down there, I ask her about my insurance. I told her I had issues using it last time, I wanted to make sure everything was going to be ok with it this time. I was told very rudely that no, they do not accept my insurance. I tried to explain to her that I was told by another employee last time that my insurance was accepted. She kept cutting me off until I finally told her thanks anyway. I called back and asked by name for the lady who helped me last time, I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and the same rude lady picked the phone back up and told me she was with a patient and could she get my name and phone number and would have the lady call me back. I gave her the information and the call was ended. I then immediately called my insurance provider to see if they could tell me if planned parenthood accepted my insurance. The lady told me yes, they do accept this insurance. I told her my issue, and she asked me if I could hold and she was going to call them. She asked to talk to the manager and left a message with him. I never received a call back from planned parenthood, and called back again today. I spoke with a different lady this time, and she transferred me to the manager, she said he was walking in the office as she was transferring my call. It rang maybe twice and went to voicemail. I left a message with my name and phone number asking him to call me back. Have not received a call back and I left the message 4 hours ago. I am SO disgusted with this customer service. They sure showed me they don’t care about me or my business, and I have taken my business elsewhere. The customer service given to me was unacceptable. I work in customer service and I KNOW if I treated someone the way I have been treated, I would be getting complained against, and at the least written up by my supervisor.”

Abortion Patient having seizure, not responsive, Lips Blue, Barely Breathing after legal Abortion

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Jan 7, 2014

This is not the first time an ambulance has been called to this abortion clinic (read here)


Operation Rescue has just obtained a 911 recording of an emergency call placed from the Cleveland Surgi-Center last September that details horrific abortion complications suffered by a woman who was said to be only sporadically breathing and whose lips were turning blue.

According to an employee of the Cleveland Surgi-Center that first placed the call on September 14, 2013, the 24 year-old woman had a history of seizure disorders for which she was taking the medication Depakote. The woman began to experience seizures after the abortion procedure.

Read more

Planned Parenthood gets poor reviews from some of their patients

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Planned Parenthood
3.5 star rating15 reviews Rating Details
201 E Ben White Blvd
Austin, TX 78704


Patient Review: Expect to wait at least 1 hour. Staff Behind the window is rude and seems she hates her job. If you can go somewhere else I would say choose that over this place!

Planned Parenthood
Margaret Sanger Center
26 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

Planned Parenthood SUCKS!

PP Sucks

PPMS Center 2013

This review came from a Planned Parenthood employee who worked the Planned Parenthood clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area:

PP Employee Review

There is poor and little training for employees who are doing things like counseling patients, taking blood pressure, etc. Much of this is left to on-the-job learning and that can be risky when dealing with sensitive health care issues.

Planned Parenthood
Decatur, Illinois

Poor Service

PP Ill Poor Service

Review by Planned Parenthood of Omaha customer:
I have had very bad experiences with Planned Parenthood myself and wondered if others have also. Never in my life have I been treated so poorly and seen such rude clinical staff. Over the course of a few years they mismanaged my account telling me my insurance was being billed and paying. Then I get hit with a $300 bill. I was told insurance did not pay any of my claims. Come to find out the clinic never submitted anything to insurance. In attempting to resolve and research the problem I have been called names and hung up by the staff at Planned Parenthood. Needless to say I am no longer a customer and very vocal about their poor service and untrained staff. Thanks so much Planned Parenthood of Omaha.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood of Wilmington, NC

I agree with you. Planned Parenthood, I thought, was supposed to be helpful to women, but instead they treat us with such disrespect and their rude attitudes need to be put in check. I was in a very horrible situation where my baby had died inside of me and my body wasn’t rejecting it. I was early, around 8w 2d, but the baby was 6w 5d when it died. My doctors told me to go to Planned Parenthood to have it removed since my body was still thinking I was pregnant when it wasn’t. I even had the forms that said it was not a viable pregnancy, and that there was no heartbeat. Things were ok, at first. Until it came time for the procedure, and I wasn’t even numbed for it. I felt the whole thing, crying, screaming… and I wasn’t alone, the other girls in the other rooms were screaming just as loud as I was. If the men in the waiting room heard this, I guarantee that the procedure would not have gone down like that. I was restrained and I kept telling them that I wasn’t numb, and they didn’t care. When the doctor finished jamming the rods in me and then removing my already deceased baby, he got an attitude… he told me to “knock off the theatrics, I was doing you a favor.” He stormed out, and then started talking trash about how “white girls are pathetic because they get themselves into messes that I have to clean up and then they can’t even shut up when this procedure doesn’t even hurt.” Doesn’t hurt???? YEAH RIGHT!!! I went back to my regular doctors office, and I had bruising, abrasions and severe swelling. My regular doctor couldn’t even believe that I wasn’t numb for the whole thing. Planned Parenthood is horrible!!! If my child didn’t die in-utero, your damn straight that I would have kept it. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years. Now, I am too scared to even try again for fear that I might have to go through this again. This doctor needs his license removed!!! Planned Parenthood of Wilmington, NC needs to close their doors.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Lubbox , TX

Wow…although I am not surprised by the complaints but I am surprised at extent of the bad experiences. I visit the center in Lubbock, TX. and thr staff is rude and unprofessional. First I had an appointment scheduled for 9:45, I waited almost 2 hours before I was seen by a practitioner, 2 HOURS!!! I am actually sitting on the exam table right now as I am writing this using my phone. Before I got in here, I was asked to fill out paperwork that I was asked to fill out everytime I came in about my medical history isn’t that was medical files are for? What do they do with my medical paperwork trash it when I leave? I even tried to explain to the front desk lady that one on the forms I was given to apply for financoal assistance was denied last time so thrre was no need to fill it out but she would not let me get a word in edge wise…telling me to just go fill out the forms. I am about to put on my clothes and walk out cuz I have to be at work in an hour. I will NOT be using their services EVER again!

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, Wash, says she was not treated with respect and given a choice- it was ABORTION or the door:

I visited the Planned Parenthood in Kennewick, Washington and was very disturbed by how I was treated. I have never been to a planned parenthood and I will never go back. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and at the time of my visist was not sure what to do. I have a stable relationship, good job, and own my home, but the thought of having a child was scary (as I’m sure it is for many people). I was neither committed to the idea of keeping the baby nor aborting it, but simply wanted some information on my choices. When I made the appointment I made this very clear to the person I spoke to. I arrived for my 5:00 appointment to find the waiting room very full. I waited for about 30 minutes and being pregnant needed to use the restroom. Upon leaving the restroom my name was called. I greeted the employee and apologized explaining that I was in the restroom. She then informed me in front of a room of about 50 people that I would need to “pee in the cup to confirm my pregnancy and I better drink some more water”. I told her my pregnancy was already confirmed (I had already established a dr. and had ultrasound photos) and I simply wanted to get more information on my options. She then said loudly, again in a room full of people that I “could not schedule my abortion until I confirmed the pregnancy”. I am typically not the crying type, but immediately burst in to tears and left. I was under the impression that Planned Parenthood was meant to be a support for women. However, the disrespect and embarrassment they caused me will never be forgotten. I have been encouraged by several family members and friends to seek a lawsuit due to HIPAA violations. I am in the medical profession and well aware of such guidelines, however never having to have anything to do with Planned Parenthood again seems like a better option at this time. There are plently of clinics out there who care about their patients and help to make choices. Don’t make the mistake that I did. I am keeping my baby and am petrified, but I know that I can make it work.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Hazelwood Missouri – clinic had poor sanitary conditions?

Last year I went to the Planned Parenthood in Hazelwood Missouri because I couldn’t get an apt at the one close to my house.. I showed up on time for my appointment and did not get in to a room for 45 minutes and waited for the nurse practitioner for 2 hours in the room! I was getting an STD test done, if that’s not nerve racking enough, but waiting that long. The NP was VERY un hygienic, she put on her exam gloves, typed on her computer, left the room opening the door WITH her gloves on! Not only that there was hair all over the exam table from previous patients, I wanted to throw up and cry all at the same time! And to make matters worse, when she gave me her diagnosis, she was very rude and almost cheerful about it, what the hell is that! I was mortified. I refuse to pay the rest of my bill, but I cant find anyone to tell that to, I just give shoved around the phone lines.. If I knew it was going to be that horrific, disgusting and even more expensive than my OB I never would have went.

Review for NY Planned Parenthood


She goes on to say, “The whole time I was there, there was another room full of young girls in surgical gowns and it was literally one in, one out…as someone who is pro-choice, I hate to say this, but the place was like a factory. It both really upset me and freaked me out.

If you want to have a mindless abortion without any consequences, this is the place for you (as long as you don’t mind the 8+ hour wait). If you actually want to be treated decently and like someone with feelings, do NOT go here. Ask your doctor for a referral to an OB-GYN.”

PP NY 2006

August 31, 2006
If you want to get treated like you walk the streets… Ladies! Please PLEASE do not go here if it’s your first time having an abortion or any other important proceedure. The nurses and attendants, no matter how nice or accommodating you attempt to be in the circumstances, will treat you like you are wasting every second of their time. There was not an ounce of care at this care center. I watched nurses/ assistants scream at women to get up out of their chairs when they were recovering from general or local (extremely painful proceedure) anaesthetic. I spent half an hour with a girl who threw up in a trash can whilst app. 10 medical assistants watched or yelled at her for throwing up (from her nausea). I also had a friend who was rushed to the emergency room for incapacitating uteral contractions after the same proceedure this year. Unknowing or unaware (I have no idea which) the attendants at Margaret Sanger Center are collectively the worst healthcare assistants I’ve encounted in my life. It was absolutely traumatizing and I know for a fact I am not alone.

I have never written a review before but the whole experience was difficult enough. All women in this position ought to know.

Patient review of Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY, claims she was treated badly because she was black !

PP Hampstead NY treated bad Black

They are lucky they even have 1 star. The office in Hempstead, NY is the worse office. I went there on a Saturday to buy the plan B pill, they told me they were closed and stop taking patients at 2pm. There website says they close at 3, there recording says they close at 3, and the sign on the door says they closed at 3. The low life receptionist who was there had a nerve to say oh well to me and told me to go to a regular pharmacy where they charged u double the price. I asked if there was any other planned parenthoods open she gave me a look like why r u asking me. She was like I don’t know and then turned her back to me. the problem is that they have these young girls running the office and majority is Spanish. I am not racist because I have many Spanish friends but they treated me nasty because I was Black. But I’m bringing this to the news media.

And another patient writes, “The receptionist staff at the Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY is very rude and unprofessional. They have attitudes, roll their eyes, and even huff and puff over the phone when you ask them questions. They tell you to call if you have any questions or concerns but when you call you’re on hold forever and when they answer they are not helpful at all. Then they tell you they will call you back in an hour. If you’re calling to find out if you might have an emergency they should be able to give you some kind of answer. The service is just very poor.

Nov. 20, 2010
1 2 3 4 5-by Anonymous

Planned Parenthood Seattle:

PP Seattle

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
916 W Burbank Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

PP LosANgelas