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Planned Parenthood suspends abortions at Wisconsin clinic

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A Wisconsin Planned Parenthood has suspended abortion services at for six months.

From the Post Crescent:

The decision for the center, located at 3800 North Gillett St., is due to a “temporary gap in medical coverage,” Teri Huyck, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said in a statement. Its family planning center at 508 W. Wisconsin Ave. will remain open.

The services at the Appleton North health center, which performed 583 abortions in 2014, stopped on Oct. 14. There are no plans to move the Appleton health center to another location, and the decision is unrelated to ongoing legislative scrutiny against Planned Parenthood, Riis said.

The organization found itself in the national spotlight this summer following a series of undercover videos released by an anti-abortion group. Planned Parenthood claims the videos were selectively edited and misleading.

Proposed state laws could reduce Planned Parenthood funding by $7.5 million

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A lawmaker in Wisconsin has introduced two bills that could eliminate at least half of the funding Planned Parenthood gets in the state.

Representative Andre Jacque speaking on the floor

Rep. Andre Jacque is co-sponsoring legislation that will require family planning clinics, most notably Planned Parenthood, to bill Medicaid at the actual acquisition cost when they acquire drugs at the heavily discounted rates available through the Medicaid 340B program.

Jacque contends that providers like Planned Parenthood, which gets over half a billion in taxpayer monies annually, are inflating rates, sometimes “eight times” the actual cost.

The bill would limit providers to a “reasonable” dispensing fee, which Jacque estimates would reduce funding by about $4.5 million.

This change will bring Wisconsin in line with the majority of other states and save millions of taxpayer dollars,” he said.

“This bill simply directs Medicaid 340B-covered entities to charge back to Medicaid/taxpayers the actual acquisition cost of pharmaceuticals they purchase through the program, plus the dispensing fee allowed through the Wisconsin Medicaid program. Many Wisconsin 340B program participants are already following this practice.

The 340B Drug Discount Program is a federal government program created in 1992 that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible health care organizations/covered entities at bargain basement prices.

Planned Parenthood 340B Medicaid Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the most “generous” states in the country in terms of its relatively high allowed Medicaid reimbursement rate with state and federal taxpayer dollars for family planning providers through the 340B Program.×2&auto_start=0&pf_id=12169&rel=3&show_title=0&va_id=5885126&volume=8&windows=1

The Republican lawmaker, who also authored a bill that would prohibit the sale and use of aborted human fetal body parts, cites recent Department of Health Services examples of how the Medicaid billing practices have been abused:

    “in reviewing audits of 340B providers with 2010 dates of service, the OIG found discrepancies in how 340B providers billed for Ortho-Cyclen. One hospital-based 340B pharmacy billed Wisconsin Medicaid $15 for 84 tablets and the provider was reimbursed $15. A 340B family planning clinic provider billed Wisconsin Medicaid $95 for 84 tablets on the same date of service and was reimbursed $54.23. The ingredient.costs ascertained from the invoices reviewed from both providers were nearly identical at $12.20 and $12.03 respectively.” In other words, without this legislation, 340B program participants will remain free to charge taxpayers for a drug at a rate many, many times more what it cost them to acquire it.”

“Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has publicly claimed that eliminating their overbilling of taxpayers for drugs acquired through the 340B program would result in a $4.5 Million annual reduction in their subsidy by taxpayers,” Rep. Jacque claims.

The legislation follows a request submitted by 28 Wisconsin State Representatives and 4 State Senators in January calling for an investigation into family planning centers and Planned Parenthood centers in the state.

PPWI request for Planned Parenthood audit

The letter details what it calls “red flags” with providers pointing out that several other states report, “similar findings with Planned Parenthood and other Medicaid family planning providers.

It is peculiar and deeply troubling,” lawmakers write, “that any large recipient of taxpayer dollars would pre-emptively divulge that they are guilty of massively defrauding the government and actively in violation with their billing practices, with no plans to change or reimburse taxpayers–and yet that is precisely what Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is admitting to.”

Recently a HRSA audit conducted on Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, revealed “Duplicate discounts” in the 340B Medicaid program.

Planned Parenthood PA Medicaid 340B

An HRSA audit in 2013 identified a duplicate discount finding for Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, Inc. that could potentially result in PPHP owing repayments to manufacturers.

Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic 340B medicaid audit

Earlier this year, Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy introduced a bill into the U.S. House which would stop abortion providers from “unbundling” abortion services so they can submit separate claims to Medicaid.

All too often, abortion providers – such as Planned Parenthood – are able to line their pockets with taxpayer funds by using a complex billing system and taking advantage of programs that rely on provider integrity for compliance,” Rep. Duffy pointed out at the time.

State Rep Wisconsin Planned Parenthood

Wisconsin state representative Jacque told WRN that another one of the bills he is sponsoring would “reprioritize” about $3 million in federal grant money that Planned Parenthood received by having the state Department of Health Services apply for the funding.

There are any number of better public health opportunities that we have, than Planned Parenthood,” he pointed out.

The bills seek to reduce $7.5 million in federal funding at Planned Parenthood facilities across the state.

Profit no matter what ADF Planned Parenthood

A 2014 report conducted by Alliance Defending Freedom outlined abuse and potential fraud by Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country as well as other abortion providers, particularly with respect to federal and state Title XIX-Medicaid reimbursements.

The group analyzed publicly available audits which they say, strongly suggest that Planned Parenthood affiliates systematically take advantage of “overbilling” opportunities to maximize revenues in complex, well-funded federal and state programs that are understaffed and rely on the integrity of the provider for program compliance.

They listed a few examples in their Profit No Matter What, report:

    “At Planned Parenthood of Southwest Michigan (PPSWMI), a May 2010 audit revealed bank statements accumulated for up to six months before being reconciled, and personal expenses such as household bills being paid as company expenses.”
    “In Vermont, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England Action Fund agreed to pay a $30,000 fine to the Vermont Office of the Attorney General for failing to comply with political committee reporting requirements relating to $119,437 it spent in the 2010 gubernatorial election.”
    “Planned Parenthood affiliates have also been fined or settled in cases involving wrongful death / medical malpractice, failure to report child sexual abuse and rape, and regulatory violations.”

Read that report here.

Nationally, Planned Parenthood has come under fire for the harvesting of aborted baby parts after the group, Center for Medical Progress published two videos of top Planned Parenthood officials bragging how they procure livers, hearts, lungs, and other organs from the children they abort.

It was recently made public that Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, seen in the undercover video above talking about where she will “crush” a little child in the womb to preserve specific organs, is a University of Wisconsin Madison graduate.

Deborah-Nucatola-Planned-Parenthood-body-parts pic 2-

The University has been criticized for their promotion of fetal tissue research.

Planned Parenthood director on Medicaid audit claims “no wrongdoing no fraud”

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In 2010, Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest agreed to pay the state $345,000 after settling a 2009 audit that uncovered the clinic used incorrect codes and provided insufficient documentation for some claims billed to Medicaid.

The original audit finding estimated the Spokane family-planning organization improperly billed Medicaid more than $629,000 for 333 patient procedures from March 2004 through February 2007.

During that time, the clinic collected about $7.6 million from Medicaid.

Planned Parenthoods in New Jersey were also investigated that same year.

In 2012, a published report said that Illinois Medicaid’s inspector general was investigating the billing practices of Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ medical director.

Crain’s Chicago Business reported more than $3 million in Medicaid funds going to the Planned Parenthood doctor made her the Illinois program’s second-highest-paid doctor.

In 2013, Planned Parenthood’s Houston-based affiliate settled for $4.3 million with the state of Texas after an audit revealed that the agency charged for “fraudulently over billing the taxpayer-funded Medicaid program.

TX AG MEdicaid Fraud

So when Nicole Safar, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s policy director claimed audits in her state of the abortion giant would only turn up compliance, it looked rather suspicious to me.


The investigation stems from a letter 28 Wisconsin State Representatives and 4 State Senators wrote calling for an investigation into family planning centers and Planned Parenthood centers in the state.

PPWI request for Planned Parenthood audit

As Life Dynamics reports, the letter asked co-chairmen of the non-partisan Joint Legislative Audit Committee, “conduct a comprehensive independent audit of Wisconsin’s Medicaid family planning providers including Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) .”


The letter detailed what it calls “red flags” already discovered by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) at the Department of Health Services against two family planning facilities, (NEWCAP and Wisconsin Family Planning Health Services) in the state which over-billed the state a combined total of $3.5 million.

The letter states that several other states report, “similar findings with Planned Parenthood and other Medicaid family planning providers.”

They point to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article which states, “All of the family planning clinics, including those run by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, are paid the same rate by the state.”

In response to the previous investigation of the prior family planning facilities, Nicole Safar, director of policy and legal advocacy for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, told the Journal, “We are all doing it the same way.”

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Audit

The lawmakers write that Planned Parenthood’s statement in that article is troubling, “It is peculiar and deeply troubling,” they said, “that any large recipient of taxpayer dollars would pre-emptively divulge that they are guilty of massively defrauding the government and actively in violation with their billing practices, with no plans to change or reimburse taxpayers–and yet that is precisely what Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is admitting to.

But, of course, Planned Parenthood is crying foul and the media is listening.

As Safar so boldly stated before the audit has even begun, “Any sort of audit of family planning providers is only going to show widespread compliance. There is no wrongdoing, there is no fraud,” Safar said. “Anyone can shine a light on us.”

Americans United for Life has documented known and alleged abuses by Planned Parenthood, in a published entitled, The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood, including: misuse of federal health care and family planning funds including that audit reports and admissions by former employees detail a pattern of misuse by some Planned Parenthood affiliates. (read here)

A 2014 report by the legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, entitled, “Profit No Matter What,” makes similar claims.

So forgive me if I do not buy what Safar is selling !

Planned Parenthood closes center once caught covering for Child Sexual Abuse

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September 25, 2014
Life Dynamics Logo

Don’t tell me these people were trying to protect this girl. This is outrageous.” ~ Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, Inc.

Today, Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life group located in Denton, Texas, has responded to the closing of a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood facility caught covering for child sexual predators.

PP Fond Du Lac

After 36 years in operation, the Fond du Lac Planned Parenthood has announced their closing in a letter penned by staff and published by a local media outlet.

Despite receiving millions of dollars in federal tax monies, Planned Parenthood has cited state budget cuts targeting their centers as reason for the closure.

But, what is not being reported, is that Planned Parenthood in Fond du Lac was caught on tape advising a 13-year-old child how she can cover the fact that she was having sex with an adult man, a clear violation of state laws that require reporting the suspicion of child abuse.

The call was part of a 2002 undercover investigation sting which, Life Dynamics conducted where they documented that abortion clinics associated with both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are, with very few exceptions, completely ignoring the mandatory reporting statutes.

Child Predator 6257753002_8513580900622647258_n

Life Dynamics, has published a transcript of the conversation their undercover caller, who was posing as a 13-year-old child, had with this Planned Parenthood center.

The caller tells the Fond du Lac Planned Parenthood staffer, who identified herself as “Sarah”, that she was having sex with a 22-year-old adult male.
The caller asks Sarah about pregnancy tests and how to receive an abortion if she is pregnant.

Child Pred Logo

Planned Parenthood tells the caller that they do not perform abortions at that location but states that she can obtain an abortion at their Appleton, Planned Parenthood clinic and acknowledges several times that they are required to report any suspicion of sexual abuse – such as this child’s admission that an adult male may have impregnated her.

CALLER: The problem is I’ll be 14 in March, and my friend said that you guys would have to tell on my boyfriend because he’s 22.
CLINIC: Yeah. Yeah. You’re 13 now?
CLINIC: Holy cow. Ummmm. Yeah, that’s reportable.

Planned Parenthood then suggests that the caller purchase a home pregnancy test and if the test is negative she can go to Planned Parenthood for the birth control she will need to continue the sexual relationship with the man.

CALLER: Well, if I took a home pregnancy test, if it came out that I wasn’t pregnant, could I come in there and get birth control? Because I don’t want to have to go through all this again.
CLINIC: Yeah. If you’re negative, by all means come on in and get birth control pills.
CALLER: But you guys wouldn’t have to tell anybody that I was on birth control though?
CLINIC: No. We’re not allowed to.
CALLER: Well, would you have to tell about my boyfriend?
CLINIC: That I’m not quite sure of. That I’m not quite sure of. I’m not sure.
CALLER: So would it just be better not to say anything about my boyfriend to you guys?
CLINIC: Well, we know now (laughing).

At this point Planned Parenthood puts the caller on hold and appears to get advice from someone else inside the clinic. She returns:

CLINIC: Okay. Thanks for holding. You’re kind of in a sticky situation because you’re 13 and you’re sleeping with a 22-year-old.
CALLER: But we’re in love. We’re going to get married.
CLINIC: Right. And we’re not here to judge. But legally they would have to report that because it is technically statutory rape. Your pregnancy would be —
CALLER: I mean, he’s not raping me. We’re in love. We’re going to get married.
CLINIC: Right. But by the law, if anyone found out that you were — even if you were in love to the umpteenth degree, if the wrong person found out, it could be trouble. It could be trouble.
CALLER: But you’re not going to tell anybody now, are you?
CLINIC: Well, no.

Planned Parenthood then advises the underage caller how she can avoid anyone reporting this to authorities, by telling her that when she goes in to, “keep your mouth shut.”

Planned Parenthood’s biggest concern here is not that the child is being raped by a pedophile, but how she can prevent future pregnancies from this man.

CLINIC: But if you came in we would have to. But now that leaves you in a bind. Because if you’re pregnant and you go up to the AB clinic [Appleton, Planned Parenthood abortion clinic], then they’re going to know, you know what I’m saying? I mean, it’s great that you guys are in love, but technically because you are so young and he’s over 18 —
CALLER: Well, do you know if there’s any other place I could go?
CLINIC: Why don’t you take your home test first? Take your home test first before you get yourself really worried. Take your home test first. My suggestion would be if you’re negative, please get on the pill. Protect yourself.
CALLER: But where could I go for that?
CLINIC: My suggestion would be — you could go anywhere if you just kind of keep your mouth shut.
CALLER: Oh, okay.
CLINIC: You know what I’m saying?
CALLER: Yeah. I’m just so scared. I don’t know.
CLINIC: I know. And it is scary. And if you were like 16 and he was 22, it would be a different story, but you’re 13. And like I said, we’re not here to judge you, and we will not. But, technically, that’s the law, and the nurses here do have to abide by that. So if you came in and they knew that you were sleeping with a 22-year-old man, they would have to report it.

Planned Parenthood finally tells the caller to take care of the pregnancy without revealing who impregnated her, “My suggestion would be, if you find out you’re pregnant just take care of it, how you have to take care of it. You’ve got the number to the AB clinic [abortion clinic]. Call the ladies. They’ll tell you about funding or what not and cost and all that good stuff. But I really wouldn’t advertise that you’re dating a 22-year-old.”


Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics is outraged, “Don’t tell me these people were trying to protect this girl. This is outrageous. Not only should the legislature have removed public funding but it is an obscenity to have public funding to begin with. Facilities operated by Planned Parenthood are conducting a pedophile protection racket and we are being forced to pay for the rapes of our daughters.

Crutcher urges every parent and concerned America to listen to the full tape of the call – which can be heard here.

Only a few weeks ago, Life Dynamics released a second report exposing that what they documented in 2002 continues in 2014.

ChildPredator W Website Sarah 37244037_n

The new report, The Cover-Up of Child Sexual Abuse” part two, contains actual cases of criminal prosecutions against men who have been caught having illegal sexual relationships with minor girls.

Crutcher explains, “In almost every case of adult men having sex with minor girls, the perpetrators are aware that the relationship is illegal and could land them in prison. They also know that one of the most likely ways for them to get caught is for their victims to become pregnant. When that happens, their back up plan is inevitably going to involve abortion. As a result, there is no place within the medical community where underage victims of sexual abuse are more likely to be found than at abortion clinics. The question is: how are these girls dealt with when they show up at those clinics?


Crutcher says it is critical that states enforce mandatory reporting laws and prosecute those who fail to report, “it is self-evident that when a minor girl seeks an abortion, she represents a textbook example of why mandatory reporting laws were created in the first place. Despite this, we have consistently found that the law enforcement community is functionally indifferent to the problem of abortion clinics not complying with mandatory reporting statutes even in the face of irrefutable evidence that violations are occurring. Among all the cases we researched – whether they are included in this report or not – we never found one example in which criminal charges were brought against an abortion clinic employee for failing to comply with their state’s mandatory reporting statutes. This was true even when this failure was (a) noted during the investigation and/or trial and (b) was a direct contributor to subsequent assaults on these children. In some cases, the abortion clinics flaunting of these laws even resulted in sexual assaults being committed against other underage girls.”

To address the problem, Life Dynamics has contacted over 53,000 personal injury attorneys to educate them about the pedophile protection racket being covered up inside these clinics.

Crutcher and his team have also produced a powerful commercial to notify parents as well as the victims of child sexual abuse that they could be eligible to sue clinics who fail to report child sexual abuse.

The commercial which can be aired by attorneys/legal groups across the country states, “Each day thousands of underage girls are given abortions or birth control or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ knowledge and everyone of them is a potential crime victim. If you are one of these children or if you are the parent of one of these children your legal rights may have been violated. But you can take control by calling the number on your screen, do it now, it’s time to stop being a victim.”

About Life Dynamics:
Mark Crutcher’s Bio
Child Predator Investigation

For an interview call the office at (940) 380-8800

Ambulance Transports Women from Madison Planned Parenthood 2 Days in a Row, according to eye witnesses

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Pro-life Wisconsin is reporting that Last Tuesday, March 4, sidewalk counselors outside the Planned Parenthood in Madison witnessed a wounded woman being taken from the clinic to an ambulance. Her condition is unknown.

PP Madison Wisc March 2014

According to the group, “The very next day, another woman was again rushed from the clinic to an ambulance. This time, a fire truck was present as well. “We witnessed a fire truck arrive, men run in with equipment, then an ambulance with more people and bags going in,” a witness said. “They were in quite a while then finally brought out a girl wrapped completely and strapped to a gurney.”

On both occasions, a Brinks truck arrived to pick up cash from Planned Parenthood shortly after the ambulances left with the wounded mothers. What a tragic irony.”

Not the First Time:

In June of 2013, Pro-Life Wisconsin sidewalk counselors outside the Madison Wisconsin abortion clinic also reported that a woman was taken out of Planned Parenthood on a stretcher and left in an ambulance.

Former abortion giant Planned Parenthood lobbyist now politician in Wisconsin

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Chris Taylor Wis State521427_558663210831225_1540212907_nFormer Public Policy Director for abortion giant Planned Parenthood now politician: Chris Taylor !

Being a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood was the best preparation,” she says. “I did the electoral strategy, so I knew elections and how to communicate with people on issues. I was the lead advocate at the state level for women’s reproductive health care, and these are some of the hardest issues to lobby on. That job taught me how to be persuasive and strategic.”

Taylor is proud of the agency’s success during her time there.

“When I started at Planned Parenthood, we had no shot at getting anything done because of the composition of the Legislature. I’ve learned you have to have proactive strategies because one day you’ll have a chance and you need to be ready,” she says.

Protecting public schools

Defense of public education and policies that benefit families are at the top of Taylor’s agenda.

“It is absolutely critical to have a strong public school system,” she says.

Currently she is enjoying rereading Harry Potter to her kids, whom she says help her keep perspective.

“Kids provide so much levity. Kids don’t care if you’re in the Legislature. You’re the mom and they want to play Legos.”

Some Democrats are already suggesting that Taylor could be going places. But would she run for governor or for national office? Taylor isn’t sure.

“I’m just getting started, and right now I am focused on representing my constituents. But you can never say never. Maybe it’s possible when my kids are a little older. Opportunities come up, and you can’t always predict what you’ll do.”

More on Taylor here

Judge rules you cannot grow your own food or drink milk from YOUR cow

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Judge in Wisconsin rules citizens do not have rights on what they grow or eat

September 29, 2011 –

A new ruling by a judge in the state of Wisconsin has ruled that people do not have the right to grow or eat what they see fit to consume.

1) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd;
2) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow;
3) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to board their cow at the farm of a farmer;
4) no, the Zinniker Plaintiffs’ private contract does not fall outside the scope of the State’s police power;
5) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume foods of their choice; – Court Brief, State of Wisconsin

Continue reading on Judge in Wisconsin rules citizens do not have rights on what they grow or eat – National Finance Examiner |

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