New website encourages women to share abortion stories on youtube

Abortion advocates have created yet another marketing tool to convince women to share their abortion stories.

Their newest ploy is a website called Not Alone:

Not Alone

The site tells women to

1). Tell your story in a short video.
2). Upload your video to YouTube.
3). Show other women they aren’t alone.

This follows the embarrassing video by abortion clinic worker Emily Letts who admitted that although she had access to birth control, worked for an abortion clinic that offered birth control , she did not use birth control when she made the irresponsible decision to video her alleged abortion.

Emily Letts Abortion

In fact, according to the Not Alone website, Emily Letts joined the Not Alone team in the spring of 2014.

Other efforts to get women to share how they killed their unborn children include the One in Three campaign:
One in Three

As well as the failed: I Had an Abortion T-Shirt drive:

I Had abortion_bubble_plannedParenthood1

Of course, NARAL also has a list of abortion stories posted on their website:


But these abortion stories do not tell the full picture- you will most likely NOT see abortion stories like the videos below on any of these abortion advocating websites:

See more on this here

In fact, groups like Silent No More Awareness Campaign have been exposing abortion regret for years! Something the abortion lobby doesn’t want women to know about !

I regret Abortion Silent No More

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