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Aborted and Dead Baby Pills Put Korean Customs on High Alert

Posted in Aborted Baby Body Parts, China with tags , , , , , , , on May 8, 2012 by saynsumthn

According to recent findings by an SBS TV documentary, South Korean custom officials are on a high alert. They are checking on a certain pill being smuggled into the country from China.

This hot commodity pill, claiming to be a stamina booster is actually made from powdered human baby flesh.

Reports claimed that the manufacturing company secretly purchased baby corpses from hospitals and abortion clinics and store them in regular refrigerators. Later this human flesh is put in a medical drying microwave before being ground into a powder and filled into pill capsules.

Believed to increase human stamina and enhance sexual performance, these pills are in high demand in South Korea and china where they are believed to be a “tonic for disease”.

According to reports by the Associated Press, since last august, the customs have discovered 35 attempts of smuggling attempts from China in South Korea. Reports indicated that there was an established business network between the 2 countries to fulfill this high demand.

A Korean investigating team acquired these capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated that the pills were 99.7 percent human. Tests also found hair and nail remnants in the pills.

Currently, customs have narrowed down the origins of the pills to 4 cities in China. Those who were in possession of these pills, denied knowing the ingredients.