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Man threatens to shoot abortion protesters – becomes physical as wife exits clinic

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A man who drove his wife to A Woman’s Choice abortion clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina has attacked a group, which refers to themselves as abolitionists against abortion, after he perceived they were accusing his wife of having an abortion.

Abolitionists claim they hold to the tenants outlined by Abolish Human Abortion (AHA), and do not want to be linked in any way to the pro-life movement because they favor incremental strategies to end abortion.

In the first video of the man, who drove his wife to the abortion clinic, he initially speaks with the abolitionists calmly, explaining that he knows what the clinic does, but that his wife was not there for an abortion.

I’m here for the service of what my wife needs for her body…I want you to come to my neighborhood with this stuff here,” he says.

He accuses the group of judging everyone that is going to that clinic.

Man video part 1

I’m a minister just like you,” he tells the group as he demands a scripture that would justify their position.

The protesters explain that he is patronizing an abortion clinic.

They then pull up scriptures on their phone when he responds, “I will punch you in your damn face if you’re calling me ignorant.”

It goes downhill from there as the man becomes more and more agitated.

According to a second video uploaded about the incident the self proclaimed “minister” entering the abortion clinic calls the protesters “mother fuc*****”” and goes into a rant about there not being one black person out there among the protesters.

May 2015 abortion violence

That’s the reason while all this sh** going around in the country man,” he lectured the abolitionists.

He then walks away.

The anti-abortion group did not back down and told the man that they were at the abortion clinic to “stand up for your African American baby you are here to murder today.”

The abortion bound man replied, “Race got nothing to do with it man.”

The man then moves quickly back towards the protesters as they explain that they do not want black babies to die.

Black man abortion clinic

Man, fu** the Black babies,” he says as he makes a fist and moves into a demonstrator, who reminds the man that he was the one who first brought up race.

Members of the abolitionist group kept on questioning the angry man – even as he walked away a second time, “What kind of church do you minister at sir,” they asked.

The expletives and anger just spewed out of the man’s mouth.

You should be ashamed of yourself sir,” one of the protesters says in the video.

Then, demonstrators continue to question the man about his church, his pastor, and what God would think of him.

The man turns for a third time, “When Jesus come back – He going to talk to me,” he said.

The demonstrators then began to quote scripture to the man as he started his way back towards them again.

Prochoice man knock out

He gets his camera out of his car, points it at the abolitionists and says he wants to “get this knock out on my phone.”

Make sure you get it mother f-er cause I’m going to hit your ass too,” he says to a protester.

He then goes on another rant about not seeing any Black people in the anti-abortion group.

Just wait about two more minutes,” he said as he walks away again, and then heads back.

prochoice threatens to shoot ant abortion

If I go get my gun out this mother f-er, I’m gonna shoot every one of you all.” he threatens.

He then approaches the protesters again asking if he looks like he needs an abortion and they explain that the place he is patronizing is an abortion clinic.

Wife abortion

“Does it look like my wife needs an abortion?”

Man gets aggressive

He then becomes extremely aggressive and what comes to my mind is why the abortion clinic has not called the police yet?

Ok…by this time I am yelling at the video – stop answering the man back. If he walks away- let him go. But…no….

This is an abortion clinic sir,” they tell the man as he walks away.

Here we go again – the man turns back toward the protesters.

“Turn your other cheek
,” he says in an even more agitated tone.

More aggressive turn your other cheeck

He then calls the protesters names….

Calls them names

Yo, this how you get killed so when you ass be eight feet under just get another one out here (referring to the protesters),” he says.

WOrls like it is

“Cause that’s the reason why the world is like it is right now it’s because of people like you,” and he ….walks away.

Then one of the demonstrators calls out to him again.

“You’ll need to get it together bro, that you sit’n up here judging something that you don’t even know what my wife went in there for.”

He seems to fly off the handle every time they insinuate that his wife is there for an abortion.

As a woman comes up behind him – he seems to get outraged at the group filming the altercation.

He then tries to destroy one of the cameras…and it gets very ugly from here….

Man gets violent

That was the wrong thing to do,” you hear a protester say calmly.

Man grabs camera

Man Grans camera 2

And the attack takes place as the angry man appears to lunge at and attack one of the abolitionists.

Man tackles

You can hear a woman yell, “Get off of him – get off of my husband.”

So apparently, the women who exited the abortion clinic was the angry man’s wife and she rushes to her husband’s defense.

Abolitionist tackles angry prochoice man

The protesters keep saying, “Calm down.”

The videos uploaded by Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) Raleigh reads, “Conversation with a professing “minister” outside the abortion mill in Raleigh. This “minister” threatens violence and harm upon the Christians who are there to bring forth the gospel of Jesus Christ to all who are seeking to do harm and violence upon their unborn children, or support the murder of God’s image-bearers. He then assaults John, at which time he was restrained and told to calm down, as his wife kicks me in the face 6 times, rips off my shirt, undershirt, and GoPro.”

A third video picked up another angle.

At the point the physical altercation begins and the man’s wife walks out – you can hear him – yelling something like, “Get it on camera.”

Get off that camera

This video angle appears to show the man’s wife tearing the shirt off the abolitionist who is on the ground trying to control the husband who attacked him as the man’s wife kicks the abolitionist protester in the head several times.

Wife kicks abolitionist

Wife kicks abolitionist 2


The couple then says they didn’t do anything and are calling the police.

Your momma should have aborted your ass,” the wife yells.

The pair then walks to their car and leaves.

The police arrived and the abolitionists say that a warrant has been issued for the couple’s arrest.