Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis Meets Kelli Douglas from The Voice

Kelli Douglas

Texas Gubernatorial candidate nick-named “Abortion Barbie” for her filibuster of a law that would prohibit late term abortions met African American Dallas Super Stars at an event this week.

Wendy Davis The Voice Kelli Douglas

On Wendy Davis’ facebook page she writes, “Today Thank you to Matrice and Amb. Ron Kirk, Emmitt and Pat Smith, Rep. Helen Giddings, and Tonya Veasey for hosting a wonderful event last night! Wendy had a great time seeing dear friends Congressman Marc Veasey and Sen. Royce West and also meeting Kelli Douglas of The Voice—a rising Dallas star!”

Attending this event with Wendy Davis was The Voice star, Kelli Douglas.


Although, this blogger is uncertain what Kelli Douglas’ reasons were for attending this event, I doubt that Kelli Douglas was trying to make a political statement right in the middle of her climb to fame on the NBC show, however, it is important that she understand who Wendy Davis is and what she stands for.

Does Kelli Douglas, an African American women, know that Wendy Davis was launched into the political scene for her support of abortion on demand with the help of Planned Parenthood an organization founded in racist eugenics ( watch the film Maafa21)? The abortion giant has crisscrossed Texas to speak out for Davis and her views supporting abortion.

Wendy Davis Emmitt Smith

In addition to Kelli Douglas, Emmitt and Pat Smith were also at the event with the Abortion Senator.

Pat Smith is the wife of pro football Hall-of-Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith.

Pat Smith is also Founder and CEO of Treasure You which appears to have hosted the event!

According to their mission, “Treasure You” is a nonprofit organization founded by Pat Smith, dedicated to supporting women in financial, emotional or spiritual needs. Funds raised for the organization go directly to women to pay emergency expenses, educational needs, and weekend retreat participation”.

It is unclear what type of event this was. If it was a fundraiser for Wendy Davis or just an event she attended.

It would be sad to find out that Emmitt and Pat Smith supported a candidate that is so heavily connected to the abortion lobby and its agenda.

Pat Smith recently gave a stunning testimony of her her pregnancy brought her back to the Lord:

As Tyler Paper reports, Somewhere along the way though, Mrs. Smith lost focus. She got carried away with her own plans and stopped seeking God, she said. It was then the Lord stopped her in her tracks when became unexpectedly pregnant with her and Smith’s third child and was placed on bed rest at 16 weeks.

During that time, she struggled with sadness and depression. She had been so convinced of the path her life should take, and the pregnancy seemed like an interruption. But she realized she was wrong.

“This is not my life,” she said of her words to God at the time. “This is not my dreams. This is about You. So whatever it is You want (me) to be, I am available. I totally submit to You.”

Mrs. Smith said she came out of the pregnancy a new person in Christ and surrendered to His purposes in her life.

Their son was born healthy and today is 4 years old and the joy of the family, she said.

Wendy Davis Pat Smit Overcomers awards Jan 2014

In January of 2014, sadly Treasure You presented Wendy Davis with an “Overcomer” award.

On their website they state, “Smith has partnered with agencies to support women in every need and sponsors to further the cause. This Treasure You Experience will feature many stories of second chances that will inspire and motivate. National honorees will include:

Wendy Davis – Texas gubernatorial candidate who began working at the age of 14 to support her family, and as teenage mother, became the first in her family to attend college, eventually graduating from Harvard Law School.”

At that the January 2014 event, “Celebrating Second Chances with Overcomers: A Treasure You Experience” hosted by Pat Smith featuring Robin Roberts, Wendy Davis received Pat Smith’s “Overcomer Award.”

Wendy Davis Pat Smit Overcomers awards Jan 2014 2

You can watch at approx: 50:00 in the video:

Pat Smith goes on to ask Wendy Davis about her abortion filibuster with The Potter’s House’s Bishop T.D. Jakes sitting on the front row and later standing when she came on stage, “Were you wearing depends, really? When you did that filibuster…really, how did you do that?”

Wendy Davis Pat Smit Overcomers awards Jan 2014 3

Asked where Wendy Davis got her strength the abortion promoting Senator responded, “When I was a teenager and going through some difficult times, I remember my mom praying and telling me that she had put me in God’s hands.

Wendy Davis supports abortion on demand for any reason. It baffles me how anyone, especially those who claim to be Christians can support her.

Following an intervention by the Supreme Court halting full implementation of HB2, the Texas abortion law which thrust Wendy Davis into fame, until the court can hear an appeal, Davis reiterated her support for abortion on demand, with this statement, “The court recognized that these deeply personal decisions should be made by a woman with the guidance of her family and her doctor. The actions by Austin politicians like Greg Abbott had closed all but eight Texas reproductive health centers and harmed the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of women throughout the state.

While politicians like Greg Abbott support making abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest, I’m thankful that women can continue to make their own personal decisions.

Wendy Davis ignores the fact that abortion is being used to cover-child rape. A new report by Life Dynamics entitled, The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse, has uncovered criminal cases where abortion clinics failed to report the rapes of minor girls returning them into the hands of their abusers. Read more on that here.

Abortion is also the number one killer of the African American community and Planned Parenthood, which places their killing centers in Black neighborhoods in the largest provider of abortions in the nation.

According to the most recent stats, 64 percent of babies aborted in Texas were minority children.

24.9% of babies aborted in Texas were Black.

38.7% of babies aborted in Texas were Hispanic.

TEXAS 2010 Abortion Stats REAL 2010

The stats, published by the CDC , reveals that nationally a majority of Black or Hispanic babies were aborted as well:

Abortion Eugenics Racism

• 73.3% of babies aborted in Mississippi were Black or Hispanic

• 73.2 % of babies #aborted in Georgia were Black or Hispanic

• 64.8% of babies aborted in DC were Black or Hispanic

• 61.4% of babies aborted in Alabama were Black or Hispanic

• 55.9% of babies aborted in New Jersey were Black or Hispanic

• 55.6% of babies aborted in Virginia were Black or Hispanic

• 54.1% of babies aborted in Tennessee were Black or Hispanic

• 54.3% of babies aborted in Delaware were Black or Hispanic

• 45.7 % of babies aborted in South Carolina were Black or Hispanic

• 43.5% of babies aborted in Missouri were Black or Hispanic

• 42.6% of babies aborted in Ohio were Black or Hispanic

• 41.6% of babies aborted in Arkansas were Black or Hispanic

The root of abortion and Planned Parenthood is eugenics and racism.

Sadly, despite the fact that African Americans are the target of abortion many are helping those who promote it, like Wendy Davis.

I would suggest that Kelli Douglas, Pat and Emmitt Smith along with Potter’s House pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes sit down and watch a documentary which details this called, Maafa21.

It can be viewed online here http://www.maafa21.com.

My hope is that Pat and Emmitt Smith as well as Kelli Douglas will educate themselves on how abortion is devastating the African American community and pull any support they may have lended, knowingly or unknowingly from those who promote, fund, or vote for it.

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