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Abortion and Planned Parenthood have no place in Black History Month

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Life Dynamics has gathered up a fascinating number of pro-life tweets which are educating the masses about the racism of abortion and Planned Parenthood during Black History Month.

As we have all noticed, Planned Parenthood has been tweeting their faux interest in Black History Month just about every day – its a good thing to see that their tweets are being met with just a wee bit of push back.

From the Life Dynamics Blog Post:

As Planned Parenthood takes to Twitter during Black History Month, others are tweeting messages exposing the real agenda of abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Maafa21 Planned Parenthood Black History Month Tweet

Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a racist member of the American Eugenics Society, and since Life Dynamics produced the powerful documentary Maafa21, their history and radical eugenic agenda is beening brought into the light of day.

Now, activists have taken to twitter to educate the public about the way abortion is being used to exterminate the Black Community, in accordance with Sanger’s plan.

Eugenics 101 Maafa21 tweet black history month

Here are just a few of those messages:

Planned Parenthood and Black History Month Tweets:

Artist Planned Parenthood and Black History Month

Planned Parenthood and Black History Month tweets

Planned Parenthood and Black History Month tweets 2

Planned Parenthood and Black History Month tweets 3

Planned Parenthood and Black History Month tweets 7


From Rev. Walter Hoye of

Walter Hoye 1

If ‪#‎BlackLifeMatters‬, it’s got to matter in the womb first.”

Walter Hoye Black Lives Matter womb first Black History 2275114159920177206_n

The tweet below takes you to an interview with Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards saying that life begins at birth.

Walter Hoye PP Cecile Richards Black History Month

“Pastors: @PPact has admitted abortion kills a baby: . Can you do the same? #BlackHistoryMonth”

Walter Hoye Planned Parenthood abortion kills baby tweet Black


The Radiance Foundation:

Radiance Foundation mEU4q-ov

Is there ONE black celebrity who has the courage to call out #PlannedParenthood? #BlackHistoryMonth #NumberOneKiller

Radiance One Black Celebrity black history abortion

Radiance Fannie Lou Hamer Black History

#FannieLouHamer called abortion a “genocide” against blacks. ProLifeHamer #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter


Dr. Alveda King

Alveda M21

“Hands Up- Don’t Abort” #blacklivesmatter #blackhistorymonth

Alveda King Hands up dont abort


Ryan Bomberger:


“Human beings should be remembered not dismembered.#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter”

Ryan Bomberger Human beings remembered not dismembered


See the rest of the tweets here


That last picture is of Anna Duggar with Ryan Bomberger founder of the Radiance Foundation and a picture of a tweet that has made her the brunt of Planned Parenthood loving criticism from the far abortion supporting left.

Ryan explains:

“Anna Duggar has done it now. Online “entertainment” news sites are up in arms that a woman would actually express her…gasp…opinion via Twitter! The Duggars are known for being unapologetically pro-life, and they are absurdly hated by those who rabidly defend a choice their mothers never made (ironically being alive to spew their pro-abortion nonsense). What did Anna do that has E!Online, RadarOnline, FishWrapper, InTouchWeekly and even Mommyish and Opposing Views so riled? She retweeted a Black History Month meme that I created and posted, via The Radiance Foundation, to highlight abortion’s devastating impact in the black community.

“Human beings should be remembered not dismembered. Because of the violence of abortion, over 16 million black people are history. #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter”

“These are the words that have offended some (evidently) disturbed Twitter folk—enough for them to post death threats and insanely profane tweets to both Anna and The Radiance Foundation. The black abortion rate (up to 5 times that of the majority population) isn’t controversial for these folks…just that a white person (namely a Duggar) dared to share this truth with the Twitterverse.”

Abortion activists call for Ferguson style revolution after disrupting Black pro-life rally

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Radical abortion supporters are calling for a Ferguson type revolution against pro-lifers in an odd place, outside a rally organized by Black preachers in California.

The event was organized by Rev. Walter Hoye, a Black pro-life minister, and took place Friday in Oakland.


A page on Hoye’s website about the rally reads, “We walk because abortion in the Black community is a form of genocide, it is the Darfur of America. We walk because abortion in Black America is the civil rights issue of our day. We walk because abortion does violence, both physically and emotionally, to men and women, to their children, and to their families.”

The counter protest was initiated by the radical communist group, Stop Patriarchy.

On Thursday, a handful of pro-choicers from Stop Patriarchy were arrested attempting to block hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marching in D.C. at the March for Life.

Stop Patriarchy MFL abortion 2015

Then, on Friday, that not-so-classy abortion group disrupted a pro-life rally in Oakland, Ca., where Black preachers were speaking against Black Genocide from abortion.

Before the ruckus, pro-lifers were sharing from the podium about their reasons for standing against abortion.

Members of Stop Patriarchy were joined by another radical group, the Bay Area Revolution Club

They had threatened to disrupt protests in several cities, including Oakland. Their reasoning was to protest what they called the “Black Christian fascist” preachers calling abortion, Black Genocide.


From what I could tell from video, about a dozen or so, mainly white abortion protesters walked into the pro-life rally area carrying a banner which read, “Stop demonizing and shaming black women. Real genocide is police murder and mass incarceration! Abortion on demand and without apology! Oppose slavery in every form.”

Stop Patriarchy Oakland2

As the radicals made their way into the area where the pro-life rally was held, they chanted, “Abortion on demand and without apology,” while pro-life leader, Rev. Clenard Childress told the crowd, “These are the ones who want to kill babies.”

Clenard Childress Stop Patriarchy

With whistles blasting, bullhorns blaring, and in typical liberal “tolerant” fashion, the pro-choicers stood in front of the pro-life Black preachers in an attempt to censor their message while attendees yelled “Boo get out of here.”

Stop Patriarchy Oakland4

Stop Patriarchy Oakland5

Leaders Sunsara Taylor and revolutionary communist, Carl Dix continued their little charade, chanting, “Fetuses are not babies, abortion is not murder.”

Sunsara Taylor Carl Dix Stop Patriarchy

Sunsara Taylor Carl Dix Stop Patriarchy Oakland.

Stop Patriarchy police divide the goups

Eventually, the police got between the groups allowing Stop Patriarchy and their followers to continue disrupting the pro-life rally.

Stop Patriarchy Oakland police

Carl Dix abd Sunsara Taylor Black abortion 2

Dix and Sunsara, who refuse to address the truth that women still die from legal abortion – stood arm in arm and chanted, “How is the lie that these people tell that Black women having an abortion is genocide is worse than the Klu Klux Klan. And that Black women today, should not be able to decide, when to become a mother. When to have a child. And when not to. Forced motherhood is female enslavement….

The problem is, that no one has ever compared the women who have abortions to the Klan. What they have said, and fully documented, is that the agenda behind abortion is racist. That abortion targets the Black community. And that Planned Parenthood, whose founder was an admitted Klan speaker places the majority of the centers in minority communities.

Stop Patriarchy is very ignorant to history, facts, and what the groups they protest stand for.

Carl Dix Stop Patriarchy 2

What was interesting is when Carl Dix, a black communist leader, took the megaphone. He told the crowd that the real black genocide comes from the police. He then called to protest, “these prisons where they’re warehousing Black and Latino people – where children grow up in the inner cities here on a trajectory to go to prison, even before they’re born. That’s what this society does to people. If you want to talk about genocide, talk about that.”

SAY WHAT MR.DIX? “even before they’re born?” EXACTLY!

After disrupting the pro-life rally, Stop Patriarchy’s leader, Sunsara Taylor’s gave this ridiculous speech, “I want to just observe, that today, we got in the faces of these Christian fascists and these reactionary fools and these preachers…We are out here not just to be a few people who go and disrupt an ugly Christian reactionary fool rally, we’re not just here to do a one time thing…”

Sunsara Taylor   Stop Patriarchy

Sunsara then called for a Ferguson type revolution against pro-lifers.

2015 is the year we stand up and turn the tide on this war against women. It’s the year we spread this spirit of Ferguson that already’s gone on all across this country. We take that higher and further. Where we bring that together and say we’re going from fighters on one front to fighters on all fronts opposing slavery on every form. ”

“And those of us who understand this – we’re building this as part of building up this strength to make a real revolution…I’m talking about an actual revolution….It is time. It is long past time…where these dark ages mother f***ers do not parade around in the park but worse than that – state laws- close clinics…we have to stand up to make it so.”

She then vowed to confront the “March for Lie” as she called it in San Francisco, who will be marching for life Saturday.

Abortion radicals chant in paddy wagon after arrest

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Today, the radical communist pro-choice on abortion group, Stop Patriarchy, uploaded a video showing them chanting after their arrest at the March for Life.

Stop Patriarchy March for Life arrests

arrested Stop Patriarchy

You can read about how these loud feminist abortion pushers blocked the pro-life March for Life in D.C. yesterday- here.

Stop Patriarchy Paddy Wagon 2

So, very proud of themselves, they actually video taped a chant inside the “paddy wagon” after their arrest.

Like- who does that? And..who took the video?

Stop Patriatchy Paddy Waggon

A tweet posted by the group reads, “RT! View from inside the paddy wagon…”Every generation, has an obligation, to WOMEN’S LIBERATION!” #Roe42 #DC

Stop Patriarchy Paddy Wagon

Sunsara Taylor Stop Patriarchy

The group wasted little time attempting to cause havoc at the March for Life to disrupting a pro-life rally in Oakland, California where Black preachers will talk about the racist and black genocide of abortion.

I blogged about this event – here.

A few moments ago, Stop Patriarchy posted these pics of them in Oakland, where pro-life leader Walter Hoye, Clenard Childress, Connie Eller, Alveda King, and Elaine Riddick, among others will speak:


Revolution Club

It is good that these radicals are in Oakland- maybe the Black pro-life preachers will teach them something – like- THE TRUTH!

Communist male leader: abortion is liberating – not genocidal !

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Ignorance always amazes me – especially from people who pretend to know anything about history.

This week the communist anarchist group Stop Patriarchy plans to counter protest what they call, “Fascist Christian Preachers” who happen to be Black, pro-life and able to prove that abortion is Black Genocide.

Carl Dix attacks abortion black genocide

I’ve blogged about this upcoming protest as has other groups ( here and here) – so I am going to move onto my point.

Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix are joining forces to “counter protest vs. “ ” because, as they state in a tweet, “Abortion is liberating – NOT “genocidal.”

So, first I have to ask, what does a man know about abortion being liberating?

Certainly abortion was not liberating to Tonya Reaves who was left bleeding to death inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood after her abortion. Nor for Lakisha Wilson also dead from legal and allegeldly “liberating” abortion.

Tonya and Lakisha abortion deaths

In fact, there is a long list of these alleged “liberated” women lying dead 10 feet under after their legal abortion – but- hey – think Car Dix will speak out on their behalf?

Not a chance!

Its always amusing to me, that, when a pro-choice man speaks about abortion it is acceptable, but, when pro-life men and specifically the Black pro-life Pastors that Dix is ranting about speak up, they are called out as “fascist” and “reactionary.”

Carl Dix abortion is liberating

It is a fact that abortion does liberate men – it frees them of responsibility and often works as a cover for male pedophiles who impregnate young girls…but…I doubt that is what Dix is referring to.

ABortion liberating STop Patriarchy Recon

So, these radical communist groups believe abortion is liberating – well – okay- whatever ! But, to say that abortion is NOT genocidal is pure ignorance!

Revconn abortion

Here is Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party calling the abortion / Black genocide link ridiculous. If you listen to his rant, he offers zero facts, zero historical evidence to counter what documents thoroughly.

When pro-lifers say that abortion is Black Genocide they are not saying that Black women do not choose of their own will to have abortions. What we are saying and thoroughly documenting is that there has been a RACIST agenda behind abortion since the days of eugenics and the founding of Planned Parenthood by Margaret Sanger, an admitted Klan speaker.

For anyone to accept the words of Stop Patriarchy or Carl Dix whose message is that “abortion is liberating” because they want “Abortion on demand without apology” would be silly.

Documentaries like Maafa21 which can be viewed here for free, fully document the racist and eugenics agenda of abortion. Any serious student of truth who wants to know this history can see for themselves that what Carl Dix is saying is pure, unabashed spin.

And because this group of revolutionaries is in apparent need of attention- Stop Patriarchy will also be protesting pro-life marches across the country.

Their aggressive and outrageous tactics will no doubt garner them media attention. But, if they think that drawing attention to the abortion – black genocide link is going to persuade Black people against the truth – they are 100% wrong. The fact is, there is a ton of empirical evidence that abortion is a racist tool of genocide.

In fact, many many Black leaders have made this claim over the years including Jesse Jackson and leaders of the NAACP.

Even today, Blacks are awakening to the truth of the abortion and black genocide connection and are speaking out ( see here).

And, with good cause, after all the stats show that in places like New York, 77.5% of abortions performed were on minority women while nationwide almost 56% of all abortions reported for race were done on minority women.

So, if Stop Patriarchy and Carl Dix want to be foolish enough to call abortion “liberating”– that is their prerogative, as twisted and ridiculous as such a claim is. But, they cannot possibly prove that it is not genocidal – no matter how many “protests” they organize.

Radical pro-abortion communists to protest Blacks at pro-life rally

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Well…well…well…our radical pro-abortion communists “friends” ( and I use that term lightly) over at Stop Patriarchy are sure busy little bees this week.

Just this week, I blogged that Stop Patriarchy blocked me from their Twitter page (Censorship cowards) after I exposed their intentions to protest the marches in DC and SF.

They have made plans to protest pro-life marches in DC and San Francisco and now, they want to protest BLACKS in Oakland, California.

Protesting BLACKS? What? Are they a bunch of racists????


A blog posted published by Life Dynamics has the details- which I am republishing below:

A radical pro-abortion group is calling activists to counter protest the pro-life Stand up for Life Walk in Oakland, California to, as they recently tweeted, stand up “against the vicious lie that #abortion is black genocide!

Stop Patriarchy Black Genocide

Stop Patriarchy, a pro-choice group which recently gained notoriety for their bizarre protests against the Texas pro-life law, HB2 by dousing themselves with mock blood and blocking traffic, has posted this on their Facebook event, “On January 23, four Black Christian fascist preachers have the nerve to hold their “StandingUp4Life” event in Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland (re-named in the memory of one of the thousands of unarmed Black men who have been killed by the police), rolling out their anti-woman agenda under the guise of saving Black lives. These reactionary preachers spread the lie that abortion is genocide.”

Hoyes Oakland Pro-life Rallly Jan 2015

The Oakland pro-life event is being organized by Rev. Walter Hoye.

An page on Hoye’s website about the rally reads, “We walk because abortion in the Black community is a form of genocide, it is the Darfur of America. We walk because abortion in Black America is the civil rights issue of our day. We walk because abortion does violence, both physically and emotionally, to men and women, to their children, and to their families.

Walter Hoye 1

Rev. Hoye spoke with Life Dynamics and said that they have invited half a dozen speakers for their without life nothing matters rally to be held on Friday, January 23rd, at noon at the Oakland City Hall at One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

This is the same city hall that passed the ordinance which put me in jail,” Hoye said.

Hoye is referring to an ordinance the city passed that prohibited him from carrying a sign that said “God loves you and your baby – let us help you”, outside an Oakland abortion clinic.

It was primarily black women going into the clinic and they would stop and get help,” Hoye explained.

The case was challenged before the Ninth Circuit which agreed with Hoye and in the 3-0 opinion authored by Circuit Judge Marsha S. Berzon, the court stated, “We agree with Hoye that there are grave constitutional problems with the manner in which the City has understood and enforced its Ordinance.”

Conie Eller Maafa21

Clenard CHildress

Hoye has invited several Black pro-life leaders to speak at the Oakland rally including Rev. Clenard Childress and Connie Eller who were interviewed in Life Dynamics’ powerful documentary on abortion and Black genocide, Maafa21.

In addition, Hoye said that Pastor Bruce Rivers who leads Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Pastor Walter Moss who is the pastor of the Foursquare Church in Canton, Ohio, Evangelist Richard Lane who is the only full time Black American Lay Catholic Ministries in the United States of America, and Rev. Hoye will also speak.

Hoye said his message to the crowd is, “If Black lives are going to matter, they have to matter in the womb first. Because if they don’t matter in the womb, they don’t matter anywhere.”

Alveda M21

Elaine Riddick Maafa21

We will have two Maafa21 DVD stars at the rally,” Hoye told Life Dynamics, and then later at their Conversations for Life dinner, Hoye said Rev. Alveda King and Elaine Riddick also in Maafa21, will be speaking on a panel entitled “reaching communities of color.”

Stop Patriarchy has made plans to protest the March for Life in D.C. as well as the March for Life in San Francisco.

A series of tweets from Stop Patriarchy call Hoye and his speakers, “fascists” and then suggest that radical pro-choicers “confront” the Oakland Black pro-lifers.

Stop Patriarchy Black Genocide tweet 1

We showed the tweets to Rev. Clenard Childress, who responded to Stop Patriarchy’s plans, “It would appear for those of a socialistic persuasion that “Black Life Doesn’t Matter,” he stated.

When the most dangerous place for an African American to be is still in the womb of their mother, you would think that Black pro-lifers would be applauded for their efforts to bring women better alternatives and save innocent babies in the womb. 1,786 African American Children each day “had their hands up” and were torn to pieces in the womb. The conversation about Black Life must start at conception not only in police confrontations,” Rev. Childress said.

Stop Patriarchy Black Genocide tweet 2

Stop Patriarchy Black Genocide tweet 3

Stop Patriarchy is obviously ignorant of the racist roots of abortion as documented in Maafa21 (view in full here).

Hoye told Life Dynamics that he expects a good turn out at the rally and said that although he is not concerned about any counter protesting by radical abortion advocates, he will be notifying police about their intentions to be there.

For more information about Hoye’s rally click here.

Am I Not a Child: Black activists demand personhood for unborn children

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Am I Not a Child?


The Am I Not a Child media campaign is hard hitting televised messaging designed by members of the Black community to directly address the Black and Hispanic communities.

Ayesha Kruetzmeface11Abortion is having a devastating impact on the ability of our communities to flourish,” says, Ayesha Kruetz of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of New York.

She goes on to say, “It all comes down to our unwillingness as a society to protect the personhood of Black and Hispanic preborn boys and girls. Abortion is a concern for the Frederick Douglas Foundation. It represents the same root problem that permitted the enslavement of Blacks in the U.S.— refusing to acknowledge the personhood and therefore the ‘inalienable’ rights of the black man. That is exactly what the Supreme Court did in Roe vs Wade. And it is decimating our people.


In 1787 we asked, ‘AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER?’ and we overcame. The time has come for the Blacks and Hispanics of Rochester to raise our voice for the future of our people and ask, “Am I Not a Child?”

Read more

Learn how abortion targets the black community by watching Maafa21 (here)

Gosnell a Racist of the Worst Kind says pastors because he preyed on black women for abortions in his own race!

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A network of black pastors gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday to call for congressional hearings into other abortion doctors they claim have practices as horrifying as Philadelphia abortion doctor Kurt Gosnell, who was convicted on Monday on three counts of first-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter. The group alleged that the mainstream media had ignored the case.

Full Conference: