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Roeder confesses to Tiller Murder- HUGE news story! Drake confesses to murdering pro-lifer: SH-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-

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US man confesses to shooting abortionist

Abortion Shooting Suspect

Speaking via phone to the AP on Monday, Scott Roeder, 51, of Kansas City Mo., confessed to the killing of Dr. George Tiller in May. He added that he plans to use the necessity defense at his trial.

So – I bet you didn’t hear this news blurb ( below) this weekend.

Cops: Mich. man admits killing abortion protester

Read: from the Associated Press:


Activist Killed

OWOSSO, Mich. — A Michigan man charged with killing an abortion protester and a business owner told police he had guns loaded in his truck when he took two nieces and a friend to school just before the shooting spree.

An affidavit unsealed Friday also says 33-year-old trucker Harlan Drake told police he shot 61-year-old Mike Fuoss and 63-year-old abortion foe James Pouillon on Sept. 11 in Owosso, 70 miles northwest of Detroit.

Authorities say Drake didn’t like Pouillon’s graphic signs and held a grudge against Fuoss.

The affidavit says Drake told police he loaded guns into his Ford pickup the night before the shootings, dropped off his nieces and one niece’s boyfriend at school and then shot Pouillon outside the boyfriend’s school. Fuoss was shot later at his office.

For more on what the MEDIA is NOT Reporting read: Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

And Another story reported it this way:
Cops: Trucker Admitted Killing Abortion Protester

Newly released documents said a trucker took two nieces and a teen boy to school before fatally shooting an abortion protester and another man in a small Michigan town.

The documents said Harlan Drake confessed to killing James Pouillon and Mike Fuoss.

His statements to Owosso police are in an affidavit that was used to justify a search of his apartment and truck after the Sept. 11 shootings. The affidavit was available Friday after being sealed for 56 days.


There is a history of pro-choice violence including abortionists who have raped , injured, and killed their patients , spouses, and other innocent people. When a supposed pro-lifer does an act of violence the media gives details of others who have also done the same. But when a pro-choicer murders a pro-lifer it is treated as a “isolated” incident. Well it is not ! Proof? Read this:

Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

Any Doubts about the pro-abort media bias- just google James Pouillon and the confession by Harlan Drake for gunning down a pro-lifer and compare those news stories to the numerous ones about: Late Term abortionist, George Tiller and the confession by Scott Roeder, done within days of each other.