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Abortionist William Harrison mocks pro-lifers

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Abortion Doctor Welcomes Protesters

February 18, 2010

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — From now until Easter, right to life supporters plan to be out at abortion clinics across the country — including one in Fayetteville.
They’re taking part in a protest called “40 Days for Life.”

40/29 News has learned the doctor at the Fayetteville Women’s Clinic is welcoming the protest. He did so with a controversial e-mail.

The issue of abortion reigns as a very serious subject to the protesters outside the clinic, but to the doctor they’re protesting against, he said their cause is nothing but humorous.
“I think it’s silly. Standing across the street and praying to end abortion, that doesn’t work,” said Dr. William Harrison.

Harrison wrote an email to the organizers of the protest, saying they’re more than welcome to demonstrate because it’ll show their children and newcomers where to get an abortion.
“You know, we have a lot of new people in the area. And since we don’t do any advertising, a lot of people don’t know the services that we offer. So I am glad they’re over there,” said Harrison.

And he admits he even joked around in the e-mail, telling them to look serious and to bring priests along, or else it’ll deliver the wrong message.

“Well, I meant exactly what I said,” said Harrison. “You know, if they’re going to be praying and fasting, they ought to take this job seriously.“

But for organizers Tiffany Dickinson and Juliet Cassell, the demonstration is no laughing matter.

“It is a very serious issue. It’s a human life and it’s a matter of importance,” said Dickinson.

“We want this to be a positive, peaceful event and really call attention to what’s going on across the street. Children are losing their lives,” said Cassell.
They pray Harrison will one day have a change of heart.

“One of my biggest prayers is that he would have a conversion of the heart and he use his medical skills and knowledge to promote life, not death,” said Dickinson.
The “40 Days for Life” protest will run until the Sunday before Easter.