Abortionist says pro-lifers have “upped the ante” by passing out fliers that ask neighbors to prayer for him

A Houston,Texas abortionist says fliers that say he performs abortions and asks his neighbors to pray for him is the pro-life way of “upping the ante”

Bernard Rosenfeld

Abortionist Bernard l. Rosenfeld, who once criticized a Planned Parenthood booklet on sterilization, tells the UK Telegraph, “Recently, they’ve upped the ante – they’ve sent out fliers to all my neighbors saying Dr. Rosenfeld does abortions Pray for Him.”

Of course, publishing advertising ads under his name stating that he performs abortion is okay- just don’t let the “anti-abortion” people print fliers :
Rosenfeld clinic

Placing an abortion clinic Ad on youtube- for the Houston Women’s abortion Clinic is apparently okay – as long as it isn’t made by pro-lifers?

What hypocrisy for this abortionist to make an issue of what the pro-lifers are doing – when he is publicly saying the same thing !!!

Warning to women seeking Rosenfeld’s abortion services- be sure to read the partial list of complications the abortionist slips into the consent form he requires his patients to sign:

Rosenfeld COnsent Form

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