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Chelsea Clinton acknowledges humanity of unborn child on panel with Planned Parenthood prez

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Chelsea Clinton Women Deliver 1Sitting on an international panel on Family Planning, called Women Deliver, Chelsea Clinton whose parents, as president promoted the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies in the womb through abortion, was asked how young she was when she first went on the campaign trail.

She was asked, “Chelsea you were only two years old when you went on a campaign trail with your parents in the state of Arkansas…”

Chelsea Clinton responded, ” I definitely went on the campaign trail when I was still in the womb.”

How could that be – if the unborn child is NOT human before birth, how could Chelsea be on the campaign trail in the womb?

Go to 2:20

Chelsea was on this panel with Cecile Richards the head of the largest chain of child killing thru abortion centers, Planned Parenthood:

Chelsea Clinton Women Deliver