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Video Exposes Wolf in Sheep’s clothing: Planned Parenthood “pro-choice minister” lied to thwart pro-life law

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Speaking to a crowd of Mississippi voters, Planned Parenthood spokesperson, Vincent Lachina claimed to be a Southern Baptist minister, both “prolife and prochoice”. Addressing the crowd in a clerical collar, Mississippians listened intently as Lachina shared that he grew up in Jackson and had a Mississippi heritage. Lachina boldly preached an ideology of choice from the pulpit, calling for a “no” vote on prolife Amendment 26, but left out some critical details.

Lachina failed to mention that he is the Washington State Chaplain at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In fact he is also on the board of NWIRP, which describes him this way: In November of 2004, Lachina was hired for the position of Washington State Chaplain for the Planned Parenthood affiliates of Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Northwest Oregon, based in Seattle.

He is also a speaker for NARAL- the National Abortion Rights Action League….

Jacob Dawson, of the American Family Association, was sitting in the audience and decided to do a Google search of Lachina, having never heard of a Southern Baptist preacher from Mississippi by that name – much less a pro-choice, clerical collar-wearing Southern Baptist Preacher.

Dawson got up before the crowd and stated, “A quick Google search reveals that Mr. Lachina is from Seattle, and is a chaplain for Planned Parenthood.”

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Chaplain opposing Personhood for unborn leaves…, posted with vodpod

Another bold faced lie by this PLANNED PARENTHOOD REPRESENTATIVE trying to oppose a pro-life law, is the fact that Lachina is NOT a Southern Baptist Minister. Southern Baptists generally oppose abortion and support the right-to-life of unborn children.

According to the group Live Action which has investigated other lies by Planned Parenthood and their employees, A Google cache of Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest shows a profile of Vincent Lachina that you can see in its original size. The profile reads of Lachina: “He is now aligned with the more progressive American Baptist Conference and the United Church of Christ.”

Planned Parenthood Removes Lachina Profile From Website

Sometime since August 4th, when the Google cached page containing Lachina’s profile was recorded, Planned Parenthood Votes! Northwest suspiciously removed the profile of Vincent Lachina.

However, we see that Lachina used to be a member of a Southern Baptist Church and left them to become active in the more left-leaning American Baptist Organization. It appears that Lachina intentionally deceived the audience by lending allowing them to think of him as “Southern Baptist” now….According to a NARAL PDF located here:

Rev. Vincent Lachina
Panel: Reproductive rights…not just a “women’s issue” Vincent is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. Born into an Italian Catholic family, his first years were in the Roman Catholic Church in preparation for the priesthood. As a teenager, he became a Protestant and joined a Southern Baptist congregation. He holds the BA in Religion and English from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and the MEd in Religion and Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. An ordained minister for more than 45 years, he has served in a variety of church positions, including: Minister of Youth, Minister to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Missionary to Nairobi, Kenya, Minister of Education, Church Administrator and Senior Pastor. For seven years he served the Southern Baptist Convention as a consultant and editor for youth leadership and special ministries at the Baptist Sunday School Board (now Lifeway). He is now active in the American Baptist Conference. In November 2004, Lachina was selected to take the position of Washington State Chaplain for the four Planned Parenthood affiliates of Washington (with added responsibilities in Northern Oregon, Alaska and Idaho). Vincent has lived in the Seattle area for more than 24 years. He is a proud father and grandfather. And he is currently an active lay member of Seattle’s University Baptist Church (ABC),

But I think I found the MOST Damming evidence is HIS OWN Admission that he is an “American Baptist Clergy Person” in this video from several years back:

So…did this “Planned Parenthood Chaplain” intentionally travel from Washington State to Mississippi to make false religious claims to influence Mississippi voters against a pro-life ballot measure.

Questions now are being raised over Planned Parenthood’s involvement in Lachina’s appearance in Mississippi. Did Planned Parenthood as his employer plan and pay for this religious manipulation of voters?