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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation partners with Planned Parenthood

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In 1971, Naomi Gray, a black family planning consultant told the US population commission, that there was a fear among blacks that birth control was genocide.

She pointed to an example that in June of 1970, “ about 45 blacks who had apparently been invited because of their affiliations with more moderate “Negro” institutions (Urban League, Tuskegee Institute, Howard University, etc.) had their hair-raising experience of attending the First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment. These well-educated and more or less moderate individuals quickly escaped into a black caucus which prepared one of the most burning statements of black opinion on this issue to date. Among the charges raised were: That birth control is no solution for present day problems of the living, vis-à-vis comprehensive health care. In walking out, they stated to the press that “the Black Caucus has withdrawn from the First National Congress on Population and Environment because of unmistakably clear evidence that the purpose of this conference is to use those delegates invited to legitimize a pre-conceived plan of viscous extermination.

That First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment, for which Gray was addressing, was held in Chicago in June of 1970.

The statement was presented to a Press Conference by Felton Alexander, National Urban League and chairman of the Black Caucus and Dr. Alyce Gullattee, Psychiatrist from Washington D.C.

Black Caucus walks out of pop conf

On June 11,1970, The Black Caucus issued this statement of withdraw as they walked out of the First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment, “The Black Caucus has withdrawn from the First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment because of unmistakably clear evidence that the purpose of this conference is to use these delegates invited to legitimize a preconceived vicious plan of extermination. This plan is one of systematic reduction of a specific population, namely Blacks, other non-whites, the American poor and certain non-white and ethnic immigrants.”

Jet Cover

An August 6 1970 article in Jet Magazine demonstrated the fears Blacks had that birth control – family planning- and abortion are methods of Black Genocide:

Jet Mag Aug 6 1970
Jet Mag Aug 6 1970 2

In writing about this in 1971, Carl Rowan, the well-known Black syndicated columnist for the Chicago Daily News and former ambassador to Finland, said in an article entitled: Black Birth Control Fears” : “However irrational these fears of trickery and worries about genocide may seem, they are real in many minds. We must take care not to intensity them by sending, bureaucrats into Black neighbored to push birth control, or wealthy white “do-gooders” into impoverished ghettos to beat the drums for family planning.”

The fears have turned into reality and the stats prove it.


Today, Planned Parenthood has been accused of targeting black neighborhoods with population control. Their founder, Margaret Sanger was once a well known Klan speaker. The organization is the largest chain of abortion clinics in the nation. Black leaders have discovered that abortion is the leading cause of death among Blacks in America- coincidence?

Since 1973 25 percent black Maafa21


So why are members of today’s Congressional Black Caucus partnering with the largest chain of abortion and family planning clinics, Planned Parenthood?

PP Black Caucus 2014

An online press release from Planned Parenthood explains, “As part of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) 44th Annual Legislative Conference, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) will partner with honorary host Congresswoman Robin Kelly and sponsor BET Networks for an issue forum on Saturday, September 27, at 10 a.m. EST. The forum, “Sex, Politics, and Black Women: A real talk about what reproductive freedom means in the wake of Hobby Lobby,” will highlight why barriers to birth control access and this summer’s Supreme Court decision directly impact black women.”

“Reproductive Freedom” is the new code word for abortion on demand.

Black Caucus 2014 events brochure

Planned Parenthood is grateful for the support of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for providing a space for this important conversation on reproductive freedom,” said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “It is partnerships like this, with leaders like Congresswoman Robin Kelly and BET Networks, that allow us to reach more communities with an important message – access to birth control is pivotal in expanding economic opportunity for all women.”

So years ago the Congressional Black Caucus walked out when birth control was suggested as a way to help the Black community- but- today an organization founded in Eugenics is partnering with the Congressional Black Caucus. My how things have changed.

And this isn’t the first time, in 2012, Planned Parenthood honored the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus:

PP Black Caucus honors chair

But, that is no surprise given the fact that a member of the 2014 Congressional Black Caucus Institute’s executive committee Michelle Mitchell is also with Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

CBCI 2014 Annual Report

PP member exec committee Black Caucus


WalterHoyeImage0309 In response to these unholy alliances between Black leaders and Planned Parenthood, Rev. Walter Hoye of Issues4Life Foundation said it best, “If silence is indeed consent the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP have not only consented to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s murder of black babies, but are complicit in the horrific reality of genocide of their own people.

A documentary film called, Maafa21, lays out a plan for racial genocide against the Black community by Planned Parenthood and would be worth watching – here.