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Planned Parenthood’s so-called zero tolerance for staffers who fail to report rape !

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On Thursday, May 8, Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles announced his filing of a 27-count indictment accusing of sexually related charges against Tyler Kost, 18, of San Tan Valley, according to a news release issued by the PCAO.

Tyler Kost Indictment

The day before, the Pinal County Grand Jury returned a True Bill and Mr. Voyles filed an indictment alleging criminal incidents from October 2009 through April 2014 that involved 11 victims, ranging from 12 to 17 years in age.

According to the indictment Kost is accused of:

•three counts sexual abuse with a minor, under the age of 15,
•six counts sexual conduct with a minor, under the age of 15,
•one counts child molestation, a child under 15,
•seven counts sexual assault with a minor, 15 or older,
•seven counts sexual abuse with a minor, 15 or older and
•three counts sexual conduct with a minor, 15 or older.

If the defendant were found guilty on all 27 counts, he would face a sentencing exposure between 147 years and up to 335.75 years in prison, according to the county attorney’s office.

Tyler Kost COurt


What is also making headlines in this case is news that a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic worker in Arizona failed to report the rape of one of their patients, allegedly linked to this case.

Media reports say that a girl who says she became pregnant after Kost raped her last year visited a Planned Parenthood clinic with her mother on New Year’s Eve.

According to the police incident report, obtained by Life Dynamics and Life Talk News, the victim was 15 years old at the time of the alleged assault. According to the report, the person who accompanied the victim to Planned Parenthood told the counselor about the sexual assault during the visit.
The PCSO report states.

“[Redacted] became pregnant. She accompanied [Redacted] to her ultrasound on 12/31/13 and 01/04/14. These appointments were at the Planned Parenthood in [Redacted].

“[Redacted] disclosed the assault to a counselor at Planned Parenthood. The counselor intentionally miscoded the assault as a consensual encounter. The counselor told them that they did not want the hassle of having to report the assault to law enforcement as they were a mandatory reporter.”

According to the AZCentral, If Planned Parenthood workers had reported the alleged assault in December, it could have jump-started a sheriff’s investigation…Reporting such assaults is required for Planned Parenthood, and a sheriff’s spokesman said investigators had shared the alleged failure to report with Planned Parenthood administrators and Arizona Department of Health Services officials…The pregnant teenager reportedly visited the clinic on Dec. 31 and again four days later.


How is the abortion giant responding to this criticism, they told KGUN9, “If a patient says she was sexually assaulted or displays signs of assault, our staff is required to report it immediately to law enforcement officials. We have a zero tolerance for staff failing to meet our standards and policies.

PP Tyler Kost Zero TolerancePP Zero Tolerance

But….does Planned Parenthood take this lightly?

This Planned Parenthood in Flagstaff, Az told a caller posing as a 13 year old child impregnated by a 22 year old adult man that they don’t have to tell anybody:

FLAGSTAFF, AZ 86001-6399

TAPE – 576

(dialing sounds) (ringing 2X)

CLINIC: Flagstaff Planned Parenthood. This is Melody.

CALLER: Hi. Yeah. I was wondering, do you guys do abortions there?

CLINIC: Yes. We do have clinics every once in awhile.

CALLER: Okay. Well, do you know — like I’m just worried because my friend — well I’ll be 14 next month.

CLINIC: Uh-huh.

CALLER: And my friend said that you guys would have to tell my parents. But my boyfriend’s 22. Could he — is he old enough to take care of it and you wouldn’t have to tell anybody?

CLINIC: Well, we don’t have to inform your parents, no.


CLINIC: We’re not required to at this time.


CLINIC: When was the first day of your last menstrual period?

CALLER: December 26.

CLINIC: Well, let’s see here. Hold on one second. I’ll be right with you.


CLINIC: Okay. Actually — well, we do have a clinic that’s going to be coming up on the 8th.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

CLINIC: We do — are you coming in from out of town?

CALLER: Well, no.

CLINIC: Are you here locally?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

Listen to call here

And here an Arizona Planned Parenthood tells the caller it is okay for her 22yr old boyfriend to pay for “everything”

This Phoenix, Arizona Planned Parenthood tells the same caller that she is technically not a patient if all she comes in for is a pregnancy test….therefore even though the caller is telling them she is possibly pregnant by a 22 year old man, just coming for a pregnancy test- they would not have to report it.

CALLER: Okay. So you wouldn’t have to tell anybody about a pregnancy test?

CLINIC: Yeah, if you just come in as a, just doing a pregnancy test and you’re not an actual Planned Parenthood patient, we would not have to report it. Once you become a Planned Parenthood patient, if you’re seen by the clinician then we would have to report it.


The caller than asks Planned Parenthood if it would be better to not saying anything about the age of her boyfriend. Their response, “That’s up to you.”

At this Arizona Planned Parenthood they actually suggest that the caller (posing as a 13 year old child) wait a few months until she is 14 to have the test or abortion so they won’t have to report that her boyfriend is 22…They even tell her that her 22 year old boyfriend can come in with her for the pregnancy test and he won’t get into trouble because there will not be a report.

5651 N 7TH ST. # A
PHOENIX, AZ 85014-2500

TAPE – 555

CLINIC: We just have to report anybody that’s 13 or younger that is having sex. And then if they get like a list of, you know, calls from different agencies, or whatever, then they might look into it kind of thing. But they want to kind of monitor, you know, cases that may be abuse. So that’s how they kind of — they put it on the computer. They say, okay. They never, in this office, have ever wanted to talk or came to see them or anything like that. But there’s nothing concerning your — like your parents, there’s no minor consent laws in Arizona. So your parents don’t have to know about it.

CALLER: Oh. Well, my boyfriend said that he was going to pay for everything. Would they have to know about him?

CLINIC: Well, how old is he?

CLINIC: They make take his information too because —

CALLER: Well, could he get in trouble?


CALLER: Could he get in trouble?

CLINIC: I don’t know, sweetie. We have to report certain age differences.


CLINIC: But it’s really a matter — I’m not sure what the laws are as far as what they — you know, try and prosecute or if they try and not prosecute. It’s not like your parents are trying to or you are trying to bring up charges to him. If it was consensual I don’t know where they draw the line and investigate or not.


CLINIC: You know what I mean?

CALLER: Okay. Yeah. Well, it’s just, the thing is I don’t really know if I am pregnant because I’m just worried because I haven’t had my period since like December 21st. And I don’t know. Could I come in there for a pregnancy test and see?

CLINIC: Sure, hon. You can go to any Planned Parenthood and walk in it at their walk-in appointments. And they’re $10.

CALLER: Oh. Well, if my boyfriend comes in with me — because like he was going to pay for it — would he get, would we get in trouble for —

CLINIC: Oh, no, not for a pregnancy test at all.

CALLER: Oh. Well, would you have to report it?



CLINIC: Not just for a pregnancy test.
CALLER: Oh. Well, if the pregnancy test came out negative could I get birth control?

CLINIC: You sure can.

CALLER: But would you have to tell anybody about that?

CLINIC: I’m not sure. You may want to wait until you’re 14, and then they don’t have to report that.

CALLER: Oh. All right.

CLINIC: You turn 14 in March, right?

These calls are from a 2002 child predator investigation, in which the pro-life organization, Life Dynamics called over 800 Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation facilities across the nation.

The caller portrayed a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant by her 22-year-old boyfriend. Her story was that she wanted an abortion because she and her boyfriend did not want her parents to find out about the sexual relationship. In every call the age of the girl and her boyfriend were made perfectly clear. It was also made clear that the motivation for the abortion was to conceal this illicit sexual activity from the girl’s parents and the authorities. Additionally, the caller never said a single thing that might suggest that her parents would become abusive if they discovered her sexual activity.

Even though many of these clinics openly acknowledged to the caller that this situation was illegal and they were required to report it to the state, the overwhelming majority readily agreed to conceal this illegal activity. (Listen to actual audio tapes of the calls here)

Of course, there have been several real life cases where Planned Parenthood has failed to report the rape or sexual assault of one of their patients, many leading to the child being returned to the predator for more sexual abuse.

In addition, Planned Parenthood employees have been accused of sex crimes – read here.

But – they- they have a ZERO TOLERANCE , right? NOT!