Planned Parenthood: human becomes person varies from person to person

Sacramento, California Planned Parenthood worker was asked, “When does a human being become human?”

Ana Sandoval 2

Ana Sandoval, Communications and Operations Director at Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California answers, “That varies from person to person – religion to religion.”

Ana Sandoval

When pushed for her own opinion of when life begins, she replied, “You know, I think that if you talk to any mom, the minute she finds out that she is pregnant.”

Well….if one of those “persons” is the president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, life begins at delivery:

Cecile RIchards Planned PoliticsAbortion giant Cecile Richards who earns a six digit salary killing babies as president of Planned Parenthood was asked by Fusion’s Jorge Ramos when life begins.

“This is a question that I think will be debated through the centuries…it is not something that I feel is really part of this conversation. I think every woman has to make their own decisions.”

When asked why it is so controversial for her to say when she thinks life starts, Cecile Richards responded,“Yeah, well, I don’t know if it is controversial . I don’t think its really relevant to the conversation. But for me, I’m a mother of three children. For me, life began when I delivered them…”

Things have certainly changed at Planned Parenthood. Prior to the legalization of abortion- Planned Parenthood actually had some thoughts on life:

Planned Parenthood 1952: “Abortion kills the life of a baby”

Planned-Parenthood-Pamphlet-Abortion-is-Killing-a-Baby (1)Planned-Parenthood-Pamphlet

A recent video from Planned Parenthood claims that “pregnancy” begins at implantation. This way the abortion giant can sell “emergency contraception” without calling it an abortion.

PP Vid How Pregbnancy Happens
Planned Parenthood has published a new VID to explain how a pregnancy happens, the only problem is that Planned Parenthood denies that pregnancy begins at fertilization, when life begins. This plays into their profitable coffers because they can push “emergency Contraception” harder to girls if they “think” that they are not killing a human being until the egg implants into the uterus.

PP GSpot

From the VID:

It’s time for another episode of the G SPOT

You probably think pregnancy happens when seaman or pre-ejaculate gets into the vagina….
You might think that Pregnancy happens right after sex…Pregnancy doesn’t happen right …it could take up to six days to even fertilize an egg and another six day to implant itself….She’s not pregnant yet, the sperm and the egg create a zygote..Pregnancy actually begins when the implanted pre-embryo starts releasing hormones that prevents menstruation.


Family LimitationPlanned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger even admitted in her book “Family Limitation” that Any attempt to interfere with the development of the fertilized ovum is called an abortion.


In Planned Parenthood’s 1951 Book- The Gift of Life:
The booklet tells readers If one of the male sperm meets and unites with an egg cell, a new life begins.



So, when does human life begin? According to Planned Parenthood, it begins at conception no implantation- sorry I mean delivery. We have to wonder: why so many definitions of when life begins from a so-called “Health Care Provider?” Actually, in 1951, Planned Parenthood knew the real answer that life begins at conception so why are is the world’s largest abortion provider lying now? Perhaps we will never know – or perhaps we already do $$$$$$$$

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