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Women union parade goers turn on Hillary: ‘I Just Don’t Trust Her’

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On Kyle Olson, ventured to a union event in the blue-collar town of Muskegon, Michigan to gauge members’ tastes in presidential candidates.

Kyle Olson Michigan

Muskegon is middle America — the “middle of the middle,” one person said.

Olson talked to several people at the Muskegon, Michigan Labor Day Union Parade!

The Parade, which is only two union-focused Labor Day parades in the state of Michigan, consisted of over 800 participants and 42 labor unions, non-profits, veterans groups and local politicians.

Hillary has promoted herself as an advocate for women yet some Michigan union parade goers are opposed to Hillary for president saying they do not trust her.

Olson asked parade attendees, many of them women, “What do you think of Hillary Clinton?”

Some told Olson they supported her others seemed to be past supporters who have changed their minds on voting for her.

“I would probably end up voting for Hillary, but I am interested in a lot of the things Bernie Sanders is saying,” said one Hillary supporter.

Another added, “I voted in the primaries last time around for Hillary, I was a Hillary supporter. She’s disappointed me a little bit. I think she’s waffled on some things…” Those things included gay marriage and abortion.

One woman derided Hillary Clinton as changing her mind and added that she doesn’t trust her.

“I don’t trust her at all – I just don’t – she changes her mind every minute. She plays a lot of underhanded games. I think she could do it, I don’t think that I want her to do it,” she said.

A man attending the union day parade said he was for Hillary because he felt she could glean experience from former president and her husband, Bill Clinton in a co-presidency type of role.