Blogger: Wichita Eagle reporter assigned to slain abortion doc murder trial receives “tweeted” threats against pro-lifers

According to a a blogger who has been in regular contact with Wichita Eagle reporter Ron Sylvester , covering the Roeder/ George Tiller murder trial in Wichita , Kansas. Threats are coming into the reporter from pro-choicers.

The blogger writes:

Wichita Eagle reporter Ron Sylvester has been tweeting. …I logged back in this morning and it appears Mr. Sylvester got his first death threat of the trial — but maybe not from whom you’d expect.
Someone who claims to be pro-choice.
From Ron’s twitter feed about the threatening voicemail:
He says my coverage is not showing proper respect to Dr. Tiller and “counter terrorism against right-to-lifers is coming.”
My first thought is that the guy who left the death threat voice-mail is pulling a fast one. A guy who is just sitting around with nothing better to do, seizing his opportunity to threaten a member of the press from the comfort of his trailer. And, the conspiracy theorist in me though it had to be a fake out by the radical-right-to-lifers, trying to cast pro-choicers in their yellowed light. But no matter the case, no matter the person threatening “counter terrorism against the right-to-lifers” – We should stand up and take notice.

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