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3rd grader in China writes bizarre abortion fairy tale

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TomoNews, which animates entertaining news on the internet has uploaded a video story that claims a 3rd grader in China wrote a fairy tale about a princess getting an abortion and living happily ever after.

Fairy Tale abortion

In the reported story a prince discovers that his newly married princess was pregnant after an affair with her ex boyfriend. The student writes that the prince then issues an ultimatum to his princess telling her she must choose between them and have an abortion. The so-called doctor the prince selects helps the princess to have an abortion by hitting her in her pregnant belly several times.

Unsure if the story was true, I was able to locate this blog post from the online magazine THAT’S China.

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The details of the story according to THAT’S China reads as follows:

Under pressure from the king and queen to find a bride, a prince interviews all the beautiful girls in the kingdom, who have been summoned to the palace by his father. After an hour, he singles out the most comely of them all and resolves to wed her.

After they tie the knot, however, the princess heads out with a male friend one day. The prince later finds out that this palacewrecker is none other than her ex-boyfriend, and that she’s pregnant with his scandalously common child.

The prince then did what anyone on a good soap opera would: he asks her to choose between him and the ex. He helpfully lays out the two options: go with the ex and get a divorce, or go with him and get an abortion.

After the princess decides to stay in the royal marriage, the prince sends for a renowned doctor to perform the abortion on her. The procedure goes something like this: they give the princess some anesthetics and then pound her stomach 20 times.

Two days later, with the bothersome baby out of the picture, the prince and princess live happily ever after. (Aww…)

Although we’re not certain what the 9-year-old’s inspiration was, our guess is some unholy mash-up of dating shows and Chinese costume drama.

The story was also picked up by

This is indeed a disturbing story for a third grader to write. Some speculate, the child came up with the script after watching Chinese television.

Chinese national denied asylum because she reported pregnant women subjected to forced abortions

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A Chinese National who claims she was wrongfully denied asylum in the United States because she reported pregnant women pregnant in violation of China’s one-child family planning policies, has lost her bid before the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.

On February 25, 2008, Suzhen Meng was admitted to the United States as a nonimmigrant visitor with authorization to remain for six months.

Five months later, on July 24, 2008, Meng filed for asylum stating that she had suffered past political persecution when, as a public security officer in her local community, she refused to collect a security fee from residents and wrote a letter to the local public security bureau alleging that the police chief was corrupt.

Meng asserted that, as a result of these actions, her passport was confiscated and she was arrested and held in custody for 14 days, during which time a guard slapped her in the face several times and fellow prisoners beat her on instruction of the guards.

Ten months later, Meng’s passport was returned when she promised not to engage in any further anti-government activities, whereupon she left China.

After having overstayed her visa Meng was later brought before a US immigration hearing.

During that hearing, she testified that in her twenty-two years as a public security officer her duties included reporting all pregnant women to China’s family planning office, including women pregnant in violation of state limitations.

Meng told the judge that she understood that when she reported a woman to authorities, that woman would be punished, typically by being forced to undergo an abortion or sterilization.

In addition, Meng testified to having seen women dragged away forcibly by the police.

Meng said that despite the severe consequences to women who were reported as pregnant against China law, she continued to make her reports. In her attempt to receive sympathy she claimed that she sometimes advised women whom she would report as being pregnant to go into hiding or to flee.

On November 3, 2014 the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit upheld the decision of the Immigration Judge in denying Meng’s application for asylum. That judge had ruled that Meng’s active assistance in the persecution of pregnant women barred her from receiving asylum and ordered her removal from the United States.

In writing the court’s opinion, Judges Reena Raggi explained that asylum is a form of discretionary relief granted when a person shows either past persecution or a well-founded fear of future persecution.

“Meng does not–and cannot–dispute that forced abortions and involuntary sterilizations constitute persecution on a protected ground,” Raggi wrote. “Nor does she dispute that women in her community who became pregnant in violation of family planning policy were subjected to such persecution.”

Despite the fact that Meng attempted to claim she would be persecuted if asylum were denied the court was not persuaded and called Meng the persecutor, writing that, “Meng’s reports regularly resulted in persecution, she knew that, and she nevertheless continued to report.”

“Meng engaged in such reporting over a period of two decades. In short, her assistance in persecution was not a single, marked departure from her duties, but a regular, and important, aspect of her duties. While Meng may have encouraged some women to hide or flee to avoid the persecution that she knew would follow from her conduct, the record indicates that Meng nevertheless persisted in reporting women with unauthorized pregnancies as long as she served as a public security official. Accordingly, because the record evidence was sufficient to support a finding that Meng assisted in persecution, we identify no legal error in the agency’s determination that the persecutor bar rendered Meng ineligible for asylum or withholding of removal,” the denial of review states.

Chinese woman murders and dismembers boyfriend after he forced her to have an abortion

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Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Police in Taichung said a woman from China has confessed to killing her Taiwanese boyfriend and then dismembering and burning his body after his sudden disappearance gained media attention.

An elaborate murder case shocked Taiwan, as a 46-year-old masseuse admitted to killing her 36-year-old boyfriend, before chopping his body into nine pieces.

The suspect, whose family name is Huang Jingwen, immigrated from China and runs a massage parlor in Taiwan’s central city, Taichung. The victim, Lan Kun-yu, owns a lathe factory that has a gross revenue USD$150,000 a month.

The pair began dating 8 years ago when Lan was a factory worker. Three years ago, Huang invested USD$33,000 to sponsor Lan’s bank loan, so he could open his own lathe factory. Lan promised to give her 20% of the profit when the factory started making money. However, Huang found out a year later the factory was already in the green, but her boyfriend never gave her a cent. In addition, Huang reportedly was pregnant with Lan’s child, but Lan allegedly forced her to get an abortion. Huang later said it was then that she began planning the elaborate murder of her lover.

She saved up prescription sleeping pills over two years, and secretly learned how to drive so that she could use a car to dispose of Lan’s body after killing him.

On April 27th, Lan came home drunk. Huang put ten ground up sleeping pills into Lan’s black tea, and wrapped the mattress with black plastic bags before covering it with sheets to avoid blood stains. After Lan lost consciousness, Huang took out a meat cleaver and chopped off his head with two hacks. She then dragged the body to the bathroom to let the blood drain, before cutting it into 9 pieces.

Huang then mixed the body parts with her clothes in 11 separate bags, pretending she had a fight with Lan and was moving out. She drove her boyfriend’s body parts off in a rental car, burned them, and hid the knife behind the bathroom mirror of a motel.

Huang would have gotten away with the almost perfect murder, but while the police were questioning her about Lan’s disappearance, they brought up her abortion from two years ago and she became emotional. She admitted to murdering Lan, citing the abortion as her motive to kill him. Police are investigating whether she had an accomplice.

Eugenic Population Control promoted in Indiana High School

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Fr. John Hollowell, a priest and blogger from Indiana, saw a disturbing sign in the hallways of Northview High School in Brazil, IN.


The sign reads: “Zero Population Control, Its Up to You, No More than Two.”


That is the same ideology that China’s forced population control agenda hold.

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China coming to US military exercises

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Even though China has displayed hostility toward the United States for having its warships into the South China Sea, Beijing has been invited to participate in the 2014 Rim of the Pacific, or RIMPAC, naval exercise to be held off Hawaii, according to report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.
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However, there are concerns about this participation.

Part of having China participate is the hope that there can be closer U.S.-Chinese military-to-military cooperation and coordination, but recent comments by Chinese President Xi Jinping suggest a new military assertiveness on China’s part that will be a challenge to U.S. military presence in the area. READ MORE

Growing concern over U.S. military components made in China

R girls safe in China? Baby found alive in sewer pipe in China mom said she could not afford abortion

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Baby’s throat cut found in trash – China’s One Child Forced Abortion Policies to blame

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An abandoned newborn baby is recovering in hospital after having her throat cut, being put in a plastic bag and thrown into a garbage bin in China’s Liaoning province.

The female baby – so newborn that her placenta and umbilical cord were still attached – was discovered by a man who was searching a bin for recyclables.

Local residents called police and the tiny girl was taken to hospital, where she remains in a critical condition.

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China’s Forced Abortion and One Child Family Planning Policies are to blame !