NAACP Crisis on “Genocide” from Planned Parenthood

The Crisis NAACP March 1970

“There is division within the Negro community how best to face this challenge. There are those of us who condemn the idea of birth control as a sinister “Genocide” conspiracy which white folk , fearful of steadily increasing Negro population, seek to foist upon the black community…Let those Negro men and women who despair of the future and turn their back on parenthood remember what their forbearers endured with faith and courage and dedication. Let them dig deep into the history of the black race in this country and realize what their ancestors were able to overcome. Let them not shrink from their duty to the future of their race in America. Let them be assured that there is hope for both the race and the country.”

The NAACP Crisis July 1995:

The Crisis Jul 1995

Rev. Dee Davis, pastoral care minister of the Harvest Church International, an African American Church in Landover, Maryland, strongly supports abstinence.
Ardent foes of Planned Parenthood , she and her congregation believe the birth control agency “has plans to bring genocide” to African Americans, citing Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood in 1929, as conceiving the plan.

Jet Magazine, November 1971

“An opponent of birth control [Dick] Gregory contends that “planned parenthood’ campaigns actually represent a conspiracy by whites to perpetrate genocide on blacks.”
Dick Gregory JET Mag 11 4 1971
Black Panthers Speak: Black Panther Party, 1969,


Shrewdly, cunningly, he starts to do you in. Genocide.
Planned Parenthood
Birth Control
Vietnamese War
Venereal Disease
Pigs, Punks, and Tricky Dicky Nixon.
Genocide. Dig it black man.”


George Clements JET Mag Feb 15 1973

Jet Magazine, Father George Clements , Feb 15, 1973
“People don’t go around saying there are to many white children being born, but there are many who talk about the overpopulation in the Black COmmunities. There is a grave contradiction being practiced in the US in the black or ghetto areas Planned Parenthood or birth control clinics are set up , whereas in the white communities or suburbs fertility centers are being established.”

More interesteing reading:

Dick Gregory My Answer to Genocide

Ebony Magazine, My Answer to Genocide, by Dick Gregory – here

5 Responses to “NAACP Crisis on “Genocide” from Planned Parenthood”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Amen. Black and White alike need to turn to their Creator and not follow the atheists who have no problem killing God’s creations. Stand up and let’s abolish abortion. Don’t fall for the “woman’s right to choose”. It is the tool of the devil to get you to accept killing your innocent little baby.

  2. […] NAACP Crisis on “Genocide” from Planned Parenthood ( Read here) […]

  3. […] NAACP Crisis on “Genocide” from Planned Parenthood ( Read here) […]

  4. […] The NAACP, on the other hand, has had a cozy relationship with Planned Parenthood lately, although this was not always the case. […]

  5. I agree with Dick that African American and Mexican people have been particularly targeted by Planned Parenthood for abortion and poorly performing birth control. They are after whites as well. But it bugs me when he says, “A genocide perpetrated by white folks on black folks.” Barak Obama has a 100 percent approval rating by PP…he is their man. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are in the same boat. So are nearly all the black political leaders. I have spent many hours outside PP’s, offering last minute assistance to anyone who wants to find out the truth about its history, abortion, and the design for depopulation of the powers that be. I did this as part of a group of people, all white, who have dedicated years of their lives, and financial resources to saving lives of children of ANY color. We got a lot of support from local people in the poor, predominantly African American community where we operated….but we actually had black women from the local church come and argue with us that we had no right to ” bother” these people going in to have abortions (we always try to be polite). Across the country, there are thousands of white people doing everything they can to turn people around from making that horrible choice (you’d be surprised to see how often the young women are coerced into the decision by the baby’s father, their own mothers, and misinformed doctors, not to mention the PP staff, which makes them feel that it is impossible to raise a child unless you are rich, and never tells them how many resources the protesters outside offer for free). Dick, where are the AA people outside the abortion clinics? It’s time the black community takes some responsibility for being part of this holocaust, voting 95 percent for pro choice leaders. I come from a family that is integrated, but my immediate nuclear family is Irish. We and our children have married people of every background….Egyptian, Brazilian, Jamaican, Native American, African American, Chinese, etc. Every time you push the racial thing without pointing out that it is more complicated than that, you help bring violence on us. My family has been the victim of more than 25 violent street attacks by African American young men. We were never attacked by any other ethnic group. I have spent my life teaching in African American schools. So did my father and sisters. I know about the five per centers and the Nation of Islam. I even taught for a summer in a jail. I don’t mind if you bring up racism, but please, make sure to point out two things…..there are white people doing the right thing, and there are black people who are working with the evil forces…..say SOME white folks are targeting the black population. Most of us want to live in peace. Hundreds of thousands of people are alive today, people of every color, because of pro-life volunteers outside of Planned Parenthoods, saving babies. To be part of one of these turnarounds is a marvelous thing. I remember one heavyset African American young woman, maybe 19, bursting into tears and falling into the arms of a white grandmother as she was about to enter a PP in upstate NY. There was a big crowd of us and a priest preaching. The young lady was overcome with the love and support in that gathering, something that she hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. It still brings tears to my eyes to remember it, and to know that her child is probably still alive fifteen years later….

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