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Weight Watchers franchise prez attends Planned Parenthood luncheon featuring Gloria Steinem

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Florine Mark, President and CEO of Weight Watchers Group is scheduled to attend the the Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan luncheon today according to news reports. The WW Group, Inc., an internationally recognized weight loss enterprise.

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A report by the Detroit News exposed the WW Group’s leaders Planned Parenthood associations: “Gloria Steinem offers a fist salute to 900 well-heeled women and a handful of men in a Dearborn ballroom. At 80, she’s still talking about revolution.

In slim pants and a silver-studded belt slung over her hips, she’s a potent combination of graceful mien and incendiary message. This day, she draws the largest turnout for Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan’s annual luncheon in its two-decade history.

It’s a crowd of grandmothers, mothers, daughters, CEOs (The Henry Ford’s Patricia Mooradian; Florine Mark of Weight Watchers), political candidates (Debbie Dingell; Rudy Hobbs) — a room full of reminders that Planned Parenthood’s support is mainstream, not extreme. The most radical person in the room is probably Steinem herself.

Florine Mark

According to the website, “Florine is the leading U.S. franchise holder of Weight Watchers International. The WW Group, Inc., an internationally recognized weight loss enterprise, had its humble beginnings as a family business created by Florine from the ground up. Her relatives were the first members, while Florine’s mother worked the telephones.

Success and growth quickly followed as Florine consistently acquired franchises throughout the Midwest, East Coast, Canada and Mexico. Some of these franchises were sold in 2003 in a lucrative deal to Weight Watchers International, but Florine retained all operations in her home state of Michigan, as well as in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The event featured feminist Gloria Steinem:
PP Mid S Michigan Steinem

According to a 2008 annual report a Florine Mark contributed to the abortion giant:

Florine Mark PP Donation

Florine Mark and PP Prez

Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan’s 2013 annual reportreveals they killed over 4000 unborn children with abortion in one year alone (not including those killed from emergency contraception) :

PP Mid S Michigan abortions

Might be time to shed the WW Group if you are pro-life !