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Abortion clinic owner : “ABORTION is a RIGHT of PASSAGE for WOMEN”

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Amy Hagstrom Miller founder Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic

In 2012, the Lilith Fund honored Amy Hagstrom Miller, the Founder, President and CEO of the Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinic in Texas.

Amy Hagstrom Miller began her speech by stating, “Abortion involves all the big things in life – sex, death, life, religion, family, money.”

She astoundingly went on to state that, “Abortion is a rite of passage for many women…

Can you imagine such a thing- but – this is how the abortion lobby thinks. They believe that every women can and will experience abortions- the ripping apart of their unborn child and also the physical harm to their own bodies.

Amy Hagstrom Miller went on to complain that even those within the pro-choice community view them as evil. “Most of the people talking about abortion in our society are anti-abortion….We providers do the “dirty work” of abortion – we deal with the blood and the fetuses, we handle the money, we deal with the emergencies – all the things pro-choice people don’t want to talk about and that the anti’s love.”

By “Emergencies” I wonder if she was referring to the many botched abortion and abortion deaths , but I digress.

Amy Hagstrom Miller makes this statement, “As abortion providers, we often feel and are looked at as the “radical fringe of the pro-choice movement” – even among our friends and supporters….I am often asked, “so, why abortion care?” or “how can you do this work?” Even by supporters, by pro-choice people I see this question on their face or experience the silence or separation when I talk about providing abortions. When the theory of abortion rights collides with the messy medical and challenging emotional issues that bubble up in the reality of provision our movement is very challenged. Fetuses, blood, emergencies are not glamorous. Neither is repeat abortion or sex selection abortion or regret after abortion or patients who worry about killing and murder.

She then makes the statement of pride and the reason the pro-life movement wants to discourage doctors from performing abortions, “The reality is, however, that without us there is no choice. Without providers, the right to abortion is just an idea – it is just something on paper that means nothing to women in actuality.”

You can read the entire speech here

In an undercover sting, Operation Rescue found improperly discarded the trash outside Whole Women’s Health in McAllen, Texas, owned by Amy Hagstrom Miller, this supposed champion for women’s abortion rights. The contents contains large packets of material wrapped in blue paper with labels that noted the date of the abortion and other notations. Inside the packets were bloody tubing, cannulas, and gauze pads wrapped in large blue paper closed with masking tape bearing the date of the abortion.

Also on the Whole Women’s Health investigation, OR has the following:

Recorded audio of clinic worker at Whole Women’s Health in McAllen telling the boyfriend of an underage pregnant girl that she will not report him for rape. (In Spanish)
• Recorded conversations from Women’s Whole Health conference calls of abortionists West, Molson, Randal and Kini making statements mocking informed consent laws, the TX legislature and the TX Dept of Health website with abortion info.
• Recorded instructions from abortionist West saying it will be “fine” for a woman to come to the clinic for her abortion in less than 24 hours, clearly violating Women’s Right to Know Act which specifies, “After you get this information, your doctor must wait 24 hours before your abortion can be performed.”

On some of the abortion records illegally dumped by Whole Women’s Health indicate that the National Abortion Federation (NAF) paid portions of the cost of some abortions.

Read more about the sting here