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Pro-life sign vandalized in Illinois

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A sign that was put up by pro-lifers in Illinois has been vandalized.

In April of 2014 the pro-life sign was placed on the property of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Freeport, Ill.

It was a simple sign showing a beautiful baby with the print reading “Take my hand, not my life.”

Sign prolife vandalized

According to the group, “We first noticed a heart scratched into the sign itself; then we saw some type of defacing of the baby’s face, and thirdly we noticed that on the upper right side of the sign something had been used to pound upon it and made dents in that particular area.”


This sign was put in place to help women in need of assistance during an unplanned pregnancy. The name and number of a local pregnancy center is on the sign and we have received information stating that women have come to the center for help because they either saw this sign or one of the similar signs placed in the Freeport area. It’s a sad state of affairs when the pro-abortion (pro-choice) advocates will not even tolerate an organization offering to give help and support to mothers and their babies,” the group writes.

Although pro-lifers were able to clean up most of the sign this is not the first time they have been targeted.

Other pro-life signs have been a defaced by pro-choice vandals.


Angry Pro-choicers vandalize cross memorial then threaten to kill pro-lifers

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When a woman vandalized the post-abortion memorial crosses at the 40 day prayer vigil in front of the Bakersfield FPA abortion chamber, a teenage vigil participant told her to stop. When she reportedly moved toward him in a threatening manner, the teenager sprayed her with pepper spray to thwart an anticipated assault.

Pro-lifers in front of FPA abortion clinic

Pro-lifers in front of FPA abortion clinic

About 30 minutes later, the woman returned with her husband, who shouted death threats, claiming that he was “god” and joined his wife in further vandalizing vigil resources. During this time, the prayer vigil continued uninterrupted.

“Call the police right now, someone’s about to die – call the f***ing police” the pro-choice man shouts.

“I am your F***ing god”, the pro-choicer who identified himself as Christopher King screams.

proabort March 20114

Police eventually arrested the husband for vandalism, but refused to consider his death threats in spite of many witnesses.

The wife, who was not arrested, began returning to the scene of the crime daily to video vigil participants, then began posting pro-abortion signs around the abortion chamber and harassing vigil participants.

Proabort Wife March 2014

Proabort Signs March 2014

Despite her admitting her vandalism on video – no charges were filed against the pro-choice woman, according to pro-lifers.

Vandalized Montana abortion clinic closes indefinitely according to pro-choice blogs

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According to the pro-abortion blog Think Progress one of Montana’s four abortion clinics has been forced to close indefinitely as its staff attempts to recover from a recent break-in.

All Families HC

The Kalispell All Families Health Care abortion was vandalized and police have arrested 24-year-old suspect, Zachary Jordan Klundt of Columbia Falls.

According to Susan Cahill, a physician assistant who runs the clinic, someone shattered the window in a back door and entered the clinic before causing significant damage late Monday or early Tuesday. A receptionist reported the vandalism shortly after arriving at work at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Think Progress writes, “The reproductive health facility sustained significant damage, including broken furniture, equipment, and glass. RH Reality Check reports that that clinic staff believe the act of vandalism was part of a “coordinated effort” to intimidate the employees to stop providing abortion care.

The clinic has only occupied its current building in Kalispell, Montana for about a month. In addition to offering abortion care, it also provides a wide range of other family planning services. Now that it’s closed, this region of the state doesn’t have a single abortion provider.”

The pro-abortion RH Reality Blog reports the same thing, “All Families Healthcare is closed indefinitely while Cahill assesses the damage and determines how to move forward.”

According to local pro-lifers, The All Families Health Care clinic is operated by
Susan Cahill, a physicians assistant, with a long term relationship to Dr. James Armstrong,
Dr. Jules Marsh and Planned Parenthood. Dr. Armstrong, now a retired.

RACIST pro-abortionists to black baby “KILL THE SHRIMP” , vandalize pro-life billboard

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Just another example of the RACISM of abortion- even the promotion of FATHERHOOD with the image of a BLACK MAN enrages the pro-choice/ pro-abortion supporters.

Pro-choice activists in Bernal Heights vandalized a pro-life billboard highlighting Fatherhood twice. Abortion activists defaced the billboard showing a man lovingly holding a newborn baby by changing the words “A Father’s Joy – Pro-life Across America” to “A Mother’s Choice – Pro-VAGINA Across America.” After CBS outdoors replaced the vandalized sign, the pro-choice activists returned and painted over the image of the newborn baby with the hateful words: “Kill the Shrimp.”


Original Billboard:

First Time Vandalized:

2nd Time Vandalized

This insult to BLACK CHILDREN Comes on the heels of another incident only a few months ago where an abortion doctor asked: “Why don’t you adopt those ugly black babies?”

image from facebook

Abortionist Ashutosh Ron Virmani kills children at A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On July 26 pro-life activists paid a visit to Virmani’s home asking him to repent. The rant that followed was shocking, revealing at least in part what motivates Virmani: overt racism – culminating with his accusation, “Why don’t you adopt those ugly black babies?”

According to NEWSMEAT, this RACIST Abortion doctor is a HUGE democrat Contributor:

Pro-aborts vandalize pro-life church crosses

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pro-aborts vandalize pro-life church crosses, posted with vodpod

Pro-life display vandalized at Franklin church
July 6, 2010
Franklin, VA – Vandals have targeted a Franklin church, snapping dozens of crosses designed to send a message about abortion.

Rows upon rows of crosses were placed in the grass – about 275 in all. Now many of them have been pulled to the ground and broken in half.

“My first thought was it might have been deer, but then when you come up here it’s clearly not deer,” said Mark Cicero of the Rock Church.
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Rock Church in Franklin had been putting them up since April to give a visual representation of the thousands of abortions performed every year in Hampton Roads. They are not sure if it was deliberate or a mindless, random prank.

“Absolutely no way to know. My hope would be that it’s just some young kids, you know. Who were out for a thrill and knocking this down,” Cicero said.

But the church is not ruling out that the broken crosses are the work of someone who does not agree with their pro-life message.

“If somebody else wants to do something over there that’s pro-choice then go for it, but don’t mess up this memorial,” said David Dillon of the Rock Church.

At first they started putting the crosses back in the ground, but then they let them sit there so everyone could see the destruction. The church plans on putting thousands more in throughout the year.

“I guess we’ll probably find out if it’s vandalism or not. We’re not going to put a camera or anything, if it continues over and over again. Usually kids out for a thrill, they kind of give up on it after a while. Someone who has an agenda doesn’t give up,” said Cicero.

The pro-life display caught the attention of drivers passing by.

“Personally I don’t think so. No I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said one Franklin driver.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Right here there’s nothing going on, but I do think it’s really bad that someone would vandalize it,” said Kristan Cobb, Franklin resident.

The church has not filed a report with police, but plan to if problems persist.

California Pro-Life Group’s Office Suffers Break-In, Opponents Suspected

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Sacramento, CA ( — While the pro-life advocates at the Capitol Resource Institute pro-family group in California spent this past Christmas weekend with family and friends, their opponents appear to have broken into their office. Tim LeFever, the head of the group, shares the update with “Despite extensive security precautions, Capitol Resource Institute’s Sacramento office was broken into over the holiday weekend.

While staff was away with family, some took the opportunity to vandalize and take things of value. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this was a random entry in search of electronics and cash. Those responsible for this act apparently spent time poring through files and other things with little street value,” he explained. “CRI is not too worried that our opponents may have gained a glimpse of our strategy; we are pretty up front about what we do and why we do it. But we take this as another sad reminder of the dynamics of the battle we are in. Opponents of our family friendly agenda have not limited their opposition to conventional education or activism. Our web site has been hacked, our signs and literature destroyed, and our staff has received threats of violence. It is a tribute to the determination of the staff and supporters of CRI, and the importance of this work, that CRI has not backed down. Each attack has been met with a renewed commitment to push on.”

Recently a Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Arizona was arsoned , a pro-lifer was attacked with a knife by a pro-choicer, a pro-life protester in Michigan was brutally murdered by a pro-choicer. These acts of pro-choice violence are mounting and I am calling for the FBI, Janet Napolitano, and others to investigate the possibility of a pro-choice conspiracy to attack pro-life people and organizations.

To learn more about the recent attacks of pro-choice violence – click here