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Pro-life Chrome Extension Changes “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Abortion”

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A pro-life activist has created a Google Chrome extension which changes the term “pro-choice” on abortion into the correct term “pro-abortion.” The move follows the announcement that an abortion advocacy organization created their own Chrome extension which not only changes the correct term “pro-life” into the term “anti-choice”, but alters content of online articles.

Andy Moore

Andy Moore, director of the pro-life site AbortionWiki, told Live Action News that he created the extension as a conversation starter to terminology over the abortion debate.

    “What it comes down to is accuracy and terminology. “Anti-choice” is meaningless without context. We could throw it back to them by pointing out that there are many choices that they disagree with.

    “We are not proposing our Chrome Extension as a solution to bad terminology but a conversation starter to terminology on the abortion debate.”

“It’s not the solution to a problem, but it highlights the nonsense of the way they talk,” he added.

For Moore’s extension to work, it simply has to be downloaded in Chrome. Once the extension is installed it will automatically change the term “pro-choice” to “pro-abortion” on all pages viewed in Google Chrome.

Moore said he did not make the extension to shield pro-lifers from the vitriol but instead to show abortion advocates how easy it is to play with words and terminology. He explained that he chose to use the term “pro-abortion” because, he said, it is a fair term to apply to those who, “support the choice to dismember a living child and throw her in the medical waste container.”

    “We know that they can’t stand the A-word, and that they’d rather mischaracterize us as backwards bigots who are blindly opposed to choice. Who could be against choice? Isn’t choice a good thing? Everyone is pro-choice. But some choices are wrong. The real question is, which choices do you support or defend?”

Abortion website title changed with Moore's Chrome extension

Abortion website title changed with Moore’s Chrome extension

Moore said that it is time for terminology to be accurate and for the abortion side to own up to what they support:

    “The audacity of the pro-abortion industry to be so defensive by referring to us as “anti-choice.” The term anti-choice could be a good thing if the choice is a bad thing. Its more helpful to the dialogue to use meaningful and accurate terms. Pro-life is an accurate term because we support the life of all children. Pro-abortion would also be an accurate term.

    “They think they can play games with words. Its time for us to not dodge around the issue by using vague terms like “anti-choice,” “pro-choice,” “termination” or “reproductive rights”, but to discuss the meaning of these terms on their own merits and refer to abortion using accurate terminology.”

Google Chrome abortion prochoice

Earlier this month, abortion advocates claimed their “anti-choice” extension was an accurate term for those who defend life. When they pitched the extension, (a creation of the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIR)), they wrote this on their page of the Google Chrome store:

    Tired of seeing the fraught term “pro-life” used ubiquitously and incorrectly, we conceived of this extension to shift the language of the discussion towards a more accurate framework. Using the language of pro-choice and anti-choice eliminates the sneaky and damning implications of a model built around “pro-life” versus pro-choice language.

The problem with their claim is that opposing abortion is 100% pro-LIFE in every respect. The fact is that, in every case, abortion kills a baby and sometimes the mother as well, a fact Live Action is emphasizing in their newest online expose called “”

Moore points out that when he heard about the abortion extension he became concerned because he realize how easily it could be abused.

    “Technology is a tool and it can be abused. In the interest of my extension the user volunteers to install the extension in Chrome. But, as we have already witnessed with the censorship of pro-life websites by schools or Universities, if a college or the Government was to install software like this system wide we should be concerned, even it it skewed online material towards our point of view.”

Moore believes that his “Change “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Abortion” extension, which is offered for free in the Google Chrome Store, will allow pro-lifers to have some fun along the way.

    “This extension allows a pro-life user to replace their “rhetoric” with an accurate term. Its amusing in a way that when a post publishes the name “NARAL Pro-choice America” it will now change to “NARAL Pro-Abortion America”. Seeing it in print suddenly exposes their rhetoric as hollow. “

More about Moore’s extension here.

Elderly “church goer” threatens pro-lifer outside pro-abortion Episcopal congregation

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Earlier this month, a handful of pro-life protesters went in front of what they described as a “pro-abortion Episcopal congregation” in Alexandria, VA to expose what they called the denomination’s, “radical baby-killing complicity.”

Prolife at Episcopal church VA

“Were you aware that this denomination supports abortion on demand?” one protester asks of some church goers.

She replies, “Oh, I had an abortion. It was great! “

Showing graphic images of abortion victims, another church-goer asks, “You think this is evil?

And adds,”It’s a matter of opinion.”

Sometimes it has to happen church abortion

Asked if the pictures they are holding depict a human being, the church goer replied, “Well, sometimes it has to happen.”

Later an older church goer expresses his views, telling demonstrators, “No – No.”

Asked, “you shouldn’t care?

He again replies, “No.”

As he walked into the church building, a male pro-life demonstrator said to him, “Sir, you’re almost in the grave, shouldn’t you be worried about how God is going to be judging you on this?”

Episcopal church man threatens prolife

He quickly turned back and pointing his finger made this threat to the pro-life man, “Listen, Keep that talk up and an 88-year-old man is going to come and punch your mouth out. Shut-up!”

Sir I am just warning you what is going to happen!” the pro-lifer said back.

Shut-up! Shut-up! Go somewhere else,” the church goer replied.

To which the pro-life man said, “Some people are not as cold-hearted as you. That’s why we’re here.”

Church goer abortion threatens prolife

The 88-year-old church-goer then charges down to the protester shakes him asking, “What the hell is wrong with you?

Man attacks prolife 2

Man attacks prolife 3

Man attacks prolife

Adding, “You’re well intended but you’re going beyond the limits.”

Later claiming the pro-lifers were imposing their views on him.

Pro-choice woman tries to destroy pro-life display then breaks into tears

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On April 29,2015, the pro-life group, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust were on the camps of UC Santa Cruz when a pro-choice woman approached them.

Disgusting gore Survivors abortion

Saying that she believed abortion was okay, the woman called the pictures of aborted children which the group was holding, “disgusting gore” and “propaganda.”

F-you,” she said over and over again as she saw pictures of what the victims of abortion looked like.


She then attempted to destroy the display, yelling, “You’re not allowed to be here.”

Prochoice woman almost attacks prolife Survivor 2

F-you – get out,” she says.

Prochoice woman almost attacks prolife Survivor 3

She even picked up one of the placards and almost threw it at a member of the pro-life group, yelling “F-you and everything that you stand for. You are corrupt and spreading misinformation.”

Thankfully as others tried to speak to her, she calmed down.

She then broke into tears.

Survivors tears

Survivors is asking everyone to pray for her, writing, “our hearts were broken.”

Survivor message

We shouldn’t say for sure, but I think it is likely that this poor young lady has had abuse and/or an abortion in her past. If that is the case, she likely, and somewhat understandably, resents men and thinks those who oppose abortion oppress women.

“Whatever happened, she is obviously hurting, and so she deserves our empathy and pity. Abortion is not an acceptable response to rape and it only makes matters worse, but that should not stop us from empathizing with the deep sorrow that the wrongs of rape and abortion can cause.

Watch here – warning foul language!

Oh the lies: Hillary Clinton saying she will work with pastor to reduce abortion and Elvis is alive !

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In 2007, Dr. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church (, served as a panelist during a live CNN discussion with leading Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama at the Sojourners Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty.

Rev. Hunter asked then Senator Clinton, ‘Could you see yourself, with millions of voters in a pro-life camp, creating a common ground, with the goal ultimately in mind of reducing the decisions for abortion to zero?’

Hillary Clinton Faith Politcs Abortion

At the time Hillary was touting her husband Bill Clinton’s old rhetoric that “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”

However, Bill Clinton was the most radically pro-abortion president at the time he served his two terms in office.

Bill CLinton lifts several bans on abortion 1993

Listen to his speech here.

In fact one of his first acts as President was to lift several bans on abortion through executive order on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion on demand in the United States.

Bill CLinton lifts abortion restrictions Executive Orders Jan 22 1993

Bill CLinton Executive Orders abortion

Bill Clinton vetoed pro-life measures like a ban on the horrific partial birth abortion procedure which allows an abortionist to partially deliver the unborn child before stabbing the baby in the neck and sucking out their brains:

Clinton Vetoes Partial Birth Abortion BIll 1996

Bill Clinton approved the abortion drug: RU486:

Bill Clinton RU486 abortion

And did even more to open the flood gates of abortion:

Abortion Clinic Access Bill Clinton 1994

Abortion Gag rule pulled Clinton 1993

Clinto eases laws abortion


Hillary CLinton Abortion

Lest you think Bill’s abortion promotion was not approved by Hillary, think again. Carl Bernstein writes in A Woman in Charge, “On the 4th day of the Clinton presidency, Jan. 23, the 20th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Bill Clinton signed a series of executive orders undoing the draconian policies of the Reagan-Bush era relating to abortion, contraception, and family planning.

Hillary had pushed unequivocally for the orders, but Bill’s pollster argued that she was dead wrong on the timing of such a hot-button issue; by acting on abortion policy as one of the administration’s first pieces of business, the president and, worse, Hillary, would be perceived as governing from the left. But Hillary regarded the prohibitions in question as a powerful symbol of Reagan-era policies, and an opportunity to declare boldly that the Clinton era had begun.

“The milestone anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in Hillary’s view, was the perfect opportunity to move the new presidency on course unambiguously in terms of women’s rights, signal the religious right that its decade of dominance in regard to personal questions was over.”

In Fact, when Hillary Clinton was pushing for nationalized healthcare back when Bill was president, she proposed funding abortions in her healthcare plan:

Hillary Clinton Abortion Health Care

Paul Kengor, wrote about it in his 2007 book: God and Hillary Clinton,”Mrs. Clinton, during her efforts to revolutionize the health care industry, said 1993 that under her plan, abortion services “would be widely available.” This prompted anxieties over the prospect of taxpayer-funded abortions, sparking the Coates Amendment, which sought to strip abortion funding from the plan.

“The first lady allowed for a “conscience exemption” in which doctors and hospitals would not be forced to perform abortions. Pro-lifers were relieved; still, they could not fathom that their tax dollars might be used to find what they saw as the deliberate destruction of innocent human life.

“Mrs. Clinton’s words also ignited fears among moderate and conservative Christians over the availability of the abortion pill, RU-486, under her health care plan. One of her husband’s first acts in office was to push the pill to market through an expedited FDA approval process that was criticized by pro-lifers as allegedly too quick for the safety of the women who would take the pill.”


hillary clinton Planned Parenthood

In the 2007 event shown in the video below, Hillary Clinton was being politically savvy – plain and simple- since she supported all her husband’s actions and as Senator dug in her support for abortion as well.

Hilary Clinton continues to push a radical pro-abortion agenda of abortion on demand for any reason at all nine months of pregnancy.

It’s [abortion] a moral issue and should not be in any way diminished as a moral issue no matter which side you are on,” Clinton said.


Do not be deceived by the Clinton spin machine !!

Here is the transcript:

Dr. Joel C. Hunter: Hi, Senator Clinton.

Abortion continues to be one of the most hurtful and divisive facts of our nation. I come from the part of the faith community that is very strongly pro-life. I know you’re pro-choice, but you have indicated that you would like to reduce the number of abortions.

Could you see yourself, with millions of voters in a pro-life camp, creating a common ground, with the goal ultimately in mind of reducing the decisions for abortion to zero?

CLINTON: Yes. Yes.

And that is what I have tried to both talk about and reach out about over the last many years, going back, really, at least 15 years, in talking about abortion being safe, legal, and rare. And, by rare, I mean rare.

And it’s been a challenge, because the pro-life and the pro- choice communities have not really been willing to find much common ground. And I think that is a great failing on all of our parts, because, for me…


CLINTON: … there are many opportunities to assist young people to make responsible decisions.

There is a tremendous educational and public outreach that could be done through churches, through schools, through so much else. But I think it has to be done with an understanding of reaching people where they are today.

We have so many young people who are tremendously influenced by the media culture and by the celebrity culture, and who have a very difficult time trying to sort out the right decisions to make.

And I personally believe that the adult society has failed those people. I mean, I think that we have failed them in our churches, our schools, our government. And I certainly think the, you know, free market has failed. We have all failed.

We have left too many children to sort of fend for themselves morally. And, so, I think there is a great opportunity. But it would require sort of a — a leaving at the sides the suspicion and the baggage that comes with people who have very strong, heartfelt feelings.

You know, when I first started thinking about this very difficult issue — because it is. It’s a moral issue. And it should not be in any way diminished as a moral issue, no matter which side you’re on, because I have seen cases where I honestly believed that the — the moral choice was very complicated and not so straightforward as to what a young woman, her family, her physician, her pastor should do.

And what concerns me is that there’s been a — a real reluctance for anyone to make a move toward the other side, for fear of being labeled as turning one’s back on the moral dimensions of the issue from either direction.

So, I would invite you, and I would be willing to work with you, to see whether there couldn’t be some common ground that one could find.

Hillary CLinton Cnngrats NARAL 2

Think about this, Hillary Clinton once told the abortion lobby group NARAL, that abortion was a fundamental American value, “ I want to congratulate NARAL for calling choice what it is, a fundamental American value, and Freedom.” ~ Hillary Clinton on the 26th anniversary of Roe. V. Wade which legalized abortion on demand.

Do you see any common ground here?

For some background on Hillary’s ties to Planned Parenthood an article in Politico is a great read!

Others are:

Hillary defends chop shop Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton praises racist Margaret Sanger founder of Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton the CHAMPION of Abortion and eugenics founded Planned Parenthood

Hillary Clinton “I will lift ban on embryonic stem cell research” supports Biotech companies and GMO’s

Hillary Clinton silent on harvesting parts from aborted babies outspoken on doing it to Elephants

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s defense of gruesome late term abortion procedure: Partial Birth Abortion

Hillary Clinton claims religious beliefs have to change on abortion NOT!

Abortion advocates protesting Catholic Cathedral, Pro-life Pregnancy Center and Pro-life Chalk Day

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Abortion advocates are planning protests in front of a Catholic Church in the Houston, Texas area.

Now Houston Protest Church 02524029623_n

Their “Red Mass Protest” Facebook page reads,” Come protest the Catholic Church’s efforts to use the courts to impose their religious views on others under the guise of “religious liberty.” Show your support for birth control, abortion rights, marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, and separation of church and state.”

Red Mass Protest

The event is hosted by Houston’s National Organization for [some] Women (NOW ) and is slated to take place on October 21 at 5:45pm Outside the Co-Cathedral at 1111 St. Joseph’s Parkway in Houston.

Houston NOW protest a chuch

NOW writes on their Facbook page, “The Catholic Church celebrates a “Red Mass” annually in recognition of the start of the judicial calendar throughout the United States. Judges, lawyers, law students and others in the legal profession are the targets of this event and are specifically invited to attend. In recent years the Church has used it as an occasion to push their judicial agenda of opposition to birth control, abortion, and gay marriage. Many members of the Supreme Court have attended the DC “Red Mass” in the past and likely a number of them will be at the DC mass this year. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended soon after she was appointed to the court and said afterwards that she would never go again because the occasion was being used to push the Church’s position on issues pending or likely to be pending before the Courts.

“Come protest the Catholic Church’s efforts to use the courts to impose their religious views on others under the guise of “religious liberty.” Show your support for birth control, abortion rights, marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, and separation of church and state.”

In August, the radical pro abortion rights group, Stop Patriarchy protested in front of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio.

Sto Patriarchy Church TX

Meanwhile- Houston pro-choice advocates are planning protests of Crisis Pregnancy Centers as well:

According to their Facebook post, “Poppy Northcutt of Houston NOW is looking for volunteers to protest fake pregnancy help centers, particularly the Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center (743 Shotwell St, Houston, TX 77020; They seem to have the most appointments of all the Christian anti-abortion clinics. (For more information on “pregnancy help centers”, check this page out: The majority of their appointments seem to be on Thursdays between 9am and 9 pm, so Poppy tells me that’s the best time to come out. If we can get two volunteers, at least one person who is not male-identified, that would be ideal. One person would have a sign saying something like “religion is practiced here, not medicine”, and the other (the non-male-identified person) would talk to people as they walked in and give them brochures. Poppy says they already have signs and brochures, and she’s looking to start next week.

Prochoice Protest of 5 th ward

The continue, “Also, another activist opportunity from Poppy: “Thursday, Oct. 2 is “National Pro-Life Chalk Day” where students are urged to put out anti-abortion chalk messages especially on college campuses. Anyone interested in chalking a couple of our local fake clinics with some fake clinic messages early that morning before they open? Both the CPC on San Jacinto and the one off Lockwood have some nice public sidewalk space. A special treat is that from my observations Thursdays are a busy day at the CPC off Lockwood.

She then leaves a way to contact her, “Please let me and/or Poppy ( know if you’re interested!”

My Guess is that he Fifth Ward PHC or the churches being targeted could use some pro-life help…..maybe some of those reading this blog could offer it….

Vintage news report calls pro-choice side “pro-abortion”

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Protesters carry giant vaginas at abortion law protests in Spain

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Several thousand pro-abortion demonstrators marched in central Madrid and Barcelona with flags, drums and giant vagina sculptures on International Women’s Day. Similar demonstrations were called in several other cities. “No legislation in our wombs, no mistreatment of our bodies, no cutting of our rights,” read one banner in Madrid.