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3000 Progressive libs meet in Rhode Island for a “Family Reunion”, Planned Parenthood head to addess crowd

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Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the largest chain of abortion clinics in the nation, will in Providence this week to speak to the Netroots Nation convention. Richards also addressed the Democratic Convention on 2008, despite her organizations links to eugenics and racism ( Watch Maafa21)

Nearly 3,000 progressive bloggers, grassroots and union activists, online organizers, journalists and more are gathering here this week for the seventh annual “Netroots Nation” convention.

In a 2010 Netroots convention Nancy Pelosi pushes the Dream Act:

And Last year the group invited the controversial Van Jones:

As well as the disgraced Keith Olbermann

The Thursday-through-Sunday event at the Rhode Island Convention Center is joining Richards are speakers like, Paul Krugman, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

The convention, billed as the country’s largest progressive gathering, spells big bucks and high profile. As the Netroots website says: “Think family reunion for the left.”

Netroots board consists of member of NARAL a pro-abortion advocacy group and their staff consists of progressives that have worked for the Democratic National Committee.

BIG BROTHERS? Will the new Super Congress replace US Constitution and usher in the New World Order ?

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The “Super Congress,” which was approved by the House yesterday and is set to be rubber stamped in the Senate today, will establish a new level of unaccountable government, and will strip elected representatives of the right to amend legislation or filibuster on whatever issues it sees fit, not merely limited to the debt situation.

This body will have “extraordinary new powers” to quickly force legislation through both chambers, including gun control, entitlement cuts and tax hikes.

The Huffington Post describes it this way: Debt ceiling negotiators think they’ve hit on a solution to address the debt ceiling impasse and the public’s unwillingness to let go of benefits such as Medicare and Social Security that have been earned over a lifetime of work: Create a new Congress.

This “Super Congress,” composed of members of both chambers and both parties, isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but would be granted extraordinary new powers. Under a plan put forth by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his counterpart Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), legislation to lift the debt ceiling would be accompanied by the creation of a 12-member panel made up of 12 lawmakers — six from each chamber and six from each party.

Legislation approved by the Super Congress — which some on Capitol Hill are calling the “super committee” — would then be fast-tracked through both chambers, where it couldn’t be amended by simple, regular lawmakers, who’d have the ability only to cast an up or down vote. With the weight of both leaderships behind it, a product originated by the Super Congress would have a strong chance of moving through the little Congress and quickly becoming law. A Super Congress would be less accountable than the system that exists today, and would find it easier to strip the public of popular benefits.

Congressman Ron Paul describes it this way:

In a statement made yesterday in response to the passage of the Budget Control Act, Congressman Ron Paul expressed his alarm at the establishment of this “disturbing” new committee, and warned that it would be used to ram through tax increases. “The legislation produced by this commission will be fast-tracked, and Members will not have the opportunity to offer amendments,” said Paul. “Approval of the recommendations of the “Super Congress” is tied to yet another debt ceiling increase. This guarantees that Members will face tremendous pressure to vote for whatever comes out of this commission– even if it includes tax increases. This provision is an excellent way to keep spending decisions out of the reach of members who are not on board with the leadership’s agenda.”

And even Left-Wingers like Keith Olbermann is calling the Super Congress Unconstitutional: His rant is not enjoyable, but we must call a spade a spade ! ” Where does it say in the US Constitution that they can create a third house to do their bidding?” “Firstly, pick a side, ignore the Constitution or adhere to it.”

Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, expressed in his remarks on the floor last week he does not favor the joint committee:

“I am also concerned about the dubious special committee. It is a plan that allows Congressional leaders to dictate critical national issues without being subject to full committee process and without amendment. Such actions are a serious evasion of historical Senate procedure. I strongly believe with encouragement from the Leaders that our regular process could produce a better result. If the White House or the Democrat leadership in the Senate had taken the legally required budget process seriously at any point in the last year—if they had presented a single credible plan to cut spending—we wouldn’t be here right now in the 11th hour.”

Senator Ben Nelson, Nebraska Democrat, has been a vocal critic of the joint committee and said, “I have reservations about a committee, in any event. I’m not anxious to cede any of my responsibility to a group of others.”

I guess with some members and the Tea Party revolting against the RANK leaders of both parties- this call for a Super Congress seems expected, POWER GRAB !

Some believe that this Super Congress will attack the second amendment !

WikiBAILOUT ? Michael Moore calls Assange a pioneer of free speech !

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The Rhetoric Countdown: Keith Olbermann on Health Care – “Peril of President and Congress”?

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Is Keith Olbermann now using the “Rhetoric” which Pelosi cried about?

Calling for “Further Action” on the Senate Health Care Bill, Olbermann said “Pass this at your Peril, Senators and Sign it at your Mr. President” . Threatening to not buy Health Insurance if this bill passes, He continued, “Call me a lawbreaker if you must” – Just what law does he intend on breaking?

Olbermann wants this health care bill to “DIE” – wow! “Kill this bill !” What strong Rhetoric, reminds me of the Tea Party folks which Pelosi warned us about – or the pro-lifers who say that abortion is murder – that rhetoric gets them labeled as equal to the Taliban.

So, will the FBI investigate this Lefty – for his “Threat” -Will Nancy Pelosi hold a press conference condemning Oldermann’s “Rhetoric”?

Just what does “Peril” mean when used at the President of the United States anyway?

Can a TV person, like Olbermann, be a facilitator for terrorism – after all Pelosi warned us that all this “Rhetoric” about Health Care will create violence and Olbermann accused Fox News and Bill O’Reilly of violenet speech in the murder of late term abortionist George Tiller?