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Violent pro-choicer, “abortion is a “G** d***** necessity”

Posted in Abortion, pro-choice, Pro-choice law breakers, pro-choice violence, Pro-Life with tags , , , , , , , on August 10, 2010 by saynsumthn

WARNING- THis video is very profane do not click unless you are prepared to hear violent pro-choice cursing !

According to the website, Chad Smalley believes abortion is a “G** d***** necessity” but upon seeing pictures of it, he loses control of himself and resorts to violence. This raises the important question: If abortion is such a morally acceptable choice, why do pictures of it make pro-aborts so angry?

Don’t you love the way he wants abortion to get rid of those “unfit”? – another eugenics pro-abort !

What upsets me is the way he took his little kid onto that busy area- and then yelled at him to go back to the car – alone ! Then he assaults the pro-lifer ! He must be a post-abortive man!

The website reported that , Chad Smalley is being charged with disorderly conduct by the Kitsap County District Attorney.