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Racist Lothrop Stoddard director for Margaret Sanger’s birth control organization

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Lothrop Stoddard ABCL Margaret Sanger Director

Lothrop Stoddard was a famous racist who wrote The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy, which became a best-seller. The text contained such inflammatory statements as the following: “‘Finally perish!’ That is the exact alternative which confronts the white race…. Just as we isolate the bacterial invasions, and starve out the bacteria, by limiting the area and amount of their food supply, so we can compel an inferior race to remain in its native habitat…” (Lothrop Stoddard, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy [New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1926], 303, 306, quoted in Black, op. cit., 133)

Lothrop Stoddard on Sangers ABCL Board

He worked with Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League in the following capacities: he was on the National Council, the fifteen-member Board of Directors, and on the conference committee of the First American Birth Control Conference and by publishing eugenicist articles in the Birth Control Review (for example, in the December 1921 issue). (Black, op. cit., 133-34;

Lothrop Stoddard was often quoted by the KLAN.Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger was also a featured speaker for the KLAN. Sanger admitted in her autobiography that she was invited at LEAST a dozen times to speak to the KLAN and now Planned Parenthood’s highest award is named in Sanger’s honor.


Stoddard, was an American racial anthropologist and was one of many eugenicists whose works were translated into German in the 1920s. His two most popular books were The Rising Tide of Color Against White-World-Supremacy and The Revolt Against Civilization (shown above). His writings were also featured in German textbooks.


Stoddard wrote this in “Negro Equality, ― A Debate.”

“The basic reason for White America’s attitude and policy toward the Negro is, — not a belief in the Negro’s inferiority, — but the fact of his difference. True, most Whites to-day believe the Negro to be their inferior. Yet this belief is, in itself, no mere arbitrary prejudice. On the contrary, it springs largely from realization of racial difference and all that that connotes. White Americans feel that to incorporate the many millions of this widely differing stock into our racial life would profoundly change our national character, temperament, and ideals. And since these matters are supremely cherished, we do not propose to jeopardize them, either for ourselves or for unborn generations who have an indefeasible right to their racial heritage.
Even a general knowledge of historical and scientific facts suffices to show the need for a racial basis to our national life, — as it has been, and as we intend that it shall be. We know that our America is a White America. “America,” in the traditional sense of the word, was founded by White men, who evolved institutions, ideals, and cultural manifestations which were spontaneous expressions of their racial temperament and tendencies. And the overwhelming weight of both historical and scientific evidence shows that only so long as the American people remains White will its institutions, ideals, and culture continue to fit the temperament of its inhabitants, — and hence continue to endure.
Therefore, if we desire to perpetuate our America, we White Americans must absolutely refuse to countenance the spread through our stock of racial strains so different and so numerous that they would undermine our ethnic foundations. In other words, we are dealing, not with opinions concerning relative racial merits or demerits, but with an imperative urge of self-preservation. And self-preservation is the first law of nature.
Let us probe yet more deeply into the matter. Even if we entirely disregard the weight of scientific evidence which clearly tends to show that crosses between White and Negro are biologically undesirable, we must be guided by one fact which has been scientifically determined beyond all doubt, — the fact that such crosses produce highly disruptive effects. And similar disruptive effects are produced by crosses between Whites and members of non-White races other than Negroes. …
Here are the plain facts of the case: Since the Negroes form nearly one-tenth of the population of the United States, we are statistically light mulattos. In the last analysis, the only thing which keeps us from being biologically mulattos is the color-line. Therefore, once the principle of the color-line is abandoned, White America is doomed, and a mulatto America stands on the threshold. … But it can not be too promptly or emphatically stated that athwart that road we plant the sign: No Thoroughfare! White America intends at all costs to remain White, and every attack on the color-line will merely cause it to be applied more strictly and will hinder any feasible adjustment of race relations based upon a recognition of existing realities.”

― Lothrop Stoddard. “Negro Equality, ― A Debate.” The Forum, October 1927, pages 510 to 519.

From the documentary film on Black Genocide, Eugenics, and Planned Parenthood- Maafa21




Among American eugenicists who most strongly supported the Nazi’s was a member of the American Eugenics Society, a director of the American Birth Control League and a writer for the Birth Control Review. His name was Lothrop Stoddard. An avowed racist, Stoddard was the author of a book called, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy which was widely promoted by the Ku Klux Klan.

“Non-white races must be excluded from America … The red and black races if left to themselves revert to a savage or semi-savage stage in a short time.” Lothrop Stoddard, Director, American Birth Control League.

Stoddard, Lothrop - Into the Darkness

On the 19th of December, 1939, during a four-month stay in Germany, Stoddard was given a personal meeting with both Adolf Hitler and the man who would eventually be in charge of the Nazi holocaust, SS leader Heinrich Himmler. Later, when a course on race was introduced at Halle University in Germany, its instructor stated that it would be modeled on the philosophies of American eugenicists including Lothrop Stoddard. Eventually, Stoddard’s racial views would even be featured in Nazi school textbooks. “ ..the white race divides into three main sub-species- the Nordics, the Alpines, and the Mediterraneans. All three are good stocks, ranking in genetic worth well above the various colored races.” Lothrop Stoddard, Director, American Birth Control League.


During the four months that American Birth Control League director, Lothrop Stoddard, was in Nazi Germany, he not only met with Hitler and SS chief Himmler, he also attended one of the Nazi Eugenics Courts. <em> “The first case I saw looked like an excellent candidate for sterilization. A man in his mid-thirties, he was rather ape-like in appearance–receding forehead, flat nose with flaring nostrils, thick lips, and heavy prognathous jaw. Not vicious-looking, but gross and rather dull.” Lothrop Stoddard, Director, American Birth Control League, later known as Planned Parenthood.

In another book, The Dragon and the Cross, Stoddard was identified as the Exalted Cyclops of the Massachusetts chapter of the Klan.
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Stoddard, Lothrop - The Rising Tide of Color

Lothrop Stoddard The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition

1914- Lothrop Stoddard writes, “The world-wide struggle between the primary races of mankind- the ‘conflict of color’, as it has been happily termed- bids fair to be the fundamental problem of the twentieth century, and great communities like the United States of America, the South African Confederation, and Australasia regard the ‘color question’ as perhaps the gravest problem of the future.” ( SOURCE: Quoting from The French Revolution in San Domingo in The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition, Preface)

1922- NOTE: Comparing Nordics nations with Asian, Black etc, Stoddard writes, “ there can be no doubt that at present the colored races are increasing very must faster than the white. Treating the primary race-stocks as units , it would appear that Whites tend to double in eighty years, yellows and browns in sixty years, blacks in forty years. The whites are thus the slowest breeders , and they will undoubtedly become slower still, since section after section of the white race is revealing that lowered birth rate which in France has reached the extreme of a stationary problem.”

“ On the other hand ,none of the colored races shows perceptible signs of declining birth-rate, all tending to breed up to the limits of available subsistence. ..The greater part of the colored world today is under white political control. ” PP 7-8

In a chapter entitled: Black Man’s Land, Stoddard writes, “From the first glance we see that, in the negro, we are in the presence of a being differing profoundly not merely from the white man but also from those human types which we discovered in our surveys of the brown and yellow worlds. The black man is, indeed, sharply differentiated from the other branches of mankind. His outstanding quality is superabundant animal vitality. In this he easily surpasses all other races. To it he owes his intense emotionalism. To it, again, is due his extreme, fecundity, the negro being the quickest of breeders. This abounding vitality shows in many other ways, such as the negro’s ability to survive harsh conditions of slavery other which other races have soon succumbed. Lastly, in ethnic crossings, the negro strikingly displays his prepotency, for black blood, once entering a human stock, seems never really bred out again.” P 90

QUOTING Havelock Ellis, Lothrop Stoddard writes“ As we approach the higher forms of life reproduction gradually dies down. The animals nearest to man produce few offspring, but they surround them with parental care, until they are able to lead independent lives with a fair chance of surviving. The whole process may be regarded as a mechanism for slowly subordinating quantity to quality, and so promoting the evolution of life to ever higher stages.” ( SOURCE: Havelock Ellis, “ Essays in War-Time” , p. 198 American Edition, Boston, 1917 as quoted in The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition; P. 161)

Stoddard explains, “Wherever one looked in the white world, it was precisely those peoples of highest genetic worth whose birth-rate fell off most sharply, while within the ranks of the several peoples it was those social classes containing the highest portion of able strains which were contributing the smallest quotas to the population. Everywhere the better types ( on which the future of the race depends) were numerically stationary or dwindling, while conversely , the lower types were gaining ground , their birth-rate showing relatively slight diminution.” ( The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition; P. 162)

“ Our country, originally settled almost exclusively by Nordics, was toward the close of the nineteenth century invaded by hordes of immigrant Alpines and Mediterraneans, not to mention Asiatic elements like Levantines and Jews. As a result, the Nordic native American has been crowded out with amazing rapidity by these swarming, prolific aliens, and after two short generations he has in many of our urban areas become almost extinct…Contrary to popular belief , nothing is more unstable than the ethnic make-up of a people…Where the parent stocks are very diverse, as in matings between whites, neroes, and Amerindians, the offspring is a Mongrel- a walking chaos , so consumed by his jarring heredities that he is quite worthless.” P. 165-166

P.262, “Thus the entire process of colonial settlement was one continuous, drastic cycle of eugenic selection. Only the racially fit ordinarily came, while the few unfit who did come were mostly weeded out buy the exacting requirements of early American life.”

Stoddard quotes Madison Grant, “The eugenic results were magnificent. As Madison Grant well says, “ Nature had vouchsafed to the Americans os a Century ago the greatest opportunity in recorded history to produce in the isolation of a continent a powerful and racially homogeneous people, and had provided for the experiment a pure race of one of the most gifted and vigorous stocks on earth, a stock free from disease, physical and moral, which have again and again snapped the vigor of the older lands. Our grandfathers threw away this opportunity in the blissful ignorance of national childhood and inexperience.” ( Madison Grant, The Passing of the Great Race” P. 90 as quoted in The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition; P. 262)

P. 307 “For race-betterment is such an intenseley practical matter! When peoples come to realize that the quality of the population is the source of all their prosperity, progress security, and even existence; when they realize that a single genius may be worth more in actual dollars than a dozen gold-mines, while conversely, racial decline spells material impoverishment and decay; when such things are really believed, we shall see much abused “eugenics” actually molding social programmes and political policies. Were the white world today really convinced of the supreme importance of race-values, how long would it take to stop debassing immigration, reform social abuses that are killing out the fittest strains, and put an end to the feuds which have just sent us through hell and threaten to send us promptly back again?”

“Well, perhaps our change of heart may come sooner than now appears.”The Rising Tide of Color against White-World Supremacy, by Lothard Stoddard University Press of the Pacific; 2003, printed from the 1922 edition; P. 306