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A Common Understanding by Phil Kline

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This past June, Right Side News attended the American Cause conference in McLean, Virginia. The American Cause has urged the conservative movement and Republican Party to reject foreign interventionism, globalist trade , open borders, and big government.

Phillip D. Kline was introduced and he spoke about how President Obama and our government is moving God out of our culture and replacing God with the false god of government and how they are deceiving the people through false promises, smoke and mirrors and the secrecy of back room deals, Chicago style.

Phillip D. Kline: As I was pondering the topic today, I recognized that it is somewhat ironic that this is a topic that only our party would engage in: Obama’s country or God’s country, because the Left sees Obama as a god.

That is true because they worship the false god of government, and that is where they place their hope, it’s where they seek power and purpose; and it’s not a battle that is new. It’s a battle that actually hearkens back to the very beginning of time with the first assault that tried to separate us from the recognition of God as God. When the serpent whispers “did God really say,” for if God didn’t really say it, you can then proclaim your own truth and you can be your own god. And to us, walking away from truth is essentially agreeing with the other side and just debating the shape of the god that we will create with government.

In February of 2008, I was on the eve of prosecuting a man that I had charged with the kidnapping, molestation and murder of a 13-year old girl in 1974. On the evening before that trial I had a speaking engagement with a group called “The Romeos.” I love the name; it stands for “Retired Old Men Eating Out.” It was predominantly liberal and Jewish and they knew my pro-life stripes, but they tolerated me, and after I gave my talk, I entertained questions. One of the men raised his hand to talk to me about the murder trial I was to begin the next morning.

He said, “Mr. Kline, why does justice take so long in America? Mr. Horton, the man you are going to try, committed the murder 34 years ago, and we believe that he did it. We believe you put forth good evidence and it has taken years of motions and so forth to bring this to trial, and we know if you convict, there will be additional appeals that will take years. Why does justice take so long in America?”

I said, I appreciate the question, and the reason hearkens back to a promise. A promise which was made at this nation’s founding: There is a recognition of a higher moral authority than government itself, even a higher moral authority than us, that endowed a divine spark at the moment of creation and all human life, and that is the authority of God. It is the recognition of that divine spark which caused us to be inspired to form a government that honors God by just and righteous laws that respect the inherent integrity of mankind. We only remove a right or a value from a person if they have exercised their freedom in such a way that they deserve the loss of their liberty because they have interfered with a more fundamental right of another of God’s creation.

“It is only from that moral recognition that government draws the moral authority to refrain your liberty. So, even though we believe Mr. Horton is guilty, I believe he’s guilty (I charged him with a crime), the judge can believe he’s guilty, all of us in this room can believe and know he is guilty, we recognize the promise by ensuring that government cannot act in a way that confines his liberty unless every single juror on that panel is convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed the murder for which he is charged.”

I asked, “How have we done in delivering that promise to the most vulnerable and innocent, the unborn in America?” They dropped their heads.

Do not be fooled. The assault upon that promise is the assault on the liberty of all. I did not have to travel far from the speech I gave on the eve of the Horton trial to witness that personally.

Let me take you to Wichita, Kansas on a cool Fall morning in 2005 in which a man led a young girl by the hand, as he had many times before. Although the street was crowded, no one really saw her; she believed that no one ever really saw her.

She didn’t understand this nation’s debate about choice, she never really heard it, she only knew she never had a choice. It was always his choice, and he chose her again and again and again. He was her father, and now he was the father of her child, and as she lay on the abortion table and the machinery began to worm, she lifted up a silent prayer to God that when she was returned home that someone would come to remove her from that house of horrors; and then when no one came, she believed that God was dead.

This is the true story of a 13-year old girl who had an abortion in Wichita Kansas and as I began my investigation into George Tiller and Planned Parenthood for failure to report child rape, I came to understand something that I had not recognized before. You see, there is mammoth failure in this nation to shore up the fabric that protects our children. There are children being led by the hand, just as this young girl in Wichita was led by the hand, in cities across this nation, and no one is doing anything to protect them from the violence and the molestation which visits them everyday.

I could not understand why Planned Parenthood would not report child rape. It’s because they do not see it as rape of a child. They see it as “inter-generational sex.” They don’t look to the founding of this nation and the recognition of the moral authority of God. They have a different worldview, the view that man is god, and essentially we are biological accidents. They believe that children have biological urges, just like Kinsey said in his 1950s report. So, adult-child sex is not rape, it is inter-generational sexual interaction. And we need to protect it by putting a condom on it, not preventing it. They don’t see a child as a wonderful gift from God. They don’t see sexuality as a gift which exists in a loving marital relationship; they see it as a biological necessity for the propagation of the species, unless, of course, you exercise authority over one who would interfere with your immediate hopes and dreams. Then you end their life.

The pillar of Western justice is the recognition of these truths, and, in fact, melds into the economic realm. As Attorney General I watched my Democratic counterparts exercise this knowledge, that our courts have lost the rule of law. It used to be that you had to prove if you shifted wealth from one person to another, that they had done something wrong. What an incredible concept . . . you could only sue if somebody did something that wronged you. And then you had to show that wrong caused a harm which was measurable in economic damages.

That is gone in America today. As Attorney General, I can issue a press release about a publicly-traded company and their stock would drop overnight. I knew that they would run to me and offer me money to settle something in which I had no basis to initiate a claim. That’s what you saw across this nation as Democratic attorney generals started shaking down American industry. In many ways American industry lost its way as we perverted our tax code so that government could manipulate the exercise of liberty and freedom and use that power. Businesses started arriving at the table saying “give me a special break.” They lost the concept of free market principles, and the great genius that is inherent in the free market and substituted for government relationship because they started to believe that government was the god whose altar they should visit.

None of these issues are separated; you cannot walk away from the social issue and not walk away from the economic issue. You cannot walk away from the truth in one part of your life and claim it as your mantle in another.

Our party has lost its moral authority because it has lost the courage to speak with moral clarity. I always loved when my mother tucked me in at night as a child, she didn’t say, “Oh Phil, I tolerate you!” She told me she loved me. We have substituted great and vital relationships with the modern false definition of tolerance. Now, I get in trouble for this, but I believe it is vitally important that we are intolerant of evil and intolerant of injustice, that we rise and speak and are intolerant of bad ideas. The modern/post-modern, moral relativism of the world has taught us a false definition of tolerance and that is all ideas are created equal. It is not ideas that are created equal; it is people that are created equal by a loving God. There is no contrary philosophy to that truth which stands as truth.

I grew up in Kansas. Our state was born out of another time, when a political party and a nation tried to compromise with evil. Evil knows no compromise, you cannot negotiate with it, its aim is to own you and destroy you. But they passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act in Congress as a way to preserve the balance of power in order to allow slavery to continue in our nation, believing that Kansas would vote to be a slave state. The President of the United States (Franklin Pierce) appointed the first territorial governor of Kansas for that very purpose, his name was Andrew Reeder. He came to Kansas to make Kansas a slave state and he held the first territorial elections. There were 3,500 registered voters and over 6,000 people voted. Sounds somewhat familiar, doesn’t it?

They voted to make Kansas a slave state, but Andrew Reeder made a fatal mistake in his political calculations. He had won a great victory, the President was pleased, but before he verified the elections, he went to his knees in prayer. He arose the next day and he invalidated that election for fraud. Those legislators who were elected gathered in front of that house that still stands in Shawnee, Kansas. That was in the neighborhood I grew up in, called the Governor’s Mansion. It was a modest house, but it had a sturdy tree out front and they threw a rope over a limb of that tree and were going to lynch the first governor of the state of Kansas. President Pierce fired him, but he escaped out the back door, and he stayed in our state for a year fighting for the free state cause. The first territorial governor of the state of Kansas left our state disguised as a deck hand on a steamship, because they were trying to take his life for fighting for the freedom of those that many believed inhuman.

Out of that inspiration gave the birth to a party called the Republican Party, and we do not speak the name of the Whig Party anymore in this nation. The Whig Party had walked away from the truth-that no nation can be free that does not recognize the inherent value of its most vulnerable and its most innocent and enshrine that value in action, words, deeds and law.

You see, the Constitution cannot protect you from offense, it is made of paper, a bullet will move through it. Its power is reflected in the words of truth in the document which resonate in the hearts of the people. Our greatest strength is not our diversity, it is those truths that bring people of diverse background to common understanding; that is the heritage of our party and we shall stand on that ground.

Thank you for the honor of being here.

Phillip D. Kline is currently a Visiting Law Professor with Liberty University. He previously served in Kansas as the Johnson County District Attorney, and prior to that was the Attorney General for the state of Kansas.